Self Healing with Crystals


Self Healing with Crystals

Find a quiet spot and allow yourself “enough” time. Don’t feel overwhelmed by this, you can and should practise self-care and it is not selfish to allocate time. However, if you are in a funk and feeling stressed and time-poor, this is an exercise that can be done in only five minutes. As a reward, pop yourself in your own diary to do it again in a day or week.

Select one or more general healing crystals or select the crystals you want for the specific issue you want to improve. Clear quartz is ideal for general healing and so is amethyst. Amethyst can also be used to assist with habit or addiction issues and sleep problems.

Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the ground, holding your crystals. Or, lie down and either hold your crystals or place them on your body.

Focus on your breathing and gradually begin to take slightly slower and deeper breaths, as long as you are comfortable.

For general healing, simply visualise any negative or unwanted energies, toxins, thoughts or emotions gently leaving your body. If it is a specific issue, such as a virus or addiction you can focus on that leaving you gently.  Repeat an affirmation to support your healing. For example:

I am healthy and well.

I accept, love and honour myself.

I am worthy of love and peace.

You can, of course, choose your own.

After your allotted time, gently bring yourself back to the day/night and thank your crystals and yourself for this care. Make sure to book in with yourself to do this again soon, and make a note of when you did it and note any positive changes in the days ahead.


3 thoughts on “Self Healing with Crystals

  1. thank u for this the midst of all the tests and doc appts. I need to remember to make time to be with myself xxx

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