Labradorite – the possibility stone

Labradorite Some ancient myths say labradorite fell out of the aurora borealis and it does have internal flashes of iridescent colour.  It is protective and its darkness makes it resonate with the root chakra, but its internal light and rainbows mean it works to balance all the chakras and brings a direct connection from the …… Continue reading Labradorite – the possibility stone

Crystals for Reiki

Crystals for Reiki I’m often asked to recommend crystals for Reiki and as I love both I’m delighted to do so. A CHAKRA SET: Chakra health is important for practitioners and to support when going through the cleansing phases after attunements. This is why many Reiki masters will include a chakra set as an option…… Continue reading Crystals for Reiki

Grounding with Crystals

It’s important to be grounded as you go about your life and especially when taking part in any energy or psychic work. Having crystals around you also causes shifts in energy that sometimes need to be dispersed into the ground. But in any case the earth and indeed the universe is one big energy machine…… Continue reading Grounding with Crystals

Simple Pendulum Dowsing

  Dowsing is a way of connecting your intuition or higher self with your logic or decision-making side. It will link your subconscious with your conscious and your right-brain with your left. You can access your own higher knowledge and intuition using the pendulum. A pendulum works best for yes or no answers. Sometimes you…… Continue reading Simple Pendulum Dowsing

Easy Crystal Chakra Clearing

This is a simple and relaxing technique that anyone can do with a set of 7 or 8 chakra stones. You do not need a pendulum or a partner for this exercise, just your stones and your time – you deserve it! First gather your crystals together and cleanse them. Ask them to work with…… Continue reading Easy Crystal Chakra Clearing