Crystals to Magnify your Manifesting

First things first – you don’t need crystals to manifest your dreams. Not a single one! But working with manifesting and laws of abundance and attraction can be helped along with certain tools such as tapping (EFT), affirmations and journaling and yes, crystals. These are just some of the ways you can choose to amplifyContinue reading “Crystals to Magnify your Manifesting”

Crystal Elixirs

What is an elixir? An elixir is water that has absorbed the crystalline energies of crystals. It thus contains the essences of those crystals within it. It is believed that drinking an elixir passes on the strengths of the crystals to the human or animal drinking it. This water is considered to boost health asContinue reading “Crystal Elixirs”

Crystal Healing for Pets

How to Use Crystals to Heal Your Animal Companion First of all, cleanse your crystals using your own method or one of the simple technique here. Animals enjoy crystal healing, but they are very sensitive to the vibrations so always remember, less is more.  Position under or near your pet’s bed. Choose just oneContinue reading “Crystal Healing for Pets”

Selenite – Light Bringer and Moon Lover

Selenite glows with an inner beauty and shimmery moon magic. Named after Selene, the Greek Goddess of the moon, this light-bringer resonates with the moon in all her phases. Selenite is one of the highest vibrational stones and assists Angelic and higher realms communication. Cleansing the aura of negative energies and entities, it balances andContinue reading “Selenite – Light Bringer and Moon Lover”

Introvert and Proud – Three Crystals that Let YOU be YOU

Are you an introvert? I am. Does that seem strange? I have a website, many social media channels and I can more and more be seen on video and even live-streaming, so obviously I’m an extravert right? Nah. Extroverts (or extraverts) are widely accepted to be sociable, gregarious, talkative and energetic, whereas introverts are expectedContinue reading “Introvert and Proud – Three Crystals that Let YOU be YOU”

Apache Tear

Apache Tear. Apache TearThe term “Apache tears” refers to naturally formed, small round pebbles or nodules of black or dark coloured obsidian or volcanic glass.The natural pebbles are often dented, pockmarked and imperfect. They can be obtained in a more polished form, but in natural state they look opaque but are more translucent inside.These uniqueContinue reading “Apache Tear”

Sunstone: Bringer of Warmth and Light

This lovely peachy orange stone, with warm golden sparkles, resonates with and activates the sacral chakra. It helps us to awaken to our purpose in life and have confidence following that purpose. Energising and optimistic, it brings the enlivening energies of the sun into gloomy winter days so is especially useful to support seasonal affectiveContinue reading “Sunstone: Bringer of Warmth and Light”

Apophyllite – The Light Connection

Usually clear, white or grey, this apophyllite has a pyramidal or cubic shape and is often used as points or natural clusters. Rarer colours are available, mainly various shades of green. Element: Wind Chakras: Crown and Third eye. In brief: Lifts the veil. Most helpful in meditation, healing or psychic work, it opens our connectionContinue reading “Apophyllite – The Light Connection”

Crystals for Business

Why use crystals in your business? Crystals, like all other natural substances, are energy and vibrate on a specific frequency. The right stone can help you align your own vibration to your business goals and needs.  It can change or protect the energy in your workspace or business premises; add power to your affirmations andContinue reading “Crystals for Business”

New Moon Crystal Blessing

You can use this simple ritual to bless the month ahead or to anchor and strengthen your intentions. You may wish to set your intentions first and write them down so that you are not searching for words when it is time. Read these suggestions through a couple of times before you start. Choose aContinue reading “New Moon Crystal Blessing”

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