An Easy Guide to Natural Crystal Shapes

Crystals grow in regular patterns and often these patterns are apparent to the naked eye.

I’ve compiled a quick summary of some natural shapes, these mainly apply to the quartz family, such as amethyst, clear quartz and citrine.



A naturally faceted point at one end. Can be used to direct energy and activate grids and healing.

Double Terminated


A crystal with a point at each end. Be careful – Energy can run outwards in both directions either at different times or concurrently. Good for deepening meditation, can balance the chakras by being placed on the heart chakra vertically.






A slim point which narrows considerably towards the tip. Powerful at directing energy with pinpoint focus. Precise and surgical.



Two points that share a base or a common side. Love and harmony, blending your inner and outer world.






A cluster is a number of crystals or points that share a common base. It can be as few as three distinct points or many. Good for teamwork, purifying the environment and breaking up unwanted energies. Can spread crystal energies our in all directions.



Geode-Safe and sparkly

A geode is a cavity within a rock, lined with tiny crystals. It is caused by a bubble when the rock was formed and the crystals inside are deposited by the molten liquid flowing in and out of the cavity over time.

It has a protective and sheltered feeling, I often store my pendulums or other crystals inside. Collects and smoothes spiky energies.

Encourages harmony and teamwork.


A cluster or spread of tiny points on a matrix or in a crack or inside a geode. Sparkly and with a very gentle energy. Good for storing and charging other crystals. Gently scatter their energies around the space.




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