Activating or Charging Your Crystals

After you’ve cleansed your crystal some experts say you need to “charge” it up in order for it to work.
But the energies of the crystal have been around for a long, long time before it came into your possession. In fact the electrical vibration never goes away.
However, there are some easy ways you can activate your crystals as well as ways you can store them to keep their tip top vibrational mojo. First things first – intention is key. Develop an affirmation that suits you or use this one: Thank you for your presence, I intend you are charged with loving energy to work for the highest good of all.

CRYSTAL charging.
Some crystals will awaken the energy of other crystals, just by being used as a bed for them. Amethyst, Selenite and Citrine are often used for this and a lovely amethyst druzy or bed is an attractive way to display your tumble stones – keeping them fit and raring to go.

REIKI charging.
This is simply done with intent and symbols. If you are attuned to reiki, hold your crystals in one hand and hold the other hand over them, infusing them with the power symbol and stating the affirmation.

CONTACT charging.
Touch and enjoy your crystals as often as you can, stating the affirmation silently or out loud.

MOONLIGHT charging. Some people say moonlight for cleansing and sunlight for charging. Some say new moon for charging and full moon for cleansing. However I find that the moon both cleanses and charges our crystals at all phases. It is especially intense at new moon or full moon. For the night of a  full or new moon and a few nights afterwards you can put your crystals either outdoors if it is safe, or on a windowsill. It doesn’t matter if it is cloudy you will still get the effect. The lunar energy is there whether you can see it or not.

SUNLIGHT charging. Many crystals enjoy being charged in the sunlight. Amethyst and a few others can fade if left in direct sunlight for lengthy periods, but most are fine. This fading doesn’t affect the energy, only the appearance. I have some amethyst that lives permanently outside and it is still beautiful.

If you are not sure whether your crystal wants a sunlight or moonlight charge, try 24 hours on a windowsill to get both. State your intention and the crystal will take what it needs.
STORM charging. Oh yes, they love a thunderstorm. Leave on the windowsill and let them enjoy it, or, if it is safe and you know they are not water soluble or metallic, put them outside.
There are other methods of course, but let’s keep it simple and just enjoy nature’s gift.

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