New Moon Crystal Blessing

You can use this simple ritual to bless the month ahead or to anchor and strengthen your intentions.

You may wish to set your intentions first and write them down so that you are not searching for words when it is time.

Read these suggestions through a couple of times before you start.

Choose a crystal which is important to you. Perhaps your birth stone, or a pretty specimen or just one you love. Size doesn’t  matter, but not too tiny as you want to be able to see it.

Cleanse the crystal in your usual way, or simply by blowing over the whole surface, intending that any non-serving energy is taken away and transformed into good.

Sit quietly (or stand) with your stone for a few moments and move your focus away from outside influences, just you and your crystal. Ask your crystal to work with you and the power of the New Moon.

Be aware of your body. With your feet flat on the floor, visualise strong woody roots twisting down into mother earth and anchoring you in safety and love.

Now hold your crystal above your head and see a pure white light flooding down from it, enclosing you in a bubble of love and protection. This divine light floods through your entire aura and chakra column, dissolving any worries, negativity and uneasiness.

As you bring your crystal down towards your heart chakra, keep that light bubble around you.

State your blessing. Make it personal and don’t get hung up on the words. For example.” May the Moon bless my home night and day in all her phases and cycles.”

If you wish, you can now set your intention for the lunar month. Use positive and present language with gratitude.

For example “With love and gratitude and the power of the moon, I am manifesting the ideal apartment.”

Then, thank the Moon and your crystal and place the crystal somewhere you can see it throughout the month. Give it a quick cleanse as often as you can.

Make sure you are still grounded before you do anything else.

Top Tips

  • You can do this with two crystals, keep one with you and one on display.
  • If you have written down your blessing and/or intention, you can keep the paper with the crystal, but it isn’t necessary.
  • If you have no crystal at all, you can do this purely with visualisation.

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