Crystals and The Five Reiki Principles


Many Reiki practitioners view the five Reiki Precepts as an important part of their daily life. Sometimes they are called the Reiki principles or Reiki ideals.

It is easy to forget the principles when going about our busy lives, but when I remember, I find them really helpful for a sense of balance and mental wellbeing. In all honesty, I struggle with some of them of them a lot of the time, but as an aspiration, and particularly when used as affirmations, they are a wonderful tool for tranquility.

There are many interpretations of the Principles or Precepts, and this is the one I learnt when I first studied Reiki:

Just for today do not anger
Just for today do not worry
Honour your parents, teachers and elders
Earn your living honestly
Show gratitude to every living thing


All the versions have the same basic meaning: live in the present and be as good as you can be; regret, bitterness and worry will not change the past or alter the future: respect all people and all living things.

The principles are often turned into more modern and affirmative language:

Just for today, I will not be angry
Just for today, I will not worry
Just for today, I will be grateful
Just for today, I will do my work honestly
Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing

These work really well as a way to greet the new day – a calming and inspiring morning ritual.



For affirmations to work well for me in the moment, I need them structured in very positive and direct language, but it must also be my language:
Just for today, I am letting go of anger
Just for today, I am releasing worry
Just for today, I am grateful for all my blessings
Just for today, I am putting my best into all that I do
Just for today, I am kind to all living things, including myself
You don’t have to be working with Reiki to benefit from these; they work with every day life in a gentle, non-judgy way.
I often choose a crystal from my collection to anchor the affirmation, and keep it around me all day. You could choose one crystal per principle, or one to remind you that you are working towards all five goals.

In fact, some stones seem to echo the principles very closely.  A stone such as green aventurine or blue lace agate resonates with letting go of anger. Lepidolite and angelite make me think about releasing worry to the universe or the angels. Since citrine is a lucky stone, it could go hand in hand with gratitude. Apatite and labradorite work with gratitude too. Tiger Iron, ocean jasper and hematite for me are my “hard-working” stones, but sodalite is good here too, for honesty and integrity. Rose quartz, of course is all about kindness and remember that includes kindness to yourself.

However, for anchoring affirmations, I don’t think the traditional meanings of the stones are important. It could even be a pebble from the beach, as long as you hold it while saying the affirmation out loud and then keep it with you and touch or look at it often.


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For More information about Reiki and the five principles, this is a great blog from Trudy Brookes What is Reiki?
Let me know how you use the five principles or how you use crystals to anchor other affirmations.
 Just for today… everyday, 

Much Love, Mojo xx

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Cleansing your Crystals


Why we cleanse our crystals:

Crystals have their own energy but can also absorb a range of different energies that they are exposed to. These might be your own, or others who may have handled or moved them and transferred their energies and emotions into them. They can also be affected by world events and the environment. Not to say that these energies are negative or wrong, just that they are not yours and may not align with your intentions or use for that crystal.

It is important to note that energy can’t be deleted – it can only be moved or changed. Therefore intention is everything!  As you cleanse your crystals or place them to be cleansed, intend that any negative or stuck energy is removed and  transmuted or changed into good.

When to cleanse your crystals:

  • When you first get them.
  • When someone else has handled them.
  • About once a month.
  • Before using them for a new or particular intention or person.

How to cleanse your crystals:

  • Always with intention that any unwanted energies will removed and changed into good.
  • Breath: Blow gently across all sides of your crystal. (Watch where you are blowing towards, and intend that the cleansed energies are transmuted into good as above.)
  • Sound: strike tingsha bells, a singing bowl, a drum or chime over your crystals.
  • Moonlight: Leave on a windowsill or safely outside in the light of the full moon or a couple of days before or after. Even if it’s cloudy the full moon energies will work.
  • Reiki or other healing modalities – trust your healer’s intuition.
  • Smoke: Pass your crystal slowly through the rising smoke of incense or a smudging bundle.

There are other ways and you will hear of salt, rice, water and earth methods to name but a few. Some crystals are water soluble and can be damaged by water and earth methods. However, you should use whichever method you are most drawn to, as your intnetion and intuition is your best guide when working with crystals.


An Easy Guide to Natural Crystal Shapes

Crystals grow in regular patterns and often these patterns are apparent to the naked eye.

I’ve compiled a quick summary of some natural shapes, these mainly apply to the quartz family, such as amethyst, clear quartz and citrine.



A naturally faceted point at one end. Can be used to direct energy and activate grids and healing.

Double Terminated


A crystal with a point at each end. Be careful – Energy can run outwards in both directions either at different times or concurrently. Good for deepening meditation, can balance the chakras by being placed on the heart chakra vertically.






A slim point which narrows considerably towards the tip. Powerful at directing energy with pinpoint focus. Precise and surgical.



Two points that share a base or a common side. Love and harmony, blending your inner and outer world.






A cluster is a number of crystals or points that share a common base. It can be as few as three distinct points or many. Good for teamwork, purifying the environment and breaking up unwanted energies. Can spread crystal energies our in all directions.



Geode-Safe and sparkly

A geode is a cavity within a rock, lined with tiny crystals. It is caused by a bubble when the rock was formed and the crystals inside are deposited by the molten liquid flowing in and out of the cavity over time.

It has a protective and sheltered feeling, I often store my pendulums or other crystals inside. Collects and smoothes spiky energies.

Encourages harmony and teamwork.


A cluster or spread of tiny points on a matrix or in a crack or inside a geode. Sparkly and with a very gentle energy. Good for storing and charging other crystals. Gently scatter their energies around the space.




Crystals for Empaths



There is lots of information online about empaths, and it is hard not to have heard the word lately. It can be tricky navigating everyday life as an empath, especially if surrounded by less sensitive souls. But if you are aware, and protect yourself, you can transform this “sensitivity” into a super-power and absolutely thrive! Here are my top seven crystals to help.


Cord cutting and chakra balancing

Blue Kyanite is  a mainly blue stone, but has a wonderful many-coloured sparkle or lustre to it. By placing it on the heart you can you can quickly balance your chakras.

It has a fibre or blade-like habit and you can often find it sold as Kyanite blades. You can use these blades to metaphorically “cut cords” with negative energy or people.

Kyanite  doesn’t absorb or retain negative energy, but I still cleanse it. However, it is known to strengthen barriers so it is ideal to boost other protective crystals, just by being near them.


Filters stress and anxiety

This pale lilac to deep pink/purple sparkly stone is soothing and calming. It is a powerful helper if you are feeling anxious, stressed or depressed. If you feel overwhelmed by picking up these emotions from others, lepidolite can help to filter out those unnecessary energies and strengthen your personal boundaries. It has a positive vibration that lifts your mood gently but firmly. With its high lithium content it naturally gives off  calming energy and counteracts panic and worry. Keep it with you, but especially beside you overnight as it can reset your mood as you sleep.



Psychic protection and grounding

This black stone is the ultimate psychic protector. It’s a highly protective psychic shield against negative entities, thoughts or energies. It purifies the energy and neutralises toxins and conflicts. It supports a more pleasant environment at work or in the home because it can transmute negative thoughts into positive intent. It is a powerfully grounding stone and a direct link to the support of the earth. This stone can be carried by empaths at all times and if not, should be handled as often as possible.



Absorbs and removes the rubbish

This vibrant green, banded stone resonates with nature. It absorbs negative energies, toxins and pollutants from the body and the surrounding atmosphere. It guards against radiation and electromagnetic pollution and heals with loving earthy energies. Keep a piece in your main living area or near microwaves, computers  and televisions.  In the workplace Malachite can lessen the effects of  noise,  fluorescent lighting, and any negativity in communication of all kinds.It protects all journeys and travel, and strengthens your intent when visualising a safe trip. Cleanse it regularly,  (see cleansing instructions enclosed.)


Yellow jasper

Discernment and clarity – whose stuff is it really?

This mustard yellow stone has been used by healers and shamans throughout the ages. It has a slow, steady and protective vibration. It is particularly used to promote clarity in recognising when emotions and energies have been picked up from others – this is ideal to help empaths protect themselves and release feelings which are not their own. It can also deflect jealousy and gossip. Yellow jasper eases worry and embarrassment in social situations. Because it is a stone of intellect and focus, it is also useful to gather scattered thoughts, aid learning and complete tasks or stick to goals and healthy habits.



The Healing Shield

This transparent purple with yellow stone is a rare, natural combination of amethyst and citrine. This duality means that each amplifies the other.  It is particularly useful for healers and empaths because it can provide a shield against negative or unwanted emotions and energies even without having to be asked or programmed in any way. It balances the emotions. Like citrine, it is lucky, cleansing and cleans other crystals too. Like amethyst, it is nurturing, controls addictions and stimulates the intuition.


Rose quartz

Self-love and self-acceptance

This pretty pink stone helps empaths to accept their gifts and love and accept their sensitivity.  It calms the emotions and gently heals the heart, especially where wounds are caused by toxic or negative thoughts, actions or people. It helps adults and children alike to feel safe in chaotic situations or environments. In strengthening the heart it can help to push away negative energies and emotions. Rose quartz is also grounding and protective.


A kit of all these crystals, together with a downloadable class and meditation is available here: Crystal Kit for Empaths



Broken Beauties – Why Crystals Break and What to do Next

Untitled design (4)


Many people hate throwing broken crystals away. Like books, it seems wrong somehow. But why do they break and how should you treat them when they do? There are a few possible reasons, and understanding why, will tell you what to do next:

Crystals are a natural product.

As such, they will usually have imperfections, fault lines etc. In many cases these form markings that tell you a little about the properties of the crystal, or make it more beautiful. Sometimes there is a message in the crystal like a figure or letter, maybe a rainbow. But sometimes these imperfections are a place from which the crystal might one day break.

They have finished their work with you.

Like people, crystals can be with you for a “reason, as season or a lifetime”. Often when you no longer need the vibrations of that particular crystal it will mysteriously break. This is your little message to move on, work with other crystals and say goodbye to this one.

They need to rest.

If you are working a lot with one particular crystal, even if this is unconscious (you may need it’s energy and care without knowing) it can become temporarily depleted. The break tells us to pause and take stock. How have you been calling on this crystal lately? Is there an issue you needed to address? Is the situation now resolved? Do YOU need a rest from this situation?

Someone else needs to share the energy.

Sometimes a crystal will break to show you that someone in your circle needs a share in that energy. Who it is will come from your own subconscious or you might get a clue from when and where the crystal broke.

And sometimes, they just break!

It can be an impact, a temperature change, or no reason at all.



I always cleanse the crystal and put it aside for a short while to rest. It’s also a good time to ground yourself and take a little mental step back from the sadness of the break.

When it feels right, sit quietly with your crystal, thank it for its service and be still. Ask yourself or your crystal why it has broken. There is no need to get too tied up in this, your first answer is probably the right one.

Once you know why, you will know what to do, here are a few suggestions:

  • Return it to the earth, bury the parts in the soil, or a plant-pot, at the beach or place in a stream.
  • If the crystal parts still want to work, let it rest first and then you could see if any of them can be incorporated into crafts or jewellery, or simply keep them in your dish, a candle holder or display of crystals.
  • If a rest is needed, leave on an amethyst bed, or selenite, or a cotton, velvet or silk cloth. When it is time for the pieces (or one, or some of them) to work again you will know.
  • If your crystal is telling you someone needs it, you may feel drawn to give them part, or alternatively gift them another crystal of the same type.
  • Repair it. I have never had any success with this, but I know some people have repaired display crystals and pendulums to good effect. As it hasn’t worked for me, I won’t recommend it and I’ve never had a crystal that wanted to be mended.
  • Do nothing. I have a broken pendant which was a natural shape anyway, the break hasn’t detracted from its beauty and it still wants to be worn and loved. I placed the broken bit in a plant pot and still wear the remaining part. Similarly, I have a pendulum with a broken tip. Once it had had a little rest on an amethyst bed it is raring to work again and is still my favourite and most accurate pendulum.

So you see, there is no need to panic when a crystal breaks, just give it a little rest and then see what it wants to do next.

Let me know if you have any questions or stories about your broken but still beautiful crystals!



Making and Activating a Crystal Grid



First, plan your grid, see MY BLOG POST – “Introduction to Crystal Grids”.

Choose your stones

You need a central focus stone and stones for the “outside” of the grid.

Think about the central stone holding your intention for the grid. The outer stones will either be to support your goals or amplify your intention.

You may have more than one type of stone but try to keep consistency. For example, if you are making a grid with a centre stone and six lines radiating from it, each line might contain three different stones, but the same stones could be used in each line. (This isn’t important if you are making and free-shaped or intuitive grid).

A point or wand is also commonly used and useful for activation.

However, you can use your finger or a candle for this (blow it out first).

Connect with your stones

First make sure you are grounded and protected. Take your cleansed centre stone and your point or wand. Hold them next to your heart and imbue them with your intention for the grid. It doesn’t matter what words you use, but use love and gratitude. For example “Thank you for working with me to: (manifest, send healing to, etc). I will work with this grid with love and gratitude.” And send energy out from your heart chakra to the stones.

Breathe deeply and with focus and intention, place your centre stone in the grid and your wand to the side. If you wish to place a written intention or photograph under the centre stone you can do so. Or you can place it nearby or hold in your heart.

Repeat with your other stones, in groups of the same type.

If you need to adjust the position of your stones once you have placed them, that’s fine.

Activate your grid

Taking your wand or point (or candle or finger), touch the centre stone, and then creating and energetic  line, touch each stone in the grid and then back to the centre.

Finally, complete a circuit of the overall shape of the grid and then back to the centre.

Repeat three times or more or less, as you feel drawn.

As always, your intention and intuition are the most important things. These instructions are a guideline only, you can’t “make a mistake” by touching the stones in a different order.

Let your grid do its work

Leave it in position as long as you feel drawn, but usually at least 24 hours.

Connect with it regularly, just look at it and send love to the grid and to your intention. You can send Reiki to the gird, or other energy modalities. You can use your wand to re-activate if you wish, or not. See how you feel, you will know the right thing to do.

If you want a hand painted grid board please visit my friend and artist Julie, at Chakra Doodles

I can supply a limited edition print, together with all the necessary stones for your goals. Please contact me on


Happy Gridding!


Love, Mojo xx

Self Healing with Crystals


Self Healing with Crystals

Find a quiet spot and allow yourself “enough” time. Don’t feel overwhelmed by this, you can and should practise self-care and it is not selfish to allocate time. However, if you are in a funk and feeling stressed and time-poor, this is an exercise that can be done in only five minutes. As a reward, pop yourself in your own diary to do it again in a day or week.

Select one or more general healing crystals or select the crystals you want for the specific issue you want to improve. Clear quartz is ideal for general healing and so is amethyst. Amethyst can also be used to assist with habit or addiction issues and sleep problems.

Sit comfortably with your feet flat on the ground, holding your crystals. Or, lie down and either hold your crystals or place them on your body.

Focus on your breathing and gradually begin to take slightly slower and deeper breaths, as long as you are comfortable.

For general healing, simply visualise any negative or unwanted energies, toxins, thoughts or emotions gently leaving your body. If it is a specific issue, such as a virus or addiction you can focus on that leaving you gently.  Repeat an affirmation to support your healing. For example:

I am healthy and well.

I accept, love and honour myself.

I am worthy of love and peace.

You can, of course, choose your own.

After your allotted time, gently bring yourself back to the day/night and thank your crystals and yourself for this care. Make sure to book in with yourself to do this again soon, and make a note of when you did it and note any positive changes in the days ahead.


Introduction to Crystal Grids

kateanddarrengridWhat is a crystal grid?

A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals in a geometric or meaningful shape. It can be called upon to support any intention or healing work.

Why do we make crystal grids?

Any physical or emotional action we take towards our goals, helps us to strengthen the vibration aligned to that thought.

Gridding uses crystals, intention, sacred geometry and feeling to make a tool which amplifies the vibration of each component exponentially. Together the separate tools are much more than the sum of each item.

How do they work?

The power of the crystal grid comes from the combining of the energies of the stones, your chosen shape or geometry and your love, time and intention. It is said that using sacred geometry achieves faster results, and it is very powerful. However, I believe that your chosen shape is sacred to you, and indeed most of the shapes we would choose instinctively, such as stars, flowers, crosses (compass points?) and spirals are indeed ancient and powerful symbols.

Do grids need to be “activated”? 

If you activate your grid you are enhancing the unity of the different parts and the vibrations can reach out across time distance and dimensions infinitely.

However, the act of choosing and arranging your stones is in itself a powerful tool for healing and manifestation.

Does it have to contain only crystals?

Other items can be used to complement the grid, like candles, essential oils, photographs or other personal items.

You can even make a grid only from pebbles on a beach or rocks on a hillside.

Sacred geometry is not vital and as you develop your own grids you will use your intuition more.

Anything else?

Yes. Plan your grid in advance. What intention or purpose? What stones? What shape? And then afterwards keep a note  of the details or take a photo and be ready to note down the good effects.



Aura Crystals

Angel Aura Quartz

You may have heard of such magical sounding stones as angel aura quartz or aqua aura and if you’ve seen them you would certainly know as they are so pretty and iridescent.

Aura quartzes are made by electrostatic bonding of clear quartz with precious metals so in one respect they are not “natural”. However, they are incredibly beautiful and in many cases the process enhances the properties of the crystal. This is partly because the added energetic vibration, elemental energy and beauty of the precious metal combine with the quartz to ramp up each others’ properties. The other aspect is the colour energy of the stone which is produced – which is then amplified by the clear quartz.


Because they use precious metals and an expensive process these stones are costly and in the ones that I have worked with, well worth it for the energetic properties.


However, new “aura” stones are being created all the time, and not all use pure metals or bond really well. Some decorative raw pieces, often just called “aura quartz geodes” don’t specify the metal used and therefore it is hard to genuinely describe the energetic benefit, but as long as you are aware, you still get the beauty of quartz, and a nice quartz energy.


The aura stones I have worked with personally and love are:

AQUA AURA: Bonded with gold it produces an shot-silk blue or shimmery aquamarine colour. It is awesome for your throat chakra and releasing stress, especially when it’s held in the throat and jaw.  It is the first aura stone I ever owned and I often supply it for people who want to communicate with their guides and have been “directed” to get one.

Aqua Aura Quartz Cluster


ANGEL AURA:  Bonded with silver and platinum it has a silvery rainbow fairy-wing-like shimmer. It is so sweet and calming and helps me to call on angel energy. I find it breathtakingly beautiful and very feminine in nature.


TANGERINE AURA also known as SUNSHINE AURA: Bonded with Gold and Iron it has a warm sunny, orange golden shimmer. It has a strong powerful energy and balances male and female energies. Especially useful where courage and self-confidence is needed it links the lower chakras and is especially supportive in these times of ascension and change.


One I don’t personally like is COBALT AURA. It is a strong, bright blue in colour and I won’t share my impression of the energy because it isn’t for me and it might be for you – if you like it, you will make your own impressions.


Not everyone likes aura stones and they are sometimes talked about in the same way as fakes. Like all treated stones I think it is important to be aware, and as long as the seller is not trying to fool you, you must make your own decisions based on the energetic properties or feel or simply the beauty.

What do you think?

Connecting with Crystals

Sensing the energy of your crystals:
As always, I like to keep it simple.
Briefly ground yourself and bring your mind totally into the present.
Then, rub your hands together briskly, to create an energy field and this helps you to “switch on”. Now, touch the crystal or hold it in your hand. Breathing calmly, be aware of any physical sensations, first in your hand, then in the rest of your body. Does the crystal feel heavy or warm? Does it seem to be vibrating? Do you feel strong or energised? Perhaps you feel tension melting away or a tingle in a part of your body? Do you feel grounded, or a bit spaced out?
Take a few slow breaths and centre yourself again. Now ask yourself what emotions you are feeling? Do you feel secure? Curious? Loved? Maybe you feel emotions welling up to be released? Do you feel determined, motivated? Perhaps calm and soothed?
Finally, centre yourself again and really look at the crystal. Observe any colours, hidden rainbows, lines or hollows and imperfections (if any). Thank the crystal and replace it or you can now begin to work with it.
Don’t worry if you don’t get anything at first, just try again another time.
If you keep a crystal journal, make sure you note your experiences. If you’ve never done it before, why not have a go and let us know how you get on?
Much crystally love,

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