Crystals to Magnify your Manifesting

Crystals for Manifesting Magic


First things first – you don’t need crystals to manifest your dreams. Not a single one!

But working with manifesting and laws of abundance and attraction can be helped along with certain tools such as affirmations and journaling and, yes, Crystals. These are just some of the ways you can choose to amplify and anchor your manifesting vibration.

There are different crystals to support mindset, visualisation and gratitude. And there are different crystals which help to attract the type of thing you are manifesting. Then there are crystals which help to grow your abundance and help you reach for that bigger goal, and why not?

Luck and Attraction Crystals


Citrine is the most widely used. If you want to attract money, you can keep it in your purse. Have one in the wealth corner of your house. Keep one in your cash box if you are in business. Touch it regularly, and keep up the gratitude.  One thing I would say is that any sort of Citrine will do, but if it is in your wealth corner, have a tumbled or polished one rather than raw, as in Feng Shui and other traditions, the roughness can disturb the flow of money energy. It works just as well if it’s a heat-treated amethyst or a natural Citrine, too – as it’s all about intention.

Jade works in a similar way to Citrine. Pop it in your purse, and away you go. But with both, keep your mind focused on the main thing you want to manifest because you will definitely get lots of little wins along the way.

Tiger’s Eye is a very lucky stone with golden stripes that resonate with wealth and abundance.

Stones For a Manifesting Mind-Set


Green Aventurine balances the energies of the head and heart. It is known to be lucky and works well with affirmations and intentions. It combines the wholehearted desire for the thing with the mindset that knows it can be done.

Fluorite or Clear Quartz for clarity. A clear vision and focus will help you immensely, and these are two crystals that can give you that clarity.

Pyrite is a metallic grey/gold/stone and has yellow-ray energy. It is a powerful protector and, with its strength, can help us to manifest and attract wealth through our own power and efforts, keeping us grounded so that we can focus on our goals.

Carnelian. This gorgeous orange stone helps to flush away any mental blocks we have to manifesting. Giving us physical energy it helps to keep our vibration high.

Tiger’s Eye again falls into this category because it helps us with visualisation and focus. Rutilated quartz helps with our focus too.

Rose quartz. Because loving yourself unconditionally means you accept you are worthy of abundance. It also promotes gratitude which is a big mindset tool in manifesting.

Angellite is also helpful for gratitude, as is yellow or green Apatite.


Stones to Support Your BIG Idea


Green Moss Agate is all about fertility and growth, a flourishing home, bank balance and body. Everything increases with the protection and help of Mother Earth.

Labradorite is the stone of synchronicities and possibilities. No idea is too far-fetched when working with labradorite, and nothing is a coincidence. It’s meant to be. It helps us to attract the surprise meeting or event that leads to success. And it helps us to see the synchronicities as well, and when we notice them, we are keeping our gratitude up and our eye on the goal we want to manifest.


I hope you find this useful. Perhaps you could get one or two and make yourself a little manifesting kit?

Feel free to ask me any questions and let me know how you get on with your manifesting crystals.

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