Introduction to Crystal Grids

kateanddarrengridWhat is a crystal grid?

A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals in a geometric or meaningful shape. It can be called upon to support any intention or healing work.

Why do we make crystal grids?

Any physical or emotional action we take towards our goals, helps us to strengthen the vibration aligned to that thought.

Gridding uses crystals, intention, sacred geometry and feeling to make a tool which amplifies the vibration of each component exponentially. Together the separate tools are much more than the sum of each item.

How do they work?

The power of the crystal grid comes from the combining of the energies of the stones, your chosen shape or geometry and your love, time and intention. It is said that using sacred geometry achieves faster results, and it is very powerful. However, I believe that your chosen shape is sacred to you, and indeed most of the shapes we would choose instinctively, such as stars, flowers, crosses (compass points?) and spirals are indeed ancient and powerful symbols.

Do grids need to be “activated”? 

If you activate your grid you are enhancing the unity of the different parts and the vibrations can reach out across time distance and dimensions infinitely.

However, the act of choosing and arranging your stones is in itself a powerful tool for healing and manifestation.

Does it have to contain only crystals?

Other items can be used to complement the grid, like candles, essential oils, photographs or other personal items.

You can even make a grid only from pebbles on a beach or rocks on a hillside.

Sacred geometry is not vital and as you develop your own grids you will use your intuition more.

Anything else?

Yes. Plan your grid in advance. What intention or purpose? What stones? What shape? And then afterwards keep a note  of the details or take a photo and be ready to note down the good effects.



Aura Crystals

Angel Aura Quartz

You may have heard of such magical sounding stones as angel aura quartz or aqua aura and if you’ve seen them you would certainly know as they are so pretty and iridescent.

Aura quartzes are made by electrostatic bonding of clear quartz with precious metals so in one respect they are not “natural”. However, they are incredibly beautiful and in many cases the process enhances the properties of the crystal. This is partly because the added energetic vibration, elemental energy and beauty of the precious metal combine with the quartz to ramp up each others’ properties. The other aspect is the colour energy of the stone which is produced – which is then amplified by the clear quartz.


Because they use precious metals and an expensive process these stones are costly and in the ones that I have worked with, well worth it for the energetic properties.


However, new “aura” stones are being created all the time, and not all use pure metals or bond really well. Some decorative raw pieces, often just called “aura quartz geodes” don’t specify the metal used and therefore it is hard to genuinely describe the energetic benefit, but as long as you are aware, you still get the beauty of quartz, and a nice quartz energy.


The aura stones I have worked with personally and love are:

AQUA AURA: Bonded with gold it produces an shot-silk blue or shimmery aquamarine colour. It is awesome for your throat chakra and releasing stress, especially when it’s held in the throat and jaw.  It is the first aura stone I ever owned and I often supply it for people who want to communicate with their guides and have been “directed” to get one.

Aqua Aura Quartz Cluster


ANGEL AURA:  Bonded with silver and platinum it has a silvery rainbow fairy-wing-like shimmer. It is so sweet and calming and helps me to call on angel energy. I find it breathtakingly beautiful and very feminine in nature.


TANGERINE AURA also known as SUNSHINE AURA: Bonded with Gold and Iron it has a warm sunny, orange golden shimmer. It has a strong powerful energy and balances male and female energies. Especially useful where courage and self-confidence is needed it links the lower chakras and is especially supportive in these times of ascension and change.


One I don’t personally like is COBALT AURA. It is a strong, bright blue in colour and I won’t share my impression of the energy because it isn’t for me and it might be for you – if you like it, you will make your own impressions.


Not everyone likes aura stones and they are sometimes talked about in the same way as fakes. Like all treated stones I think it is important to be aware, and as long as the seller is not trying to fool you, you must make your own decisions based on the energetic properties or feel or simply the beauty.

What do you think?