Optical Calcite – Clear “Sight”

This is a clear rhombohedra shaped crystal that can look like a sparkling ice cube. Sometimes there is a golden or yellow tint.

Looking through it, we see two images and this for me is one of its most useful energies. It helps us to see the truth clearly, especially our own truth and crucially, when people are being duplicitous.

This sparkly clean crystal helps remove energy blockages and activate sluggish or dormant chakras. Working with it for a few days at a time is the best way to do this. Keep it near you during the day and when you can, place it near each chakra in turn just for a few seconds.

Optical Calcite is also known as Iceland Spar. It is known  to awaken spiritual connection and amplifies all spiritual work as well as the power of ritual and other crystals.It keeps our connections pure, both spiritual and earthly. Elementally, it contains the energies of wind, fire and ice. In dream-work and using the clairs,(clair-sentience, clair-audience, clairvoyance) it can make our experience and visualisations more vivid.

It stimulates the metabolism and supports weight loss especially where it is caused by comfort eating and where we might not be being true to ourselves. That is, it helps us to see the truth of why we are eating/drinking/taking something, so that we can begin to heal.

With it’s simple clarity and cutting through waffle, it eases the learning of difficult subjects.

It is said that due to its prismatic effect, the Vikings used it for navigation. You may feel a Viking connection in some pieces. As with other calcites, it is good for bones and teeth.

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