I live on the beautiful Wirral peninsula, just a ferry or train ride across from Liverpool. I feel that we are entering a time of change and we need to heal ourselves and the earth. I love living on a peninsula because I feel drawn to water, and often practise Reiki, meditation or work with crystals down at the beach.

I first felt the power of crystals as a young child, and am often able to sense the exact crystal vibration a person needs. Reiki came into my life much later.Reiki found me over 12 years ago when I was suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia. I’d been hearing the word Reiki here and there for a few months, but never tried it. Then one day my wonderful soul sister was visiting when I got one of the regular episodes of extreme pain. She told me she had been attuned to Reiki and offered me some healing. I felt the pain lift straight out of my head; it was the best present anyone could have given me. I knew that healing would be a big part of my life because I wanted to help others find the relief that I had just had.

I first started selling crystals to help fund my own, ever growing, collection. The more I learned about crystals the more they just seemed to make perfect sense. I have seen how their beauty and energies can be channelled in a positive way and they bring me joy. Like many holistic workers I have a multi-layered approach with crystals, energy work and more.  In studying Reiki, Crystals and other therapies I have met wonderful people and had some truly astounding energetic and mystical experiences but the most joy can be had when what I do or sell makes other people happy, or more peaceful.

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