Cleansing your Crystals


Why we cleanse our crystals:

Crystals have their own energy but can also absorb a range of different energies that they are exposed to. These might be your own, or others who may have handled or moved them and transferred their energies and emotions into them. They can also be affected by world events and the environment. Not to say that these energies are negative or wrong, just that they are not yours and may not align with your intentions or use for that crystal.

It is important to note that energy can’t be deleted – it can only be moved or changed. Therefore intention is everything!  As you cleanse your crystals or place them to be cleansed, intend that any negative or stuck energy is removed and  transmuted or changed into good.

When to cleanse your crystals:

  • When you first get them.
  • When someone else has handled them.
  • About once a month.
  • Before using them for a new or particular intention or person.

How to cleanse your crystals:

  • Always with intention that any unwanted energies will removed and changed into good.
  • Breath: Blow gently across all sides of your crystal. (Watch where you are blowing towards, and intend that the cleansed energies are transmuted into good as above.)
  • Sound: strike tingsha bells, a singing bowl, a drum or chime over your crystals.
  • Moonlight: Leave on a windowsill or safely outside in the light of the full moon or a couple of days before or after. Even if it’s cloudy the full moon energies will work.
  • Reiki or other healing modalities – trust your healer’s intuition.
  • Smoke: Pass your crystal slowly through the rising smoke of incense or a smudging bundle.

There are other ways and you will hear of salt, rice, water and earth methods to name but a few. Some crystals are water soluble and can be damaged by water and earth methods. However, you should use whichever method you are most drawn to, as your intnetion and intuition is your best guide when working with crystals.


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