Introvert and Proud – Three Crystals that Let YOU be YOU

Are you an introvert? I am.

Does that seem strange? I have a website, many social media channels and I can more and more be seen on video and even live-streaming, so obviously I’m an extravert right? Nah.

Extroverts (or extraverts) are widely accepted to be sociable, gregarious, talkative and energetic, whereas introverts are expected to be more reserved, shy and solitary. Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst viewed these two types as not only on a continuum but much more blended than others and this is how I feel too.

We all have traits of both types, but some are more dominant at one end of the continuum than others. In many of us, as we grow up and realise that being shy can put us at a disadvantage, we behave in a more outgoing way, even though inside we are still shy. Yep, that’s me.

Many empaths and lightworkers are introverts in many ways. They get exhausted by busy places and social situations. They enjoy socialising because they love people. But at the same time, they often prefer not to, because it takes so much mental and emotional energy.

“Introverts are capable of acting like extroverts for the sake of work they consider important, people they love, or anything they value highly.”

Susan Cain , Author of “Quiet,: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking”

Susan Cain sums it up for me perfectly. I will act like an extrovert to spend time with people I love, and to share my love of, for example, crystals. I actually love teaching. And whilst it is very scary for me to stand up in a room full of people, if that’s for sharing knowledge and helping people learn and grow, it’s worth it. Whereas put me in a room full of friends and acquaintances and expect me to make small talk and I feel drained, awkward and shy.

It’s totally OK to be an introvert. Whether an outwardly shy or outwardly friendly introvert! I’m a hugger, I like to meet new people, but preferably a few at a time. I do go to big events, whether concerts, Mind Body Spirit events or big family gatherings and yes, I enjoy them. But being an introvert I just don’t manage as much or for as long as someone more extroverted would.

So, am I going to suggest crystals to help you “get over your introversion” or to “cure” you? Absolutely not!

I was really surprised when reading my crystal books that so many of the crystals recommended are for overcoming introversion. What I want is something that will be my friend when I’m embracing that side of me, but also give me a boost when I have to socialise or other types of “people-ing”.

Black tourmaline is a super friend to introverts.

Black Tourmaline

It is super protective and acts as a shield against chaotic environments and negative energies. It transmutes and cleanses negative energies into positive so it is also very helpful after being in a busy environment. Whilst “people-ing” it allows us to less bombarded and calmer. It keeps us grounded and feeling safe and steady.

Blue lace agate is all about self-expression.

Blue Lace Agate

It helps us to communicate our feelings and thoughts more freely and clearly. It helps conversation flow when it has to, but more importantly gives us the words and grace to speak our truth and gracefully say no when we need to.

Tiger’s Eye is the best of both worlds.

Tiger’s Eye

It gives us grounding and protection, yet with it’s golden stripes boosts our self-confidence as well. It uplifts our mood as well as our energy., but orders our thoughts and helps us feel in control. As a stone of wisdom and abundance too, it’s a definite win-win.

Are you an introvert? Maybe an outward extrovert but inwardly introverted? Let me know your top tips for nurturing your lovely self and protecting your space.

Apache Tear

Apache Tear. Apache Tear
The term “Apache tears” refers to naturally formed, small round pebbles or nodules of black or dark coloured obsidian or volcanic glass.
The natural pebbles are often dented, pockmarked and imperfect. They can be obtained in a more polished form, but in natural state they look opaque but are more translucent inside.
These unique stones originate in the western United States, especially Arizona and Nevada. Apache tears have a special connection to the mythology of the Apache culture, and also to the ability to recover from grief. They work in a gentler, steadier way to other forms of black obsidian but still a powerful healer of grief and will bring emotions forward slowly and only as far as working through them will help.
Strongly protective in both psychic and physical ways, and especially for travellers.
Chakra: Root, heart.
Element: Fire, earth
Zodiac: Scorpio, Aries.
Physical: Clears toxins, aids muscle spasms. Large, natural pieces in the shop now for £4, or if you have an open box with me, drop me a message.

Natural Apache Tear

Sunstone: Bringer of Warmth and Light

This lovely peachy orange stone, with warm golden sparkles, resonates with and activates the sacral chakra.

It helps us to awaken to our purpose in life and have confidence following that purpose.

Energising and optimistic, it brings the enlivening energies of the sun into gloomy winter days so is especially useful to support seasonal affective disorder or any winter slump.

Sunstone relieves feelings of stress and is especially useful in meditation.

Being of the golden ray, Sunstone attracts abundance.

This sacral chakra powerhouse awakens the body’s own spiritual and physical healing tools.

To alleviate winter blues and seasonal affective disorder, charge on a sunny windowsill for a little while whenever you can, and keep with you, handling as much as possible.

CHAKRA: Sacral




Apophyllite – The Light Connection

Usually clear, white or grey, this apophyllite has a pyramidal or cubic shape and is often used as points or natural clusters. Rarer colours are available, mainly various shades of green.

Element: Wind

Chakras: Crown and Third eye.

In brief: Lifts the veil.

Apophyllite cluster, photo Mo Prowse. Mandala grid board courtesy of Chakra Doodles by Julie Frost

Most helpful in meditation, healing or psychic work, it opens our connection to other dimensions, particularly the higher realms and universal source energy.

It helps us bring light and channel light energy so it is a lovely stone for healing rooms and altars. It dispels negativity in all forms and is therefore a wonderful mineral to have in any home.

Its light energy attracts angels and guides while its purity protects both our outer space and inner spiritual landscape.

In energy attunements and healing work it emanates pure loving energy and just keeps going. It opens you up so you can be an even better conduit for the energies to flow. It maintains a steady flow and yet keeps unwanted energetic cords from attaching.

In my view it is the ultimate Reiki stone.

In meditation it helps us to be open to and interpret the messages and visions we connect with and understand what we need to do for our highest good. It enables us to meditate for longer, or deeper whichever is best for us and brings enlightening discoveries.


Green apophyllite:

Elements: Earth and wind

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye and Heart.

Especially connected to the world of nature and helps us to connect to nature spirits and communicate with animals and plants.

Helps us in any nature work whether restoring wild places, outdoor meditation spaces or herbal and witchraft work.

Crystals for Business

Why use crystals in your business?

Crystals, like all other natural substances, are energy and vibrate on a specific frequency. The right stone can help you align your own vibration to your business goals and needs.  It can change or protect the energy in your workspace or business premises; add power to your affirmations and strengthen your mindset. Crystals can work with you to help attract joy, luck and abundance. Here are just a few biz areas where you can turn to crystals for support:

Creativity, inspiration, confidence, self belief, cash flow, overwhelm, communications, collaboration, planning and processes.

Let’s look at some crystals that can align your vibrations to get results and help you and your business thrive.

Citrine: Known as the lucky stone, lovely yellow citrine has traditionally been used by merchants to attract money and success. Keep one in your cashbox, your purse or wallet, or near your computer if you trade online.

Other benefits of citrine are increased motivation and energy, joyfulness and zest for life.

Tiger’s Eye: This protective brown stone with its flashy golden stripes is full of confidence and courage. It helps us step into our power and own it. Tiger’s eye enhances integrity, willpower,  self-confidence and practicality. You’ll find skills you never knew you had, or value and accept the skills you already have.

Other benefits of Tiger’s eye are wealth attraction, and success in business negotiations.

Fluorite:  This semi-translucent stone comes in a variety of colours, most often greens and purples. It brings clarity of thought and helps us with planning. order out of chaos and is most often chosen by those with multiple responsibilities to protect from overwhelm.  If it all feels a bit much sometimes just pick up or touch your stone to feel better.

Amethyst: This purple stone is one of the master healers. It works with our intellect and intuition, helping us tune our natural intelligence into business “savvy-ness”. It sharpens that gut feeling of when something is right for your business or not. It boosts the imagination, helping us to make creative decisions and bring forth ideas.

Leopardskin Jasper: Mottled earthy stone with animal-print like markings. Importantly, it supports strength and vitality. It promotes Business Success, collaboration and teamwork. This works whether it is an internal team or helping us work with external partners for mutual benefit. This jasper helps us devise sensible, workable processes and its grounding effect helps us to embed them. It is grounding and soothing when dealing with busy, high energy situations.

Sodalite: This blue stone with white markings is a stone of communication. It helps us be clear and confident in all our business communications, whether face to face, marketing, social media or official documents. It is also useful in legal matters, helping us understand and indeed, if necessary obtain justice.

Here’s a quick reference to help you.

Luck, attracting success, Cashflow, motivation Citrine
Confidence, courage, self-belief, motivation,
Tiger’s Eye
Overwhelm, crisis management, planning
and organisation
Creativity and Inspiration, intuition,
Business Acumen, Processes, Teamwork,
Leopardskin jasper
Communications, Clarity, Legal, Marketing,
Social Media

There are many others that can help, especially with abundance and success. But the list above is a great start and easy to obtain.

Will buying or using crystals magically sort your business? No, probably not, but will learning to use crystals in a simple way to support your business help you crack those targets? I believe it will and it’s quite inexpensive to find out.

Crystal metaphysical information is intended for entertainment only.

Always happy to answer questions, Love, Mojo xx

Crystals for Business

New Moon Crystal Blessing

You can use this simple ritual to bless the month ahead or to anchor and strengthen your intentions.

You may wish to set your intentions first and write them down so that you are not searching for words when it is time.

Read these suggestions through a couple of times before you start.

Choose a crystal which is important to you. Perhaps your birth stone, or a pretty specimen or just one you love. Size doesn’t  matter, but not too tiny as you want to be able to see it.

Cleanse the crystal in your usual way, or simply by blowing over the whole surface, intending that any non-serving energy is taken away and transformed into good.

Sit quietly (or stand) with your stone for a few moments and move your focus away from outside influences, just you and your crystal. Ask your crystal to work with you and the power of the New Moon.

Be aware of your body. With your feet flat on the floor, visualise strong woody roots twisting down into mother earth and anchoring you in safety and love.

Now hold your crystal above your head and see a pure white light flooding down from it, enclosing you in a bubble of love and protection. This divine light floods through your entire aura and chakra column, dissolving any worries, negativity and uneasiness.

As you bring your crystal down towards your heart chakra, keep that light bubble around you.

State your blessing. Make it personal and don’t get hung up on the words. For example.” May the Moon bless my home night and day in all her phases and cycles.”

If you wish, you can now set your intention for the lunar month. Use positive and present language with gratitude.

For example “With love and gratitude and the power of the moon, I am manifesting the ideal apartment.”

Then, thank the Moon and your crystal and place the crystal somewhere you can see it throughout the month. Give it a quick cleanse as often as you can.

Make sure you are still grounded before you do anything else.

Top Tips

  • You can do this with two crystals, keep one with you and one on display.
  • If you have written down your blessing and/or intention, you can keep the paper with the crystal, but it isn’t necessary.
  • If you have no crystal at all, you can do this purely with visualisation.

Four Easy Ways to Use Crystals

OK, so you have been bitten by the crystal bug and your collection has started to grow. They’re pretty and attractive, you know how to cleanse them and you think you feel something from them, but what next?

(If you’re not sure how to cleanse your crystals here’s a helpful post)

Well, the first thing is, you don’t have to do ANYTHING with them. If you just enjoy them for how they look and feel, that’s fine.

If you want to get a bit more out of your crystals here are just a few simple ways you can get more assistance from your amethyst or more zap from your zoisite.

  • 1. Carry or wear them: This is the most  beneficial way of getting the crystal energy you need at any given moment. Whether nestled in your jeans pocket, in a corner of your purse, snugly in your bra or wearing them as jewellery,  having the crystals close to your body and in your personal space is just fabulous. It keeps the vibration of the crystal aligned to you and your aura (energy field) and you to it. Just use your intuition to choose one or more crystals for the day and away you go. It’s easy to do – handle or look at your stones and you will be drawn to one or more. You can also use a pendulum to choose which, how many and for how long you need them, but simply picking your gem from a bowl will do just fine.
  • 2. Meditate with crystals: No, don’t panic if you don’t or feel you can’t meditate. Meditating with crystals is so easy to do. And even if you get distracted, you will still have the benefit from being with the crystal. The simplest way is to spend a few minutes just sitting quietly with your crystal, gazing at it, turning it over in your hands and just going with the flow. Here are some more tips for a really lovely crystal meditation.
  • 3. Place around the home or workspace: To me there is nothing nicer than being able to see and sense crystals as I work, relax or rest. I love going into a home where crystals are around, there is always a nice feel. Certain crystals such as Rose Quartz or Amethyst keep a loving, happy and healing vibe around the home. Others such as black tourmaline or shungite, can protect us from negative energies and even the energy waves from electronic devices.
  • 4. Give them away: (Shock! Horror!) No, I’m not advocating giving away all your lovely collection! But crystals do make a lovely gift and if you concentrate on the recipient when choosing and let the crystals hook up with your intuition you can get just the thing they need or want (even if they didn’t know). I do give away lots from my personal collection too, so if you find yourself looking at a lovely green malachite and thinking of your friend Susan, then perhaps Susan needs a little random act of crystal kindness. (Don’t forget to give her a few cleansing tips too if she is new to crystals.)

So there you have it, 4 easy ways to get the most from your crystals. Do let me know what you think, and which crystals you love to have around you.

And if you’d like to buy a crystal as a gift, here’s my shop for some ideas.

Much love,


Optical Calcite – Clear “Sight”

This is a clear rhombohedra shaped crystal that can look like a sparkling ice cube. Sometimes there is a golden or yellow tint.

Looking through it, we see two images and this for me is one of its most useful energies. It helps us to see the truth clearly, especially our own truth and crucially, when people are being duplicitous.

This sparkly clean crystal helps remove energy blockages and activate sluggish or dormant chakras. Working with it for a few days at a time is the best way to do this. Keep it near you during the day and when you can, place it near each chakra in turn just for a few seconds.

Optical Calcite is also known as Iceland Spar. It is known  to awaken spiritual connection and amplifies all spiritual work as well as the power of ritual and other crystals.It keeps our connections pure, both spiritual and earthly. Elementally, it contains the energies of wind, fire and ice. In dream-work and using the clairs,(clair-sentience, clair-audience, clairvoyance) it can make our experience and visualisations more vivid.

It stimulates the metabolism and supports weight loss especially where it is caused by comfort eating and where we might not be being true to ourselves. That is, it helps us to see the truth of why we are eating/drinking/taking something, so that we can begin to heal.

With it’s simple clarity and cutting through waffle, it eases the learning of difficult subjects.

It is said that due to its prismatic effect, the Vikings used it for navigation. You may feel a Viking connection in some pieces. As with other calcites, it is good for bones and teeth.

Crystals to Help with Studying and Exams

I’m often asked for crystals to help with studying and with taking exams. I think that there are several things to look at here, including focus, and memory. But also including the communication skills to express the learnings and show true understanding. Emotions need to be supported too. Here are a few suggestions.


This silvery stone is a deep red inside and resonates with the root chakra. It brings focus, concentration, determination and a feeling of being more grounded and in control.


This green translucent stone is known for bringing clarity. It cuts through confusion and helps to keep information ordered.


This purple stone enhances the memory and intellect. It is a master healer and comforting at all times.

Blue Lace agate

Pale blue, with white banding, this lovely stone brings emotional balance and calm and enables clear communication when listening, speaking or writing.


Vibrant blue stone with white markings is great for communicating our ideas and knowledge. It also helps with legal and process matters such as filling in forms correctly.


This yellow translucent stone boosts our energy and mood and brings luck and positivity.

Green Aventurine

Gorgeous green stone which balances head with heart. It also attracts good fortune and abundance.

Tiger’s Eye

Lovely warm brown stone with shining golden stripes. It is grounding and protective and brings courage and confidence. Meanwhile the golden flashes attract good things, luck and abundance.

Clear quartz

This clear stone brings additional clarity and also amplifies the effects of the other crystals.

If you would like to get the full set as above, programmed to support you in your studies and goals, including instructions, for £14, hit the button below.

Top Tips for a Calmer Christmas


Even if you love Christmas, the build-up can be stressful. If you are the chief organiser it is often even worse. Here are just a few ideas to help you sail through.

A bit of woo! It’s a great time to have some energy work, such as Reiki or clearing or do some EFT tapping, lots of this can be done remotely so you don’t have to travel and really helps keep you on an even keel.

Mindfulness or other meditation: At this busy time, don’t beat yourself up trying to “do it properly” get a free app on your phone or tablet, or stream a free audio meditation. Even 5 minutes is reviving and calming.

Crystals of course! They change your vibration and are decorative and easy to keep around. Here are my top Crystals to help things run more smoothly:

Fluorite:     This lovely green or purple translucent stone brings order out of chaos and is most often chosen by those with multiple responsibilities to protect from overwhelm.

Agate – This banded stone is calming and has a lovely slow vibration. It allows both adults and children to slow down and take a breath.

Chrysocolla – A lovely blue-green stone which is very balancing and soothes cluttered minds. Resonating with the heart it beams love, harmony and happiness into the home and is especially bonding for families.

Tiger’s eye – The beautiful golden stripes bring festive joy and yet keep the gang gently grounded. With your feet on the ground you can all appreciate the season but normal life and routines can still be supported to whatever extent you wish.

Rose Quartz – A little pink drop of love and appreciation. Spreads love all around, and reminds the main organiser that they matter too and a little time for self-care is always needed.

Snow Quartz – A pure white healer. Balances yin and yang, and gently aligns the chakras.  If anyone needs a little pick me up, it heals and boosts gently, as much as is required and no more. (Quite good after over indulgence).


Take some advice from a friend:

The lovely Emma, from  Emma Eilbeck Counselling and Personal Development   is a valued advisor and she also has these tips to share:

  • 1. Know that the glossy adverts are not real life. My family Christmas looks nothing like the branded million dollar advertising campaigns that we are bombarded with on television, and I bet your doesn’t either. Give yourself a festive break and let yourself off the hook! It doesn’t matter if the sprouts are soggy and the cat pukes under the tree just as you are serving your marks and Spencer dessert. This is real life and we are not living in the television adverts. Make room for the reality of your Christmas. Overtired kids, awkward relatives and the Christmas crackers that were not as.good as they looked on the box. Pause, breathe and know that the adverts are only that – adverts.
  • 2. My second top tip is to get something out of the day for you. Christmas can be a bit like a wedding day, blink and you’ve missed it. Often we are so busy with the “tasks” and “mediation” of the day that we get to bed feeling knackered and deprived of our own actual christmas. Whether it’s a quick Baileys in the bath or a walk with the dog, try and pick something just for you. When we give away too much of ourselves we can become resentful and agitated. As a busy mom I know my family will thank me more for having a 20 minute time out and keeping my sanity than a forced tenth round of trivial pursuit through gritted teeth. 

See more of Emma’s wisdom here: See Emma Eilbeck Counselling on Facebook and here: Emma’s Website

We have made our top crystals into a lovely kit that you can get as a supportive for yourself or other “Christmas Coordinators” in your life. And they come with pretty, festive bags so you can even incorporate them sneakily into your decor!

See the kit here!

Santa letter

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