Apophyllite – The Light Connection

Usually clear, white or grey, this apophyllite has a pyramidal or cubic shape and is often used as points or natural clusters. Rarer colours are available, mainly various shades of green.

Element: Wind

Chakras: Crown and Third eye.

In brief: Lifts the veil.

Apophyllite cluster, photo Mo Prowse. Mandala grid board courtesy of Chakra Doodles by Julie Frost

Most helpful in meditation, healing or psychic work, it opens our connection to other dimensions, particularly the higher realms and universal source energy.

It helps us bring light and channel light energy so it is a lovely stone for healing rooms and altars. It dispels negativity in all forms and is therefore a wonderful mineral to have in any home.

Its light energy attracts angels and guides while its purity protects both our outer space and inner spiritual landscape.

In energy attunements and healing work it emanates pure loving energy and just keeps going. It opens you up so you can be an even better conduit for the energies to flow. It maintains a steady flow and yet keeps unwanted energetic cords from attaching.

In my view it is the ultimate Reiki stone.

In meditation it helps us to be open to and interpret the messages and visions we connect with and understand what we need to do for our highest good. It enables us to meditate for longer, or deeper whichever is best for us and brings enlightening discoveries.


Green apophyllite:

Elements: Earth and wind

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye and Heart.

Especially connected to the world of nature and helps us to connect to nature spirits and communicate with animals and plants.

Helps us in any nature work whether restoring wild places, outdoor meditation spaces or herbal and witchraft work.

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  1. Hi mojo i wanted to order a labradorite slice… At 3 50…. And a Apophylite Cluster 5 cm… At 8 00 pound… But couldn’t work out how to check out… Could you please send my invoice for a PayPal payment if possible please.

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