Ten Crystals for Calm Healthy Sleep


Healthy sleep, as we know is important to our physical and emotional health. Just as not everyone gets the same amount of sleep, not everyone needs the same amount. But if we can’t fall asleep naturally, or if we wake often in the night, there are some crystals that can, I believe, give us a helping hand.

It can help first of all to use a pendulum or other energetic tools to find out how much sleep we do need as individuals. My pendulum helps me to know at different times in my life how many hours I might need, for example I definitely need more in the winter.

Having the right bedtime preparation can be a game-changer, and there are plenty of resources out there to help with that. Energy work and tools such as meditation, Reiki, or EFT (tapping) can help too.  Having the right crystal in the right place can make just as much difference.

However, having too many crystals in the bedroom can cause too much energetic “noise” and whilst there are techniques to quiet them, I recommend just having a select few. Again, you can use your pendulum, your own intuition or your connection with your crystals to decide which ones, how many and where they should be placed.

There are many crystals that can assist with all kinds of sleep problems and causes. You won’t need them all! Sometimes, they work well in various combinations, but have a look over this list and see which one or more fits your needs. There are many more, these are just a selection.

Amethyst – A Healing All-Rounder

Amethyst is the all-purpose healer and helps in balancing sleep patterns and insomnia no matter what the cause of the disturbance. It is attractive to look at, comforting to hold and can also be placed on the body or under the pillow  before sleep or while meditating.  For adults only, can be left in place on the body, during meditation or as you drift off to sleep. It enhances the effects of meditation and helps with all kinds of pain, especially headaches. Amethyst aligns your brain to its own calming vibrations. It will help balance your eating and drinking patterns, contributing to good sleep hygiene.


As it opens us up to our intuition it can give us useful clues about self care that can contribute to good sleep.

Keeping one in your personal space, or on your body during the day can help towards night time sleep. You could also grid the bed, by placing one under each corner, having expressed the clear intention that you are supported in your goals for a calm healthy sleep.


Moonstone – Peace on the Sea of Sleep

This is the one if your sleep disturbances are caused by emotional stress, sensitivity to the lunar cycle or by astral travelling. Moonstone is a very old remedy for calming emotional distress and relieving insomnia. It helps align your energies so that the phases of the moon are balancing and not disturbing. Moonstones are said to be protective to travellers, especially at night or across water and can help you come gently back if you “travel off” during sleep.

Moonstone works near the bed or under the pillow and can also be placed on the heart chakra or anywhere on bare skin to feel its soothing waves.


Smokey Quartz – Night-long protection

This dark, semi-translucent stone is protective 24 hours a day. It is of a particular help at night for its energetic protection and because it relieves and discourages nightmares. As it is one of the stones which protects against the disturbance caused by electro-magnetic fields it is good to keep nearby if you have computers, televisions or mobile telephones in the bedroom. Like amethyst and rose quartz it helps direct you smoothly through transitions in the phases of sleep.

Lepidolite – The Happiness Stone

This lilac to purply-pink stone with a gentle sparkle the best anti-anxiety stone. It helps to dissolve accumulated tension and to gently lift depression or low mood. Lepidolite also helps to promote feelings of well-being and trust, and protect against digestive issues. Holding this crystal in your hand during a stressful situation will help relax tense muscles and calm the emotions. You can use it during the day to help prevent muscle tension and emotional stress before bedtime. Keeping one in the bedroom over a number of days, has a cumulative uplifting effect on the mood and settling effect on sleep patterns.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz -Unconditional Love and  Relaxation

Rose quartz, is a stone of unconditional love and support. This gorgeous stone with its soft pink energy promotes relaxation and helps us drift off into a calm, happy sleep. Rose quartz builds a nest of love and enables us to feel calm and secure. It eases feelings of loneliness and helps guide us through the different phases of sleep. Rose quartz dissipates harsh energies and troubling thoughts.

Howlite -Instant Calm


This lovely white stone with grey marbling is the very best for instantly soothing panic attacks and stress. It soothes and relaxes a fidgety sleeper and smoothes out spiky moods. Howlite can ease all forms of restlessness such as restless legs. It provides a secure connection to the world, calms the emotions and banishes fear and anxiety. Used during the day its benefits carry forward to night time and can help when other people are the cause of the disturbance, soothing all parties.

Black Tourmaline -Deep Protection

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Black Tourmaline

This is the most protective and grounding of all crystals. It will keep negative energies out of the bedroom and provides a strong steady stream of relaxation and stability. Its calming and grounding waves work throughout the body and it is another one which can assist with restless legs or twitchiness. Like smoky quartz it repels electro magnetic pollutants and can lessen the effects of having your “tech” in the bedroom. Black tourmaline soothes and reduces night terrors and disturbing dreams.

Blue Lace Agate – Tranquility 

Blue lace agate, is soothing and relaxing. This gentle, calming stone provides tranquil energy. As with all agates, blue lace agate is a protective stone. Its protective energies are gentle and subtle and it is a particular protector for children. Agates have a slow and steady vibration and smooth out any outside disturbances.

Blue Lace Agate

Charoite – Deep Violet Sleep


Chaorite is a stone of the violet ray but it knows when to switch off. It deepens our bodies ability to heal itself and in the same way assists those who sleep too “lightly”. It can reduce sleepwalking and sleep talking, and cut down the number of times we wake during the night.


Sodalite – Quiet that Mind Chatter

One of the less commonly talked about crystals for sleep is the simple sodalite. It is a great stone for clear communication and encouraging us to speak our inner truth. In a related way, it bosses that mind chatter that we can get at night and stops the inner dialogue. Sodalite allows us to relax and know that the back and forth of tussling with mind chatter is not productive. It can also relax the physical body if placed near the feet, but to relax the mind and shut up the chatter, place near the head.


  • Limit the number of crystals in the bedroom.
  • Check in with yourself and your crystals frequently to make sure you still have the right combination.
  • Take the clear quartz out! Its high vibration amplifies the effects of other stones, that’s true, but it can also be too high and excitable for night time.
  • All of these crystals work well in combination with essential oils or even actual herbs and flowers such as lavender, chamomile, frankincense and more.

If you want to use the information above to make up your own kit, remember – not too many and do cleanse them before use!

Finally, I am not medically trained and all crystal explanations are intended as spiritual tools and entertainment. Please see a medical practitioner if you have a serious or ongoing sleep disorder.

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