What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry describes shapes and patterns that are considered special in various cultures. This sacredness has been attributed to patterns and shapes because so many natural things show these designs.

In ancient times, people seeing these patterns in nature, such as petals in a flower, repeating patterns in fern fronds or spirals in shells, concluded that the universe was designed to follow these shapes. In fact, as we now know, all matter on earth and in the universe is made up of regular patterns. Some of these we can see, such as a leaf or a snowflake under a microscope. Some we can’t, see without special tools, such as harmonic frequencies (e.g. music).


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Everything from the infinite universe to the tiniest atom is made up of patterns and has a unique energetic vibration. They are used in all our human endeavours from mathematics to art. For example, you may have heard of Fibonacci Sequences, used in maths and demonstrated beautifully in the shape of a flower. Similar ratios can be seen in religious or spiritual mandalas (in fact the word mandala means circle, one of the basic constructs of all sacred geometry, along with triangles and squares). All these principles repeated across “the heavens” and earth, have long been used as spiritual tools for meditation, prayer and manifestation. In all cultures, ancient and modern,  patterns based on simple geometric shapes have been incorporated into sacred and civic buildings and religious art.


(Photos: Mo Prowse)

Whether temples, flowers, snowflakes, mosques, music, mandalas or cathedrals, sacred patterns are there to be discovered and enjoyed.
Look out for these patterns and note where you are and how you feel when you see them.

Read More about Fibonacci numbers and flowers here:

A Quick Physical or Emotional Reset with Crystals

This is a great tip if you feel a bit off-kilter, sluggish or not quite yourself. It can be a quick pick-me-up emotionally too. However, it’s a great and easy way to practise regular self care at any time.

My favourite crystals for this exercise are: Carnelian, Amethyst or Unakite. But there are many others you can choose.

Make yourself comfortable in a place where you will not be disturbed. You can sit with your feet flat on the floor, or lie down. If sitting hold the crystal(s) in your hands. If lying down place the carnelian at the sacral chakra (about 2 inches or 5 cm below your belly button) or the unakite or amethyst at the heart. Take a deep breath in and exhale gently. As you exhale, feel yourself releasing any feelings or emotions that are not for your highest good. Continue to breathe slowly and deliberately in and out. Intend to release any unwanted energy each time you exhale, until all negative energy or feelings have been released. Take another deep breath in and feel the energy of the crystal begin to enter your physical body. Feel the uplifting healing energy of the crystal as it also strengthens your immune system. Continue to breathe in and out, while the allowing the warm light from the crystal to expand outward, until it fills your entire physical body. You may begin to feel floaty and warm, continue this breathing with your crystal, feeling the light energy begin to expand outside your body, until it has filled your entire aura with loving and healing energy. When you feel ready you can slowly open your eyes, wriggle about, shake your limbs about and drink a glass of water to ground yourself. Don’t worry if you fall asleep (as long as it is safe to do so), just have a glass of water when you wake up.

NOTE: I am not medically trained and this crystal exercise can only boost your immune system by working on your sense of wellbeing.

Kansas Pop Rocks (Boji™ Stones)


These are a concretion, laid down millions of years ago in sedimentary silt. They are said to come in pairs, one female and one male stone. The females are said to be more of a smooth sphere or oval shape and the males are rougher with sometimes protrusions. They have a powerful yet not intrusive energy and help to balance your female-male, yin-yang energies. However, some are androgynous and will work singly, incorporating the properties of each. They are mainly formed from pyrite, iron magnetite or marcasite with sometimes palladian and other minerals formed around a fossilised core.

They have strong grounding properties and are highly protective. They are sometimes called Shaman Stones, but not to be confused with moqui balls which are a different mineral composition and also sometimes called Shaman stones!


Where Do They Come From?

Kansas pop rocks are found in one area of Kansas only as far as we know. Near a pyramid shaped mountain which is now known as Boji mountain. The family which has trademarked the name Boji has a pet crow of the same name. When their daughter found the rocks, she thought they were the eggs of the crow. The owners of the trademark issue certificates of authenticity confirming each set was found as a pair in that location.  They are also sold as pop rocks in singles and in pairs, but would often be paired up by the seller. I feel that, like some other “paired” stones, they will pair themselves naturally if you buy them in bulk.


Key Metaphysical Properties

  • Balancing and aligning yin-yang, the auric field and chakra column
  • Physically energising without being over-stimulating
  • Fill the aura with positive energy
  • Elevate your level of intuition, so that you can protect yourself.
  • Removal of blockages
  • Increased cognition and clarity of the mind – improve memory
  • Assist the body’s natural regeneration.
  • Grounding – especially useful for star seeds and astral travellers


How To Use Them


  • Hold one in each hand during meditation.
  • It is said that we should hold the female stone in the left hand and the male in the right.
  • I believe we should use our intuition and see which feels best in which hand.
  • Place one in each pocket when channelling healing or spiritual messages
  • Place on or around the body where guided during healing practice.


  • Place around your healing room to guard yourself and your client.
  • To balance the male/female energies, and grounding place the smaller female stone at the crown chakra, and the other stone below the feet at the earth chakra. Lie down and relax for at least 10 minutes. If you can’t decide which is male and which is female, see which feels better at the head and which at the feet. The stones themselves will guide you.
  • Cleanse the energies in your usual way, but take care, they can disintegrate if left outside for long periods.
  • Can also disintegrate after shifting a lot of energy for you
  • Self-charging.
  • It is said that storing in pairs can neutralise the energy, I feel you need to keep them a couple of metres apart.
  • Sometimes, a pair will naturally roll towards or away from each other and you may feel a magnetic pull.


Crystal Charged Water


Crystal charged water. This is different from an elixir – it’s much simpler and quicker, but you can still get fantastic results. All you need is a clean glass of water, a flat surface and your chosen crystals. You can choose to place the glass on a mandala, or sacred geometry to add an extra energetic boost. You can choose filtered water if you wish (I chose tap water for this occasion).

First of all, cleanse your crystals and ground/centre and protect yourself. Hold your crystals for a short while and focus on your intention for the water. Then place your glass of water on a flat surface and arrange your crystals in any formation you are guided to. You can use all the same crystal or a set of different stones. Leave it for a few minutes or up to half an hour. Cover your glass if you feel it necessary. Then, thank the crystals and drink your water. For the pictured glass, I chose Blue Kyanite and a grid print of Metatron’s Cube (Sacred Geometry). My intention was to balance my chakras and auric field and keep my physical energy levels up. I made 3 glasses of this water to drink 3 times today along with other drinks. Not only do I feel great, I know from past experience that repeating this daily will make me look more healthy too.


1. Use a covered jug and once charged, keep in fridge and decant as needed.

2. Pop a stretchy crystal bracelet around your glass or water bottle.

3. Use a polished crystal slice as a coaster for your drink.

Give it a try, let me know what you think?


Happy Travels – Six Amazing Crystals for a Safe and Happy Journey

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Here’s a question I saw on Facebook the other day. “Would you rather travel every day for the rest of your life, or never be able to travel?”  One of the answers was, “I’d love never to have to travel – I get anxious and peopled-out!” 

I get it, I do! I always think I enjoy traveling and I love to plan and book a holiday. Then as it gets nearer the mind-monkeys start with the what-ifs and planning stress and worse. On the actual journey the anxiety and overwhelm used to spoil it completely. But over the years I’ve developed a full kit of tools and strategies for the journey or holiday itself. This includes a well stocked Kindle and MP3 player for distraction, spare earphones and earplugs, spare glasses, handwipes, loose change, emergency cash, emergency snacks etc. The list gets longer as I get “wiser”. One of the items that always makes the list it crystals. I never, ever, travel without at least a few of them. They give me comfort, relieve anxiety and just keep everything on an even keel.

I’ve developed my own tried and tested crystal list that covers all types of travel and I call it my Happy Travels Kit . Here are my top six!


Relieves anxiety

This gorgeous lilac to deep pink/purple sparkly stone is soothing and calming. It is a powerful helper if you are feeling anxious, stressed or depressed or if you feel overwhelmed by picking up these emotions from others. It has a positive vibration that stimulates positive coincidence or synchronicity.

With its high lithium content it naturally gives off a vibration of calming energy and counteracts panic and worry. It can clear the chakras and meridians of unhealthy emotions.



Instantly soothing

Howlite is a beautiful white stone with fine grey marbling. It is very calming, brings patience and soothes trauma and anger. For instant stress relief, or to relieve panic, hold a piece to the third eye or heart and breathe slowly.

Blue Lace Agate

Balance and calm

Blue lace agate, a serene, pale blue colour with white banding,  provides balance and calm. It is soothing and relaxing. It eases frustration when arrangements go wrong or are delayed. This gentle, calming stone provides tranquil energy. As with all agates, blue lace agate is a protective stone. Its protective energies are gentle and subtle and it is a particular protector for children.

blue lace agate



This creamy stone resonates with the moon and its glow can be seen within. Traditionally used for safe travel especially when your journey takes you across or over water, Moonstone balances the heart and mind and helps you to see through worries to the evidence of safety. It gives comfort during stressful worry or health situations and promotes renewal and rebuilding.


Protection for travellers

Chiastolite is a warm brown stone with a natural black cross formation in its structure. It has long been regarded as a stone that is highly protective, especially for travellers and pilgrims. For long distance walks, drives or journeys, chiastolite is your friend. It also forms a protective bubble in the workplace, school, vehicle or place of business.

Chiastolite has a lovely friendly vibration and when you hold it in your hand you can easily feel its strong earthy energy. You will feel deeply connected to nature and this grounding aspect also helps you to adapt to change.

Resonating with the base or root chakra, it supports you in finding your own courage.


Protection for air travel

Malachite is a vibrant green stone with dark patterning  that resonates with nature and the natural realm It protects all journeys, especially air travel especially as it absorbs and transforms negative energies, toxins and pollutants from the body and the surrounding atmosphere. It guards against radiation and electromagnetic pollution and heals with loving earthy energies. Malachite can lessen the effects of  noise,  fluorescent or harsh  lighting, and  negativity  of all kinds.

It protects all journeys and travel, and  is super for adding your heart strength to any positive intentions, for example when visualising a safe trip.


If you want to get hold of the FULL kit ready made for you in a lovely pouch CLICK HERE!

happy travels

What do you think? Would this help you? What crystals or essential oils do you travel with?

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Citrine or Heat-treated Amethyst?

Citrine and Amethyst are types of quartz and have the same structure and a very similar energetic fingerprint. The vibrations are from the crystal itself and also the colour rays. You also get the energy from the ways they have been loved and used by many civilisations, ancient and modern.

Natural citrine is quite rare, but this beautiful, yellow, translucent stone can also be created by heat-treating,  Amethyst (and sometimes smoky quartz).

Does it matter?  Some people say so but in my opinion it doesn’t, especially if you know what you are getting. The metaphysical properties of heat-treated amethyst that has turned yellow are said to be the same as citrine. I have worked with both types of citrine and I would agree.


Both of these lovely crystals are created by mother earth using heat and gamma rays. To make amethyst into “citrine” all we are doing is adding more heat. This has been done for thousands of years and it doesn’t actually take that much.


Are they fakes? No. In the same way that some household goods and foods come to be known by their commercial name, heat-treated amethysts that turn citrine-coloured are called citrine because that is the job they do. Natural citrine is livelier, a bit stronger energetically, but mostly what you see is what you get.


How can we tell the difference? Sometimes it’s tricky but a simple rule of thumb is that natural citrine is very clear and only or mostly lemon with very little white. There may also be a price premium. You may also see citrine listed as “natural citrine” to highlight the difference and the rarity will attract a higher price,. However, take care as not all sellers even know there is a difference. Just because it says “natural” citrine doesn’t mean it is. But is it citrine? To me, yes it is.

Ten Crystals for Calm Healthy Sleep


Healthy sleep, as we know is important to our physical and emotional health. Just as not everyone gets the same amount of sleep, not everyone needs the same amount. But if we can’t fall asleep naturally, or if we wake often in the night, there are some crystals that can, I believe, give us a helping hand.

It can help first of all to use a pendulum or other energetic tools to find out how much sleep we do need as individuals. My pendulum helps me to know at different times in my life how many hours I might need, for example I definitely need more in the winter.

Having the right bedtime preparation can be a game-changer, and there are plenty of resources out there to help with that. Energy work and tools such as meditation, Reiki, or EFT (tapping) can help too.  Having the right crystal in the right place can make just as much difference.

However, having too many crystals in the bedroom can cause too much energetic “noise” and whilst there are techniques to quiet them, I recommend just having a select few. Again, you can use your pendulum, your own intuition or your connection with your crystals to decide which ones, how many and where they should be placed.

There are many crystals that can assist with all kinds of sleep problems and causes. You won’t need them all! Sometimes, they work well in various combinations, but have a look over this list and see which one or more fits your needs. There are many more, these are just a selection.

Amethyst – A Healing All-Rounder

Amethyst is the all-purpose healer and helps in balancing sleep patterns and insomnia no matter what the cause of the disturbance. It is attractive to look at, comforting to hold and can also be placed on the body or under the pillow  before sleep or while meditating.  For adults only, can be left in place on the body, during meditation or as you drift off to sleep. It enhances the effects of meditation and helps with all kinds of pain, especially headaches. Amethyst aligns your brain to its own calming vibrations. It will help balance your eating and drinking patterns, contributing to good sleep hygiene.


As it opens us up to our intuition it can give us useful clues about self care that can contribute to good sleep.

Keeping one in your personal space, or on your body during the day can help towards night time sleep. You could also grid the bed, by placing one under each corner, having expressed the clear intention that you are supported in your goals for a calm healthy sleep.


Moonstone – Peace on the Sea of Sleep

This is the one if your sleep disturbances are caused by emotional stress, sensitivity to the lunar cycle or by astral travelling. Moonstone is a very old remedy for calming emotional distress and relieving insomnia. It helps align your energies so that the phases of the moon are balancing and not disturbing. Moonstones are said to be protective to travellers, especially at night or across water and can help you come gently back if you “travel off” during sleep.

Moonstone works near the bed or under the pillow and can also be placed on the heart chakra or anywhere on bare skin to feel its soothing waves.


Smokey Quartz – Night-long protection

This dark, semi-translucent stone is protective 24 hours a day. It is of a particular help at night for its energetic protection and because it relieves and discourages nightmares. As it is one of the stones which protects against the disturbance caused by electro-magnetic fields it is good to keep nearby if you have computers, televisions or mobile telephones in the bedroom. Like amethyst and rose quartz it helps direct you smoothly through transitions in the phases of sleep.

Lepidolite – The Happiness Stone

This lilac to purply-pink stone with a gentle sparkle the best anti-anxiety stone. It helps to dissolve accumulated tension and to gently lift depression or low mood. Lepidolite also helps to promote feelings of well-being and trust, and protect against digestive issues. Holding this crystal in your hand during a stressful situation will help relax tense muscles and calm the emotions. You can use it during the day to help prevent muscle tension and emotional stress before bedtime. Keeping one in the bedroom over a number of days, has a cumulative uplifting effect on the mood and settling effect on sleep patterns.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz -Unconditional Love and  Relaxation

Rose quartz, is a stone of unconditional love and support. This gorgeous stone with its soft pink energy promotes relaxation and helps us drift off into a calm, happy sleep. Rose quartz builds a nest of love and enables us to feel calm and secure. It eases feelings of loneliness and helps guide us through the different phases of sleep. Rose quartz dissipates harsh energies and troubling thoughts.

Howlite -Instant Calm


This lovely white stone with grey marbling is the very best for instantly soothing panic attacks and stress. It soothes and relaxes a fidgety sleeper and smoothes out spiky moods. Howlite can ease all forms of restlessness such as restless legs. It provides a secure connection to the world, calms the emotions and banishes fear and anxiety. Used during the day its benefits carry forward to night time and can help when other people are the cause of the disturbance, soothing all parties.

Black Tourmaline -Deep Protection

Untitled design (5)
Black Tourmaline

This is the most protective and grounding of all crystals. It will keep negative energies out of the bedroom and provides a strong steady stream of relaxation and stability. Its calming and grounding waves work throughout the body and it is another one which can assist with restless legs or twitchiness. Like smoky quartz it repels electro magnetic pollutants and can lessen the effects of having your “tech” in the bedroom. Black tourmaline soothes and reduces night terrors and disturbing dreams.

Blue Lace Agate – Tranquility 

Blue lace agate, is soothing and relaxing. This gentle, calming stone provides tranquil energy. As with all agates, blue lace agate is a protective stone. Its protective energies are gentle and subtle and it is a particular protector for children. Agates have a slow and steady vibration and smooth out any outside disturbances.

Blue Lace Agate

Charoite – Deep Violet Sleep


Chaorite is a stone of the violet ray but it knows when to switch off. It deepens our bodies ability to heal itself and in the same way assists those who sleep too “lightly”. It can reduce sleepwalking and sleep talking, and cut down the number of times we wake during the night.


Sodalite – Quiet that Mind Chatter

One of the less commonly talked about crystals for sleep is the simple sodalite. It is a great stone for clear communication and encouraging us to speak our inner truth. In a related way, it bosses that mind chatter that we can get at night and stops the inner dialogue. Sodalite allows us to relax and know that the back and forth of tussling with mind chatter is not productive. It can also relax the physical body if placed near the feet, but to relax the mind and shut up the chatter, place near the head.


  • Limit the number of crystals in the bedroom.
  • Check in with yourself and your crystals frequently to make sure you still have the right combination.
  • Take the clear quartz out! Its high vibration amplifies the effects of other stones, that’s true, but it can also be too high and excitable for night time.
  • All of these crystals work well in combination with essential oils or even actual herbs and flowers such as lavender, chamomile, frankincense and more.

Working with Kate Spencer, I have made a crystal kit containing my top 4 of these stones combined with Kate’s  good night and good morning meditation bundle and a self-care class.

If you want to use the information above to make up your own kit, remember – not too many and do cleanse them before use!

Finally, I am not medically trained and all crystal explanations are intended as spiritual tools and entertainment. Please see a medical practitioner if you have a serious or ongoing sleep disorder.

Crystals and The Five Reiki Principles


Many Reiki practitioners view the five Reiki Precepts as an important part of their daily life. Sometimes they are called the Reiki principles or Reiki ideals.

It is easy to forget the principles when going about our busy lives, but when I remember, I find them really helpful for a sense of balance and mental wellbeing. In all honesty, I struggle with some of them of them a lot of the time, but as an aspiration, and particularly when used as affirmations, they are a wonderful tool for tranquility.

There are many interpretations of the Principles or Precepts, and this is the one I learnt when I first studied Reiki:

Just for today do not anger
Just for today do not worry
Honour your parents, teachers and elders
Earn your living honestly
Show gratitude to every living thing


All the versions have the same basic meaning: live in the present and be as good as you can be; regret, bitterness and worry will not change the past or alter the future: respect all people and all living things.

The principles are often turned into more modern and affirmative language:

Just for today, I will not be angry
Just for today, I will not worry
Just for today, I will be grateful
Just for today, I will do my work honestly
Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing

These work really well as a way to greet the new day – a calming and inspiring morning ritual.



For affirmations to work well for me in the moment, I need them structured in very positive and direct language, but it must also be my language:
Just for today, I am letting go of anger
Just for today, I am releasing worry
Just for today, I am grateful for all my blessings
Just for today, I am putting my best into all that I do
Just for today, I am kind to all living things, including myself
You don’t have to be working with Reiki to benefit from these; they work with every day life in a gentle, non-judgy way.
I often choose a crystal from my collection to anchor the affirmation, and keep it around me all day. You could choose one crystal per principle, or one to remind you that you are working towards all five goals.

In fact, some stones seem to echo the principles very closely.  A stone such as green aventurine or blue lace agate resonates with letting go of anger. Lepidolite and angelite make me think about releasing worry to the universe or the angels. Since citrine is a lucky stone, it could go hand in hand with gratitude. Apatite and labradorite work with gratitude too. Tiger Iron, ocean jasper and hematite for me are my “hard-working” stones, but sodalite is good here too, for honesty and integrity. Rose quartz, of course is all about kindness and remember that includes kindness to yourself.

However, for anchoring affirmations, I don’t think the traditional meanings of the stones are important. It could even be a pebble from the beach, as long as you hold it while saying the affirmation out loud and then keep it with you and touch or look at it often.


For a regular Monday Morning affirmation to get your week off to a good start and help you manifest an awesome week, please like my Facebook Page Mojolistic on Facebook
For More information about Reiki and the five principles, this is a great blog from Trudy Brookes What is Reiki?
Let me know how you use the five principles or how you use crystals to anchor other affirmations.
 Just for today… everyday, 

Much Love, Mojo xx

P.S. A Chakra set makes an ideal gift for someone who is interested in Reiki. We have a great quality set here with nine decent sized stones, instead of the usual 7 tiny ones. I use it as part of my own self-care and Reiki practice. Click here to view!

Cleansing your Crystals


Why we cleanse our crystals:

Crystals have their own energy but can also absorb a range of different energies that they are exposed to. These might be your own, or others who may have handled or moved them and transferred their energies and emotions into them. They can also be affected by world events and the environment. Not to say that these energies are negative or wrong, just that they are not yours and may not align with your intentions or use for that crystal.

It is important to note that energy can’t be deleted – it can only be moved or changed. Therefore intention is everything!  As you cleanse your crystals or place them to be cleansed, intend that any negative or stuck energy is removed and  transmuted or changed into good.

When to cleanse your crystals:

  • When you first get them.
  • When someone else has handled them.
  • About once a month.
  • Before using them for a new or particular intention or person.

How to cleanse your crystals:

  • Always with intention that any unwanted energies will removed and changed into good.
  • Breath: Blow gently across all sides of your crystal. (Watch where you are blowing towards, and intend that the cleansed energies are transmuted into good as above.)
  • Sound: strike tingsha bells, a singing bowl, a drum or chime over your crystals.
  • Moonlight: Leave on a windowsill or safely outside in the light of the full moon or a couple of days before or after. Even if it’s cloudy the full moon energies will work.
  • Reiki or other healing modalities – trust your healer’s intuition.
  • Smoke: Pass your crystal slowly through the rising smoke of incense or a smudging bundle.

There are other ways and you will hear of salt, rice, water and earth methods to name but a few. Some crystals are water soluble and can be damaged by water and earth methods. However, you should use whichever method you are most drawn to, as your intnetion and intuition is your best guide when working with crystals.


An Easy Guide to Natural Crystal Shapes

Crystals grow in regular patterns and often these patterns are apparent to the naked eye.

I’ve compiled a quick summary of some natural shapes, these mainly apply to the quartz family, such as amethyst, clear quartz and citrine.



A naturally faceted point at one end. Can be used to direct energy and activate grids and healing.

Double Terminated


A crystal with a point at each end. Be careful – Energy can run outwards in both directions either at different times or concurrently. Good for deepening meditation, can balance the chakras by being placed on the heart chakra vertically.






A slim point which narrows considerably towards the tip. Powerful at directing energy with pinpoint focus. Precise and surgical.



Two points that share a base or a common side. Love and harmony, blending your inner and outer world.






A cluster is a number of crystals or points that share a common base. It can be as few as three distinct points or many. Good for teamwork, purifying the environment and breaking up unwanted energies. Can spread crystal energies our in all directions.



Geode-Safe and sparkly

A geode is a cavity within a rock, lined with tiny crystals. It is caused by a bubble when the rock was formed and the crystals inside are deposited by the molten liquid flowing in and out of the cavity over time.

It has a protective and sheltered feeling, I often store my pendulums or other crystals inside. Collects and smoothes spiky energies.

Encourages harmony and teamwork.


A cluster or spread of tiny points on a matrix or in a crack or inside a geode. Sparkly and with a very gentle energy. Good for storing and charging other crystals. Gently scatter their energies around the space.