Easy Crystal Chakra Clearing


This is a simple and relaxing technique that anyone can do with a set of 7 or 8 chakra stones. You do not need a pendulum or a partner for this exercise, just your stones and your time – you deserve it!

First gather your crystals together and cleanse them.

Ask them to work with you to clear, heal and balance your chakras.

Lie on your back if you can and place the appropriate crystal on each of the chakra points shown in the diagram above. If you can’t lie on your back or the crystals roll off it doesn’t matter as long as they are close to your body in the right chakra area. You can attach them under clothes if you wish.

Ideally, you need 15 to 20 minutes to relax. If you want to listen to meditation music that can be nice.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by pure white or gold light as a bubble of protection. Take a few slow deep breaths. With each outward breath intend that you are releasing any negative thoughts, energies, worries or stress.

Starting with the Root or Base chakra, focus on your crystal and the colour red. Imagine the whole area is bathed in a pure and vivid red. In your mind’s eye, see this red energy spin out from the stone and all around your root chakra area. Allow your body to feel the pure red energy. You can do this for at least 30 seconds – a minute or two is ideal.

Repeat the process with the sacral chakra stone and orange energy.

Move upwards to the solar plexus with beautiful yellow light and energy.

For the heart chakra I like to visualise both pink and green light but you can choose one or the other.

After the heart chakra, move on to the throat chakra and blue energetic light.

For the brow chakra, choose indigo or purple. Some people worry about whether their stone is truly indigo – the important thing is your intention here and any purple or indigo stone will do if you have chosen it for the brow (third eye) chakra.

Moving on to the crown chakra for this you would choose white or violet stone and light. Again intention is key here and I choose a white or clear crystal because white contains all the colours or the spectrum both visible and invisible – linking us to higher (invisible) planes.

Now return to each chakra in turn, starting with the root or base and imagine all the coloured energy being absorbed into the body until is has (almost) gone. Visualise each chakra closing or returning to its normal state but now pure and clean and re-energised.

Thank your crystals and, if you wish, note in your journal any effects now or in the coming days.


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