Broken Beauties – Why Crystals Break and What to do Next

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Many people hate throwing broken crystals away. Like books, it seems wrong somehow. But why do they break and how should you treat them when they do? There are a few possible reasons, and understanding why, will tell you what to do next:

Crystals are a natural product.

As such, they will usually have imperfections, fault lines etc. In many cases these form markings that tell you a little about the properties of the crystal, or make it more beautiful. Sometimes there is a message in the crystal like a figure or letter, maybe a rainbow. But sometimes these imperfections are a place from which the crystal might one day break.

They have finished their work with you.

Like people, crystals can be with you for a “reason, as season or a lifetime”. Often when you no longer need the vibrations of that particular crystal it will mysteriously break. This is your little message to move on, work with other crystals and say goodbye to this one.

They need to rest.

If you are working a lot with one particular crystal, even if this is unconscious (you may need it’s energy and care without knowing) it can become temporarily depleted. The break tells us to pause and take stock. How have you been calling on this crystal lately? Is there an issue you needed to address? Is the situation now resolved? Do YOU need a rest from this situation?

Someone else needs to share the energy.

Sometimes a crystal will break to show you that someone in your circle needs a share in that energy. Who it is will come from your own subconscious or you might get a clue from when and where the crystal broke.

And sometimes, they just break!

It can be an impact, a temperature change, or no reason at all.



I always cleanse the crystal and put it aside for a short while to rest. It’s also a good time to ground yourself and take a little mental step back from the sadness of the break.

When it feels right, sit quietly with your crystal, thank it for its service and be still. Ask yourself or your crystal why it has broken. There is no need to get too tied up in this, your first answer is probably the right one.

Once you know why, you will know what to do, here are a few suggestions:

  • Return it to the earth, bury the parts in the soil, or a plant-pot, at the beach or place in a stream.
  • If the crystal parts still want to work, let it rest first and then you could see if any of them can be incorporated into crafts or jewellery, or simply keep them in your dish, a candle holder or display of crystals.
  • If a rest is needed, leave on an amethyst bed, or selenite, or a cotton, velvet or silk cloth. When it is time for the pieces (or one, or some of them) to work again you will know.
  • If your crystal is telling you someone needs it, you may feel drawn to give them part, or alternatively gift them another crystal of the same type.
  • Repair it. I have never had any success with this, but I know some people have repaired display crystals and pendulums to good effect. As it hasn’t worked for me, I won’t recommend it and I’ve never had a crystal that wanted to be mended.
  • Do nothing. I have a broken pendant which was a natural shape anyway, the break hasn’t detracted from its beauty and it still wants to be worn and loved. I placed the broken bit in a plant pot and still wear the remaining part. Similarly, I have a pendulum with a broken tip. Once it had had a little rest on an amethyst bed it is raring to work again and is still my favourite and most accurate pendulum.

So you see, there is no need to panic when a crystal breaks, just give it a little rest and then see what it wants to do next.

Let me know if you have any questions or stories about your broken but still beautiful crystals!



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