Labradorite – the possibility stone


Some ancient myths say labradorite fell out of the aurora borealis and it does have internal flashes of iridescent colour.  It is protective and its darkness makes it resonate with the root chakra, but its internal light and rainbows mean it works to balance all the chakras and brings a direct connection from the  universe, through the crown to the root. In a similar way, it is connected with all four elements.

It both stimulates synchronicities and makes you more aware of them. With this quality it can enhance your healing or psychic abilities. Some lightworkers use it in communicating with the higher realms and accessing Akashic records.

On a human level it adds positivity and brings out the best in people. It highlights role models and works well with integrating teams and blended families.

Labradorite is a powerful psychic protector, shielding the aura and preventing leakage or “psychic vampires” from draining your positive energy, so it is also useful for setting healthy boundaries.

If I had to sum it up in one quote it would be, “You are a rainbow of possibilities, let yourself shine bright.”

Crystals for Reiki

Crystals for Reiki

I’m often asked to recommend crystals for Reiki and as I love both I’m delighted to do so.
A CHAKRA SET: Chakra health is important for practitioners and to support when going through the cleansing phases after attunements.
This is why many Reiki masters will include a chakra set as an option (or sometimes a gift) for their students.
For chakra balancing the colour of the crystal is more important so most chakra sets will do.
KYANITE: held on the heart chakra can have the effect of rebalancing all the chakras and re-centring you when feeling the increased energies after attunement.
APOPHYLLITE: is said to be the ultimate crystal for energy workers and resonates especially well with Reiki. It emanates pure loving energy and just keeps going. It opens you up so you can be an even better conduit for the energies to flow. It maintains a steady flow and yet keeps unwanted energetic cords from attaching.
SELENITE: For your workspace to maintain a peaceful environment, place one in each corner – you can use even tiny raw points or tumbled.
GROUNDING and PROTECTION: I feel that when receiving attunements I always need something powerfully grounding like HEMATITE. Although smoky quartz is also good. TOURMALINE of course is super-protective.
DALMATION STONE: This enhances trust, of the reiki student, practitioner or client. It therefore removes any barriers to healing and practice. The black spots in dalmation stone are actually tourmaline so trust AND protection – what could be better?
ROSE QUARTZ: With its vibrations of unconditional love it really is superb in a Reiki setting. You could try just putting one under your therapy bed for a little extra boost.
Finally, once attuned to Reiki you may well find your intuition increases. A pendulum is a useful tool to help you in all sorts of ways to make decisions in tune with your higher self.

Grounding with Crystals

It’s important to be grounded as you go about your life and especially when taking part in any energy or psychic work. Having crystals around you also causes shifts in energy that sometimes need to be dispersed into the ground. But in any case the earth and indeed the universe is one big energy machine with vibrations from the crystals under our feet, the stars and planets above and the people and everything else on the earth.
Why it’s great to be grounded:
1. You feel more “present” in your life and more aware.
2. You feel more present in your human body and enjoy sensations, tastes and sounds more.
3. You are calmer and your reactions are more in alignment with your highest good.

How you might feel if you are not grounded:
1. Tired or weary.
2. Anxious or depressed.
3. Confused and forgetful.
4. Disconnected from the people and happenings around you.
5. Lightheaded or a bit “spaced out”.
6. Shaky or even dizzy or nauseous.
How to use crystals to enhance your grounding:
This is so easy you can do it any time and almost anywhere. Ideally you need two grounding crystals but you can use just one, in whichever hand feels most comfortable.
Stand barefoot (if you can) or in socks if you must, with your feet firmly on the floor or ground. ( Outdoors is lovely, but it doesn’t matter if you are indoors or even on a high level building). If you have to ground when somewhere you can’t take off your shoes that’s fine. It’s better to ground with shoes on than not ground at all.
Touch the crystal briefly on the top of your head, your heart, your hips parallel to the base of your spine and then hold your arms down by your side.
Intend that any energies that do not serve you flow down into the earth to be transmuted (changed) into good.
Visualise a ball of white light starting at your crown chakra (just above the top of your head) and flowing down slowly towards the ground taking any non-serving energies with it. Really feel your connection to the earth. You can imagine your feet placing roots down into the earth if you wish.
Hold for at least one minute but five is better. However, even if you can only ground for a few seconds that is better than nothing.
If you are not able to stand, you can ground from a sitting position by imagining a line from the base of your spine down through your seat to the earth.
Affirmations for grounding:
I am safe, secure and grounded in my physical form.
I have a right to be here and I am worthy.
I trust in the process of life and all is well.
My top five grounding crystals:
1. Hematite. It is the ultimate grounding crystal and resonates strongly with the base chakra. However, some people find it too strong and that it gives them headaches. Personally, I use it for super-quick grounding and centring. I’m not fond of so-called “magnetic hematite” but more of that in a later post.
2. Red jasper. It is so earthy and comforting and seems to have a permanent connection to the earth.
3. Agate. In particular, many people recommend moss agate, which is green and earthy and gorgeous. I find that most agates especially the darker ones have that lovely slow vibration. I feel like they vibrate at a barefoot walking pace.
4. Unakite. It balances the spiritual and physical sides of the body and connects the heart firmly to the earth.
5. Aragonite. Heals the earth and the base chakra. This is one of my favourites it just makes me feel so secure. Red, green or brown is best for this.
There are many, many more crystals which are helpful for grounding and just keeping them on you, in a pocket perhaps, helps to keep you grounded throughout the day. I often keep one in each pocket of my jeans and just touch them briefly when I want to feel more centred or grounded. You may have your own way of grounding and that is fine, and you don’t have to have crystals to ground effectively, but I like to as it amplifies the intention and I feel real physical effects.

Simple Pendulum Dowsing



Dowsing is a way of connecting your intuition or higher self with your logic or decision-making side. It will link your subconscious with your conscious and your right-brain with your left. You can access your own higher knowledge and intuition using the pendulum.

A pendulum works best for yes or no answers. Sometimes you can also get a clear neutral. These instructions can work for any pendulum, which is just a symmetrical weighted object on a string or chain.

I prefer a crystal pendulum but you can choose. A magnet is not suitable for dowsing.

HOW to use your pendulum

First, ground yourself and cleanse your pendulum of any previous energies by:

  • Gently blow over every face, with the intention that any negative energies will flow away to be transmuted into good.
  • Sound – use a tingsha bell, singing bowl, or drum.
  • Pass it through the smoke from any incense or a sage smudging bundle.
  • Hold in flowing or running water with the intention that any negative energies will flow down into the earth to be transmuted into good. (Not all crystals can be cleansed with water).
  • Use your own method, such as Reiki.


Then, align it to your own energies:

  • Hold the pendulum in the palm of your hand and close the other hand over it, asking it to work with you.
  • Sit quietly for 5 to 10 minutes and focus your breathing and awareness into the pendulum.


Now you are ready to work. The first question you should ask your pendulum is how it will indicate:

  • Hold the pendulum near the end of its chain or string with one hand, while the weighted end is sitting in the palm of the other hand.
  • Gently lift it up by the chain and let it dangle to get the feel of it. If you need to wrap it gently round your index finger you can.
  • Now hold the weighted part in your free hand again.
  • Ask the pendulum “Please show me my yes”.
  • Let it go, and watch the way it moves.
  • It will either move in circles, side to side or forwards and back.
  • If it moves in circles, note whether clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  • Catch the crystal with your free hand again and thank it.
  • Now ask again, “Please show me my no.” Again, once it has indicated, thank your pendulum.
  • If you don’t get a really clear signal, repeat the process a couple of times.
  • If you do get a clear signal, don’t be alarmed – it can seem spooky at first but it isn’t really.


You will find that your yes and no are not necessarily exact opposites; you may get circles and swinging, or just swinging in different directions.

After a while you will come to be confident enough about yes and no to recognise an inconclusive indicator.

Usually, I get swinging forwards and back or side to side for yes and no. Circles or just stillness therefore represent an “inconclusive” answer. Just try again in a few days or when you have new information.

WHEN to use your pendulum

Practise with your pendulum as often as you can, use fun questions such as “Is my middle name cake?”, or “Is it November?” just to get a feel for it.

As you get more confident you can use it to help with decisions, such as:

  • Shall I buy this book?
  • Shall I change my car this year?
  • Do I feel confident going into business with this person?
  • Will I still love this wallpaper in a couple of years?
  • Is this the right crystal for this 



A pendulum is also helpful for general guidance, like:

  • Am I getting enough sleep?
  • Might I be intolerant of this food?
  • Did I leave my keys in the bedroom?


There are many other fun and useful things you can do with a pendulum, and many dowsing charts and more complex explanations available on the internet and in book form.


WHAT IF it doesn’t seem to be working?


Possible reasons might be:

  • You are agitated or tired.
  • You are in an altered state, e.g. alcohol, excess caffeine, jet lag.
  • You are over anxious.
  • You lack trust and love for yourself.


Just relax, trust, and try again later or the next day.


Easy Crystal Chakra Clearing


This is a simple and relaxing technique that anyone can do with a set of 7 or 8 chakra stones. You do not need a pendulum or a partner for this exercise, just your stones and your time – you deserve it!

First gather your crystals together and cleanse them.

Ask them to work with you to clear, heal and balance your chakras.

Lie on your back if you can and place the appropriate crystal on each of the chakra points shown in the diagram above. If you can’t lie on your back or the crystals roll off it doesn’t matter as long as they are close to your body in the right chakra area. You can attach them under clothes if you wish.

Ideally, you need 15 to 20 minutes to relax. If you want to listen to meditation music that can be nice.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by pure white or gold light as a bubble of protection. Take a few slow deep breaths. With each outward breath intend that you are releasing any negative thoughts, energies, worries or stress.

Starting with the Root or Base chakra, focus on your crystal and the colour red. Imagine the whole area is bathed in a pure and vivid red. In your mind’s eye, see this red energy spin out from the stone and all around your root chakra area. Allow your body to feel the pure red energy. You can do this for at least 30 seconds – a minute or two is ideal.

Repeat the process with the sacral chakra stone and orange energy.

Move upwards to the solar plexus with beautiful yellow light and energy.

For the heart chakra I like to visualise both pink and green light but you can choose one or the other.

After the heart chakra, move on to the throat chakra and blue energetic light.

For the brow chakra, choose indigo or purple. Some people worry about whether their stone is truly indigo – the important thing is your intention here and any purple or indigo stone will do if you have chosen it for the brow (third eye) chakra.

Moving on to the crown chakra for this you would choose white or violet stone and light. Again intention is key here and I choose a white or clear crystal because white contains all the colours or the spectrum both visible and invisible – linking us to higher (invisible) planes.

Now return to each chakra in turn, starting with the root or base and imagine all the coloured energy being absorbed into the body until is has (almost) gone. Visualise each chakra closing or returning to its normal state but now pure and clean and re-energised.

Thank your crystals and, if you wish, note in your journal any effects now or in the coming days.