Apache Tear

Apache Tear. Apache Tear
The term “Apache tears” refers to naturally formed, small round pebbles or nodules of black or dark coloured obsidian or volcanic glass.
The natural pebbles are often dented, pockmarked and imperfect. They can be obtained in a more polished form, but in natural state they look opaque but are more translucent inside.
These unique stones originate in the western United States, especially Arizona and Nevada. Apache tears have a special connection to the mythology of the Apache culture, and also to the ability to recover from grief. They work in a gentler, steadier way to other forms of black obsidian but still a powerful healer of grief and will bring emotions forward slowly and only as far as working through them will help.
Strongly protective in both psychic and physical ways, and especially for travellers.
Chakra: Root, heart.
Element: Fire, earth
Zodiac: Scorpio, Aries.
Physical: Clears toxins, aids muscle spasms. Large, natural pieces in the shop now for £4, or if you have an open box with me, drop me a message. www.mojolistic.net/shop

Natural Apache Tear

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