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There is lots of information online about empaths, and it is hard not to have heard the word lately. It can be tricky navigating everyday life as an empath, especially if surrounded by less sensitive souls. But if you are aware, and protect yourself, you can transform this “sensitivity” into a super-power and absolutely thrive! Here are my top seven crystals to help.


Cord cutting and chakra balancing

Blue Kyanite is  a mainly blue stone, but has a wonderful many-coloured sparkle or lustre to it. By placing it on the heart you can you can quickly balance your chakras.

It has a fibre or blade-like habit and you can often find it sold as Kyanite blades. You can use these blades to metaphorically “cut cords” with negative energy or people.

Kyanite  doesn’t absorb or retain negative energy, but I still cleanse it. However, it is known to strengthen barriers so it is ideal to boost other protective crystals, just by being near them.


Filters stress and anxiety

This pale lilac to deep pink/purple sparkly stone is soothing and calming. It is a powerful helper if you are feeling anxious, stressed or depressed. If you feel overwhelmed by picking up these emotions from others, lepidolite can help to filter out those unnecessary energies and strengthen your personal boundaries. It has a positive vibration that lifts your mood gently but firmly. With its high lithium content it naturally gives off  calming energy and counteracts panic and worry. Keep it with you, but especially beside you overnight as it can reset your mood as you sleep.



Psychic protection and grounding

This black stone is the ultimate psychic protector. It’s a highly protective psychic shield against negative entities, thoughts or energies. It purifies the energy and neutralises toxins and conflicts. It supports a more pleasant environment at work or in the home because it can transmute negative thoughts into positive intent. It is a powerfully grounding stone and a direct link to the support of the earth. This stone can be carried by empaths at all times and if not, should be handled as often as possible.



Absorbs and removes the rubbish

This vibrant green, banded stone resonates with nature. It absorbs negative energies, toxins and pollutants from the body and the surrounding atmosphere. It guards against radiation and electromagnetic pollution and heals with loving earthy energies. Keep a piece in your main living area or near microwaves, computers  and televisions.  In the workplace Malachite can lessen the effects of  noise,  fluorescent lighting, and any negativity in communication of all kinds.It protects all journeys and travel, and strengthens your intent when visualising a safe trip. Cleanse it regularly,  (see cleansing instructions enclosed.)


Yellow jasper

Discernment and clarity – whose stuff is it really?

This mustard yellow stone has been used by healers and shamans throughout the ages. It has a slow, steady and protective vibration. It is particularly used to promote clarity in recognising when emotions and energies have been picked up from others – this is ideal to help empaths protect themselves and release feelings which are not their own. It can also deflect jealousy and gossip. Yellow jasper eases worry and embarrassment in social situations. Because it is a stone of intellect and focus, it is also useful to gather scattered thoughts, aid learning and complete tasks or stick to goals and healthy habits.



The Healing Shield

This transparent purple with yellow stone is a rare, natural combination of amethyst and citrine. This duality means that each amplifies the other.  It is particularly useful for healers and empaths because it can provide a shield against negative or unwanted emotions and energies even without having to be asked or programmed in any way. It balances the emotions. Like citrine, it is lucky, cleansing and cleans other crystals too. Like amethyst, it is nurturing, controls addictions and stimulates the intuition.


Rose quartz

Self-love and self-acceptance

This pretty pink stone helps empaths to accept their gifts and love and accept their sensitivity.  It calms the emotions and gently heals the heart, especially where wounds are caused by toxic or negative thoughts, actions or people. It helps adults and children alike to feel safe in chaotic situations or environments. In strengthening the heart it can help to push away negative energies and emotions. Rose quartz is also grounding and protective.




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