Your Crystals and You – It’s a Two Way Relationship

heart-694530_1280Most energy healing modalities harness the power of intention as a tool with which to channel the energetic vibrations.

In fact the placebo effect often seen in conventional medicine could be said to be a result of sometimes belief, sometimes intention, or a combination of both.

Crystals are not really any different. But intention is not a wishy-washy thing. You can’t just think once that you want something to happen and then go about your life expecting that it will.

If that was the case you would only need to buy healthy food and not necessarily eat it. I know that my cupboard full of vitamin supplements doesn’t actually help me much unless I open it and take a vitamin. Having a gym membership does not help you exercise magically in your sleep, you actually have to go there and do the work. If you want to!yorkshire-terrier-171701_1280

In the same way, although crystals can and do have talisman type effects, many need your active participation to be at their most powerful.

For example, if you always sleep with a particular stone under your pillow to help you sleep, you may find that it doesn’t always work as well as it once did. Now of course, many crystals need to be cleansed and recharged. But consider what you are doing when you do that. You will have to handle your crystal, give it some love and attention, and all the time your thoughts are going out to tell it that you want it to start working again. Your intention is clear once more.

2011-03-09_18-48-32_123Even just handling your crystals and moving them around, thinking about their purpose and energy opens up the lines of communication again so they understand your intentions.

Intention can work the opposite way as well. I have a lot of tumblestonescrystals in the house and they can get a bit “noisy” with their competing energies. For a speedy remedy, I just give them a quick cleanse, with Reiki symbols or sound and then set my intention that they will “go to sleep” until I need them. Sometimes, I visualise drawing a silk cloth over them so that they can rest.

It is important to be aware that one or two crystals are really powerful so you need to have very clear intentions and a strong word with them when they come into your possession, or if you send them away to work with others.

Moldavite is one of these. It is a wonderful stone to work with, and a powerful agent of change, so you need to be very strict in your intentions unless and until you are ready for the gifts and challenges it might bring.

Black obsidian can be another example. I have some tiny stones with huge energies. They are said to be good for grief, but care should be taken. What they can do is bring the grief forward to be expressed so that it can be dealt with. This can be a dramatic release for someone who is not quite ready to let go, so again, care needs to be taken.
So, what can you do to keep your crystals working with your intentions?

  • Just ask themIMAG0101 (2)
  • Handle them often
  • Cleanse the energies often
  • Meditate with them
  • Just sit quietly and look at them
  • Incorporate them into your spiritual work or artIMAG0025
  • Wear them
  • Thank them

Ultimately though, the best way to programme your crystals with your intentions is simply to pay them attention and what could be more fun?stones-382647_1280

2 thoughts on “Your Crystals and You – It’s a Two Way Relationship

  1. Love learning about Crystals, I look forward to having more knowledge about them !!! Thank you for Sharing !

  2. Already learnt something – I have lots of crystals – mostly in my workspace but some in my home too. I had no idea you could get them to ‘sleep’!
    Looking forward to learning more!

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