Connecting with Crystals

Sensing the energy of your crystals:
As always, I like to keep it simple.
Briefly ground yourself and bring your mind totally into the present.
Then, rub your hands together briskly, to create an energy field and this helps you to “switch on”. Now, touch the crystal or hold it in your hand. Breathing calmly, be aware of any physical sensations, first in your hand, then in the rest of your body. Does the crystal feel heavy or warm? Does it seem to be vibrating? Do you feel strong or energised? Perhaps you feel tension melting away or a tingle in a part of your body? Do you feel grounded, or a bit spaced out?
Take a few slow breaths and centre yourself again. Now ask yourself what emotions you are feeling? Do you feel secure? Curious? Loved? Maybe you feel emotions welling up to be released? Do you feel determined, motivated? Perhaps calm and soothed?
Finally, centre yourself again and really look at the crystal. Observe any colours, hidden rainbows, lines or hollows and imperfections (if any). Thank the crystal and replace it or you can now begin to work with it.
Don’t worry if you don’t get anything at first, just try again another time.
If you keep a crystal journal, make sure you note your experiences. If you’ve never done it before, why not have a go and let us know how you get on?
Much crystally love,

One thought on “Connecting with Crystals

  1. I have a yellow topaz from India can you tell me what the healing energy it has thank yoi.

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