Crystals for Business

Why use crystals in your business?

Crystals, like all other natural substances, are energy and vibrate on a specific frequency. The right stone can help you align your own vibration to your business goals and needs.  It can change or protect the energy in your workspace or business premises; add power to your affirmations and strengthen your mindset. Crystals can work with you to help attract joy, luck and abundance. Here are just a few biz areas where you can turn to crystals for support:

Creativity, inspiration, confidence, self belief, cash flow, overwhelm, communications, collaboration, planning and processes.

Let’s look at some crystals that can align your vibrations to get results and help you and your business thrive.

Citrine: Known as the lucky stone, lovely yellow citrine has traditionally been used by merchants to attract money and success. Keep one in your cashbox, your purse or wallet, or near your computer if you trade online.

Other benefits of citrine are increased motivation and energy, joyfulness and zest for life.

Tiger’s Eye: This protective brown stone with its flashy golden stripes is full of confidence and courage. It helps us step into our power and own it. Tiger’s eye enhances integrity, willpower,  self-confidence and practicality. You’ll find skills you never knew you had, or value and accept the skills you already have.

Other benefits of Tiger’s eye are wealth attraction, and success in business negotiations.

Fluorite:  This semi-translucent stone comes in a variety of colours, most often greens and purples. It brings clarity of thought and helps us with planning. order out of chaos and is most often chosen by those with multiple responsibilities to protect from overwhelm.  If it all feels a bit much sometimes just pick up or touch your stone to feel better.

Amethyst: This purple stone is one of the master healers. It works with our intellect and intuition, helping us tune our natural intelligence into business “savvy-ness”. It sharpens that gut feeling of when something is right for your business or not. It boosts the imagination, helping us to make creative decisions and bring forth ideas.

Leopardskin Jasper: Mottled earthy stone with animal-print like markings. Importantly, it supports strength and vitality. It promotes Business Success, collaboration and teamwork. This works whether it is an internal team or helping us work with external partners for mutual benefit. This jasper helps us devise sensible, workable processes and its grounding effect helps us to embed them. It is grounding and soothing when dealing with busy, high energy situations.

Sodalite: This blue stone with white markings is a stone of communication. It helps us be clear and confident in all our business communications, whether face to face, marketing, social media or official documents. It is also useful in legal matters, helping us understand and indeed, if necessary obtain justice.

Here’s a quick reference to help you.

Luck, attracting success, Cashflow, motivation Citrine
Confidence, courage, self-belief, motivation,
Tiger’s Eye
Overwhelm, crisis management, planning
and organisation
Creativity and Inspiration, intuition,
Business Acumen, Processes, Teamwork,
Leopardskin jasper
Communications, Clarity, Legal, Marketing,
Social Media

There are many others that can help, especially with abundance and success. But the list above is a great start and easy to obtain.

Will buying or using crystals magically sort your business? No, probably not, but will learning to use crystals in a simple way to support your business help you crack those targets? I believe it will and it’s quite inexpensive to find out.

Crystal metaphysical information is intended for entertainment only.

Always happy to answer questions, Love, Mojo xx

Crystals for Business

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