Navigating Mercury Retrograde: Harnessing Positive Energy for Manifestation

As the Mercury retrograde season approaches, it’s a good time to align our minds for positive manifestation. While this phase is often associated with communication glitches and misunderstandings, it can also be a powerful period to recalibrate our intentions and enhance our manifesting abilities.

Embrace Reflection: Mercury retrograde encourages us to slow down and think. Embrace this time for self-reflection, reviewing your goals, and fine-tuning your intentions. This inward focus can help you gain clarity on your desires.

Practice Patience: Frustrations may arise during this period, but maintaining patience is essential. Understand that delays and hiccups are temporary. Cultivate resilience and keep your focus on the bigger picture of your manifestations.

Improve Self-Care: Elevate your self-care routine to nourish your mind, body, and spirit. Engage in activities that promote relaxation and well-being, such as meditation, yoga, journaling, or spending time in nature. A balanced and nurtured self is more open to positive energies.

Adopt Mindfulness: Stay in the present and avoid overthinking about things you can’t change in the past. Retrospection is good, but you can revisit the past without living there. Mindfulness can help you stay grounded and come back to the present when you need to.

Strengthen an Affirmations Habit: Affirmations are powerful tools for manifestation. During Mercury retrograde, reaffirm your intentions with positive, present-tense affirmations. Visualise your intended outcomes with firm conviction. Even if things seem to go wrong.

Cultivate Flexibility: Mercury retrograde can bring unexpected changes. Cultivate flexibility in your plans and outlook. Accepting change with an open heart helps you to pivot smoothly and capitalise on changing circumstances.

Gratitude and Positivity: Keep a gratitude notebook to help you focus on the good things in your life. Gratitude enhances your vibrational frequency, which increases your manifesting capacity.

Connect with Intuition: During this phase, trust your intuition. It’s a time when insights and guidance from within can be very powerful. Tune in to your inner wisdom when making decisions related to your manifestations.

Remember, Mercury retrograde is an opportunity for growth and transformation. By connecting your mindset with positive energies and remaining open to the lessons this phase brings, you can harness its unique energy to enhance your manifesting abilities. Stay patient, grounded, and committed to your goals, and watch as the universe conspires to make your dreams a reality.



Crystals to Magnify your Manifesting

Crystals for Manifesting Magic


First things first – you don’t need crystals to manifest your dreams. Not a single one!

But working with manifesting and laws of abundance and attraction can be helped along with certain tools such as affirmations and journaling and, yes, Crystals. These are just some of the ways you can choose to amplify and anchor your manifesting vibration.

There are different crystals to support mindset, visualisation and gratitude. And there are different crystals which help to attract the type of thing you are manifesting. Then there are crystals which help to grow your abundance and help you reach for that bigger goal, and why not?

Luck and Attraction Crystals


Citrine is the most widely used. If you want to attract money, you can keep it in your purse. Have one in the wealth corner of your house. Keep one in your cash box if you are in business. Touch it regularly, and keep up the gratitude.  One thing I would say is that any sort of Citrine will do, but if it is in your wealth corner, have a tumbled or polished one rather than raw, as in Feng Shui and other traditions, the roughness can disturb the flow of money energy. It works just as well if it’s a heat-treated amethyst or a natural Citrine, too – as it’s all about intention.

Jade works in a similar way to Citrine. Pop it in your purse, and away you go. But with both, keep your mind focused on the main thing you want to manifest because you will definitely get lots of little wins along the way.

Tiger’s Eye is a very lucky stone with golden stripes that resonate with wealth and abundance.

Stones For a Manifesting Mind-Set


Green Aventurine balances the energies of the head and heart. It is known to be lucky and works well with affirmations and intentions. It combines the wholehearted desire for the thing with the mindset that knows it can be done.

Fluorite or Clear Quartz for clarity. A clear vision and focus will help you immensely, and these are two crystals that can give you that clarity.

Pyrite is a metallic grey/gold/stone and has yellow-ray energy. It is a powerful protector and, with its strength, can help us to manifest and attract wealth through our own power and efforts, keeping us grounded so that we can focus on our goals.

Carnelian. This gorgeous orange stone helps to flush away any mental blocks we have to manifesting. Giving us physical energy it helps to keep our vibration high.

Tiger’s Eye again falls into this category because it helps us with visualisation and focus. Rutilated quartz helps with our focus too.

Rose quartz. Because loving yourself unconditionally means you accept you are worthy of abundance. It also promotes gratitude which is a big mindset tool in manifesting.

Angellite is also helpful for gratitude, as is yellow or green Apatite.


Stones to Support Your BIG Idea


Green Moss Agate is all about fertility and growth, a flourishing home, bank balance and body. Everything increases with the protection and help of Mother Earth.

Labradorite is the stone of synchronicities and possibilities. No idea is too far-fetched when working with labradorite, and nothing is a coincidence. It’s meant to be. It helps us to attract the surprise meeting or event that leads to success. And it helps us to see the synchronicities as well, and when we notice them, we are keeping our gratitude up and our eye on the goal we want to manifest.


I hope you find this useful. Perhaps you could get one or two and make yourself a little manifesting kit?

Feel free to ask me any questions and let me know how you get on with your manifesting crystals.

Crystal Elixirs

Image Credit Sutulo from Pixabay

What is an elixir?

An elixir is water that has absorbed the crystalline energies of crystals. It thus contains the essences of those crystals within it. It is believed that drinking an elixir passes on the strengths of the crystals to the human or animal drinking it. This water is considered to boost health as well as spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

So how do you make an elixir?

Indirect Method (preferred)

Place the crystals in a small glass or jar, and then place the glass jar into another larger glass container that holds the water. OR Place your filled water container in a bowl or on a dish, with the crystals around it. You could even place a crystal necklace or bracelet around a water container for the same effect. Loosely cover the water container. Do not stir.

It can be placed on or near a windowsill to absorb moonlight/sunlight energy too, 24 hours is typical, but just a few hours will work well.

Once your elixir is ready, decant some into your glass or water bottle and top up with your usual water. You can save the rest in the fridge for later use, up to 24 hours.

MOST crystals are suitable for an elixir with this method. (However, some strong crystals, such as moldavite and ruby, should be avoided).

Direct Method

Cleanse your crystals AND wash them thoroughly.

Place a crystal or gem in distilled water, boiled cooled tap water or spring water. The water should cover the crystal totally.

Use a glass container. Loosely cover or use a lid, but do not stir.

It can be placed on or near a windowsill to absorb moonlight/sunlight energy too, 24 hours is typical, but just a few hours will work well.

Once your elixir is ready, decant some into your glass drinking bottle and top up with your regular water. You can save the rest in the fridge for later use, up to 24 hours.

CARE: Not all crystals are suitable for making an elixir with this method. Some are too soft or semi-soluble, and others can contain toxic chemicals that can leach out into the water.

Raw or Tumbled? 

EITHER is usually fine, but remember that both should be washed thoroughly before use in a direct elixir.

Which crystals are definitely safe in a direct method elixir? 

Clear quartz, rose quartz, amethyst, citrine and carnelian.

Enjoy your experiments, keep a note of what crystals work best for you, and let me know how you get on.

Crystal Healing for Pets

How to Use Crystals to Heal Your Animal Companion

First of all, cleanse your crystals using your own method or one of the simple technique here.

Animals enjoy crystal healing, but they are very sensitive to the vibrations so always remember, less is more.

Position under or near your pet’s bed.

Choose just one to start with and build up, but no more than three. You can put the stones in a pouch if you like, but make sure they are out of the way so as not to cause discomfort. Always start with one and build up to more if you think your pet is sleeping well with the energy. Take note of what crystals and when you placed them so that you can find out which crystals benefit your animal the most.

Directional healing 

This can be useful for physical ailments or general soothing. Start about 15 cm (6 inches)s away from the affected area, rotate the crystal clock-wise.  Go slowly, breathing gently and evenly.  Move the crystal a few cms closer if your friend wants more. Animals often show their feelings with movement, so they will move away if it isn’t suiting them.

Make a crystal elixir to add to their water:

Instructions can be found at this link.

CARE:  DO NOT ADD ALCOHOL and always use the indirect method for pets as a preference. 

Create a layout, web, mandala or circle of crystals around your pet

Animals will walk away from the crystals when they have had enough, but 10 minutes to half an hour is beneficial.

Which Crystals Could You Use?


Purple, translucent, Amethyst has a supreme calming effect on animals and humans alike. Very effective at soothing nervousness and anxiety. Amethyst can also be used to help heal arthritic conditions and is often used for alleviating pain in animals.

Rose Quartz

This gentle pink stone is one of the best crystals for animals and especially rescue pets. It helps all animals to accept love and companionship without associating it with fear. Opens the heart chakra to confidence and love and heals any past effects of trauma or abuse. Soothes muscular tension and strengthens bonds within a family group.

Leopardskin Jasper

With its animal print type markings, this is known as a stone for animals and particularly cats. It will strengthen and support the health of your pet’s regulatory functions and can be regenerative and rejuvenating. Used to make animals feel at home in strange places. Strengthens the bond between pets and children. Improves your telepathic connection with your animal companion.

Dalmation Stone

This fun, creamy stone with dark spots and splodges is an overall healer for all pets and animals,  it is an immune booster and detoxifying. It encourages relaxed play and boosts other healing methods when needed. Dalmatian stone encourages faith and loyalty and is super-protective.

Green Aventurine

All aventurines, but especially green, will initiate a deep energetic and physical purification of your pet’s aura and body. It boosts general health and especially works for pets with an unidentified mild weakness or intermittent ailment.


This blue stone with white markings has a special affinity with animals. It builds a bridge of awareness between you and your animal companion. Your connection and communication will deepen, and you will enjoy life together all the more.

Selenite – Light Bringer and Moon Lover

Beautiful Selenite

Selenite glows with an inner beauty and shimmery moon magic. Named after Selene, the Greek Goddess of the moon, this light-bringer resonates with the moon in all her phases.

Selenite is one of the highest vibrational stones and assists Angelic and higher realms communication. Cleansing the aura of negative energies and entities, it balances and boosts the Crown and Soul Star chakras, but can be used for all chakras with its pure white light. It is the most powerful stone for opening the crown and third eye chakras.

Point a wand or place a piece of selenite on your third eye and you can instantly feel the powerful effects.

Meditate with Selenite for a truly relaxed yet connected experience.

Selenite is protective and amplifies positive energy, shielding the space in which it works and promoting a peaceful home. It can be used to power up and amplify a protective or manifesting grid.

It is excellent for cutting cords, Self cleansing, and cleanses and energises other crystals. (But cleanse when it first enters the home, like all crystals.)

If you want to browse the selenite in stock right now, just click the link.

Introvert and Proud – Three Crystals that Let YOU be YOU

Are you an introvert? I am.

Does that seem strange? I have a website, many social media channels and I can more and more be seen on video and even live-streaming, so obviously I’m an extravert right? Nah.

Extroverts (or extraverts) are widely accepted to be sociable, gregarious, talkative and energetic, whereas introverts are expected to be more reserved, shy and solitary. Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst viewed these two types as not only on a continuum but much more blended than others and this is how I feel too.

We all have traits of both types, but some are more dominant at one end of the continuum than others. In many of us, as we grow up and realise that being shy can put us at a disadvantage, we behave in a more outgoing way, even though inside we are still shy. Yep, that’s me.

Many empaths and lightworkers are introverts in many ways. They get exhausted by busy places and social situations. They enjoy socialising because they love people. But at the same time, they often prefer not to, because it takes so much mental and emotional energy.

“Introverts are capable of acting like extroverts for the sake of work they consider important, people they love, or anything they value highly.”

Susan Cain , Author of “Quiet,: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking”

Susan Cain sums it up for me perfectly. I will act like an extrovert to spend time with people I love, and to share my love of, for example, crystals. I actually love teaching. And whilst it is very scary for me to stand up in a room full of people, if that’s for sharing knowledge and helping people learn and grow, it’s worth it. Whereas put me in a room full of friends and acquaintances and expect me to make small talk and I feel drained, awkward and shy.

It’s totally OK to be an introvert. Whether an outwardly shy or outwardly friendly introvert! I’m a hugger, I like to meet new people, but preferably a few at a time. I do go to big events, whether concerts, Mind Body Spirit events or big family gatherings and yes, I enjoy them. But being an introvert I just don’t manage as much or for as long as someone more extroverted would.

So, am I going to suggest crystals to help you “get over your introversion” or to “cure” you? Absolutely not!

I was really surprised when reading my crystal books that so many of the crystals recommended are for overcoming introversion. What I want is something that will be my friend when I’m embracing that side of me, but also give me a boost when I have to socialise or other types of “people-ing”.

Black tourmaline is a super friend to introverts.

Black Tourmaline

It is super protective and acts as a shield against chaotic environments and negative energies. It transmutes and cleanses negative energies into positive so it is also very helpful after being in a busy environment. Whilst “people-ing” it allows us to less bombarded and calmer. It keeps us grounded and feeling safe and steady.

Blue lace agate is all about self-expression.

Blue Lace Agate

It helps us to communicate our feelings and thoughts more freely and clearly. It helps conversation flow when it has to, but more importantly gives us the words and grace to speak our truth and gracefully say no when we need to.

Tiger’s Eye is the best of both worlds.

Tiger’s Eye

It gives us grounding and protection, yet with it’s golden stripes boosts our self-confidence as well. It uplifts our mood as well as our energy., but orders our thoughts and helps us feel in control. As a stone of wisdom and abundance too, it’s a definite win-win.

Are you an introvert? Maybe an outward extrovert but inwardly introverted? Let me know your top tips for nurturing your lovely self and protecting your space.

Apache Tear

Apache Tear. Apache Tear
The term “Apache tears” refers to naturally formed, small round pebbles or nodules of black or dark coloured obsidian or volcanic glass.
The natural pebbles are often dented, pockmarked and imperfect. They can be obtained in a more polished form, but in natural state they look opaque but are more translucent inside.
These unique stones originate in the western United States, especially Arizona and Nevada. Apache tears have a special connection to the mythology of the Apache culture, and also to the ability to recover from grief. They work in a gentler, steadier way to other forms of black obsidian but still a powerful healer of grief and will bring emotions forward slowly and only as far as working through them will help.
Strongly protective in both psychic and physical ways, and especially for travellers.
Chakra: Root, heart.
Element: Fire, earth
Zodiac: Scorpio, Aries.
Physical: Clears toxins, aids muscle spasms. Large, natural pieces in the shop now for £4, or if you have an open box with me, drop me a message.

Natural Apache Tear

Sunstone: Bringer of Warmth and Light

This lovely peachy orange stone, with warm golden sparkles, resonates with and activates the sacral chakra.

It helps us to awaken to our purpose in life and have confidence following that purpose.

Energising and optimistic, it brings the enlivening energies of the sun into gloomy winter days so is especially useful to support seasonal affective disorder or any winter slump.

Sunstone relieves feelings of stress and is especially useful in meditation.

Being of the golden ray, Sunstone attracts abundance.

This sacral chakra powerhouse awakens the body’s own spiritual and physical healing tools.

To alleviate winter blues and seasonal affective disorder, charge on a sunny windowsill for a little while whenever you can, and keep with you, handling as much as possible.

CHAKRA: Sacral




Apophyllite – The Light Connection

Usually clear, white or grey, this apophyllite has a pyramidal or cubic shape and is often used as points or natural clusters. Rarer colours are available, mainly various shades of green.

Element: Wind

Chakras: Crown and Third eye.

In brief: Lifts the veil.

Apophyllite cluster, photo Mo Prowse. Mandala grid board courtesy of Chakra Doodles by Julie Frost

Most helpful in meditation, healing or psychic work, it opens our connection to other dimensions, particularly the higher realms and universal source energy.

It helps us bring light and channel light energy so it is a lovely stone for healing rooms and altars. It dispels negativity in all forms and is therefore a wonderful mineral to have in any home.

Its light energy attracts angels and guides while its purity protects both our outer space and inner spiritual landscape.

In energy attunements and healing work it emanates pure loving energy and just keeps going. It opens you up so you can be an even better conduit for the energies to flow. It maintains a steady flow and yet keeps unwanted energetic cords from attaching.

In my view it is the ultimate Reiki stone.

In meditation it helps us to be open to and interpret the messages and visions we connect with and understand what we need to do for our highest good. It enables us to meditate for longer, or deeper whichever is best for us and brings enlightening discoveries.


Green apophyllite:

Elements: Earth and wind

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye and Heart.

Especially connected to the world of nature and helps us to connect to nature spirits and communicate with animals and plants.

Helps us in any nature work whether restoring wild places, outdoor meditation spaces or herbal and witchraft work.

Crystals for Business

Why use crystals in your business?

Crystals, like all other natural substances, are energy and vibrate on a specific frequency. The right stone can help you align your own vibration to your business goals and needs.  It can change or protect the energy in your workspace or business premises; add power to your affirmations and strengthen your mindset. Crystals can work with you to help attract joy, luck and abundance. Here are just a few biz areas where you can turn to crystals for support:

Creativity, inspiration, confidence, self belief, cash flow, overwhelm, communications, collaboration, planning and processes.

Let’s look at some crystals that can align your vibrations to get results and help you and your business thrive.

Citrine: Known as the lucky stone, lovely yellow citrine has traditionally been used by merchants to attract money and success. Keep one in your cashbox, your purse or wallet, or near your computer if you trade online.

Other benefits of citrine are increased motivation and energy, joyfulness and zest for life.

Tiger’s Eye: This protective brown stone with its flashy golden stripes is full of confidence and courage. It helps us step into our power and own it. Tiger’s eye enhances integrity, willpower,  self-confidence and practicality. You’ll find skills you never knew you had, or value and accept the skills you already have.

Other benefits of Tiger’s eye are wealth attraction, and success in business negotiations.

Fluorite:  This semi-translucent stone comes in a variety of colours, most often greens and purples. It brings clarity of thought and helps us with planning. order out of chaos and is most often chosen by those with multiple responsibilities to protect from overwhelm.  If it all feels a bit much sometimes just pick up or touch your stone to feel better.

Amethyst: This purple stone is one of the master healers. It works with our intellect and intuition, helping us tune our natural intelligence into business “savvy-ness”. It sharpens that gut feeling of when something is right for your business or not. It boosts the imagination, helping us to make creative decisions and bring forth ideas.

Leopardskin Jasper: Mottled earthy stone with animal-print like markings. Importantly, it supports strength and vitality. It promotes Business Success, collaboration and teamwork. This works whether it is an internal team or helping us work with external partners for mutual benefit. This jasper helps us devise sensible, workable processes and its grounding effect helps us to embed them. It is grounding and soothing when dealing with busy, high energy situations.

Sodalite: This blue stone with white markings is a stone of communication. It helps us be clear and confident in all our business communications, whether face to face, marketing, social media or official documents. It is also useful in legal matters, helping us understand and indeed, if necessary obtain justice.

Here’s a quick reference to help you.

Luck, attracting success, Cashflow, motivation Citrine
Confidence, courage, self-belief, motivation,
Tiger’s Eye
Overwhelm, crisis management, planning
and organisation
Creativity and Inspiration, intuition,
Business Acumen, Processes, Teamwork,
Leopardskin jasper
Communications, Clarity, Legal, Marketing,
Social Media

There are many others that can help, especially with abundance and success. But the list above is a great start and easy to obtain.

Will buying or using crystals magically sort your business? No, probably not, but will learning to use crystals in a simple way to support your business help you crack those targets? I believe it will and it’s quite inexpensive to find out.

Crystal metaphysical information is intended for entertainment only.

Always happy to answer questions, Love, Mojo xx

Crystals for Business