Angels and Crystals

To me, working with crystals is already a heavenly experience. The energetic fingerprint of crystals resonates really strongly with light-beings (or is a type of light being, depending on what you believe).
Three crystals that can ramp up this process are:
Angelite. This is really called blue anhydrite but most people have adopted the name of its properties. It’s a pale blue stone, and yes it’s good for the throat chakra/communication etc. But it really comes into its own removing blocks in the third eye and crown chakra, which are your angelic channels. If I wanted to be open to any angel message – this is the one I’d choose.
Seraphinite. This is a dark green stone with silvery white streaks in it that look sometimes like feathers. It works with the heart chakra to activate the energy in all the chakras. It protects you physically while you are working at a higher vibration. Not forgetting that it also works with the power of the earth it is an awesome stone to make us all one with the universe and mother earth. If I wanted the physical healing of the angels, particularly my own Archangel, Raphael, this is the one I’d choose.
Blue Celestite. This is sparkly and really raises the vibration. It lets your angels know you are there, and vice versa. It is great for meditating and feeling the emotional support of the angels. If I just need to feel loved by the angels I cuddle a celestite. If I wanted to ask a specific question, this is the one I would choose. I’d sit and meditate, ask my question and be receptive to the answer.

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