Crystals for Reiki

Crystals for Reiki

I’m often asked to recommend crystals for Reiki and as I love both I’m delighted to do so.
A CHAKRA SET: Chakra health is important for practitioners and to support when going through the cleansing phases after attunements.
This is why many Reiki masters will include a chakra set as an option (or sometimes a gift) for their students.
For chakra balancing the colour of the crystal is more important so most chakra sets will do.
KYANITE: held on the heart chakra can have the effect of rebalancing all the chakras and re-centring you when feeling the increased energies after attunement.
APOPHYLLITE: is said to be the ultimate crystal for energy workers and resonates especially well with Reiki. It emanates pure loving energy and just keeps going. It opens you up so you can be an even better conduit for the energies to flow. It maintains a steady flow and yet keeps unwanted energetic cords from attaching.
SELENITE: For your workspace to maintain a peaceful environment, place one in each corner – you can use even tiny raw points or tumbled.
GROUNDING and PROTECTION: I feel that when receiving attunements I always need something powerfully grounding like HEMATITE. Although smoky quartz is also good. TOURMALINE of course is super-protective.
DALMATION STONE: This enhances trust, of the reiki student, practitioner or client. It therefore removes any barriers to healing and practice. The black spots in dalmation stone are actually tourmaline so trust AND protection – what could be better?
ROSE QUARTZ: With its vibrations of unconditional love it really is superb in a Reiki setting. You could try just putting one under your therapy bed for a little extra boost.
Finally, once attuned to Reiki you may well find your intuition increases. A pendulum is a useful tool to help you in all sorts of ways to make decisions in tune with your higher self.

Grounding with Crystals

It’s important to be grounded as you go about your life and especially when taking part in any energy or psychic work. Having crystals around you also causes shifts in energy that sometimes need to be dispersed into the ground. But in any case the earth and indeed the universe is one big energy machine with vibrations from the crystals under our feet, the stars and planets above and the people and everything else on the earth.
Why it’s great to be grounded:
1. You feel more “present” in your life and more aware.
2. You feel more present in your human body and enjoy sensations, tastes and sounds more.
3. You are calmer and your reactions are more in alignment with your highest good.

How you might feel if you are not grounded:
1. Tired or weary.
2. Anxious or depressed.
3. Confused and forgetful.
4. Disconnected from the people and happenings around you.
5. Lightheaded or a bit “spaced out”.
6. Shaky or even dizzy or nauseous.
How to use crystals to enhance your grounding:
This is so easy you can do it any time and almost anywhere. Ideally you need two grounding crystals but you can use just one, in whichever hand feels most comfortable.
Stand barefoot (if you can) or in socks if you must, with your feet firmly on the floor or ground. ( Outdoors is lovely, but it doesn’t matter if you are indoors or even on a high level building). If you have to ground when somewhere you can’t take off your shoes that’s fine. It’s better to ground with shoes on than not ground at all.
Touch the crystal briefly on the top of your head, your heart, your hips parallel to the base of your spine and then hold your arms down by your side.
Intend that any energies that do not serve you flow down into the earth to be transmuted (changed) into good.
Visualise a ball of white light starting at your crown chakra (just above the top of your head) and flowing down slowly towards the ground taking any non-serving energies with it. Really feel your connection to the earth. You can imagine your feet placing roots down into the earth if you wish.
Hold for at least one minute but five is better. However, even if you can only ground for a few seconds that is better than nothing.
If you are not able to stand, you can ground from a sitting position by imagining a line from the base of your spine down through your seat to the earth.
Affirmations for grounding:
I am safe, secure and grounded in my physical form.
I have a right to be here and I am worthy.
I trust in the process of life and all is well.
My top five grounding crystals:
1. Hematite. It is the ultimate grounding crystal and resonates strongly with the base chakra. However, some people find it too strong and that it gives them headaches. Personally, I use it for super-quick grounding and centring. I’m not fond of so-called “magnetic hematite” but more of that in a later post.
2. Red jasper. It is so earthy and comforting and seems to have a permanent connection to the earth.
3. Agate. In particular, many people recommend moss agate, which is green and earthy and gorgeous. I find that most agates especially the darker ones have that lovely slow vibration. I feel like they vibrate at a barefoot walking pace.
4. Unakite. It balances the spiritual and physical sides of the body and connects the heart firmly to the earth.
5. Aragonite. Heals the earth and the base chakra. This is one of my favourites it just makes me feel so secure. Red, green or brown is best for this.
There are many, many more crystals which are helpful for grounding and just keeping them on you, in a pocket perhaps, helps to keep you grounded throughout the day. I often keep one in each pocket of my jeans and just touch them briefly when I want to feel more centred or grounded. You may have your own way of grounding and that is fine, and you don’t have to have crystals to ground effectively, but I like to as it amplifies the intention and I feel real physical effects.

Simple Pendulum Dowsing



Dowsing is a way of connecting your intuition or higher self with your logic or decision-making side. It will link your subconscious with your conscious and your right-brain with your left. You can access your own higher knowledge and intuition using the pendulum.

A pendulum works best for yes or no answers. Sometimes you can also get a clear neutral. These instructions can work for any pendulum, which is just a symmetrical weighted object on a string or chain.

I prefer a crystal pendulum but you can choose. A magnet is not suitable for dowsing.

HOW to use your pendulum

First, ground yourself and cleanse your pendulum of any previous energies by:

  • Gently blow over every face, with the intention that any negative energies will flow away to be transmuted into good.
  • Sound – use a tingsha bell, singing bowl, or drum.
  • Pass it through the smoke from any incense or a sage smudging bundle.
  • Hold in flowing or running water with the intention that any negative energies will flow down into the earth to be transmuted into good. (Not all crystals can be cleansed with water).
  • Use your own method, such as Reiki.


Then, align it to your own energies:

  • Hold the pendulum in the palm of your hand and close the other hand over it, asking it to work with you.
  • Sit quietly for 5 to 10 minutes and focus your breathing and awareness into the pendulum.


Now you are ready to work. The first question you should ask your pendulum is how it will indicate:

  • Hold the pendulum near the end of its chain or string with one hand, while the weighted end is sitting in the palm of the other hand.
  • Gently lift it up by the chain and let it dangle to get the feel of it. If you need to wrap it gently round your index finger you can.
  • Now hold the weighted part in your free hand again.
  • Ask the pendulum “Please show me my yes”.
  • Let it go, and watch the way it moves.
  • It will either move in circles, side to side or forwards and back.
  • If it moves in circles, note whether clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  • Catch the crystal with your free hand again and thank it.
  • Now ask again, “Please show me my no.” Again, once it has indicated, thank your pendulum.
  • If you don’t get a really clear signal, repeat the process a couple of times.
  • If you do get a clear signal, don’t be alarmed – it can seem spooky at first but it isn’t really.


You will find that your yes and no are not necessarily exact opposites; you may get circles and swinging, or just swinging in different directions.

After a while you will come to be confident enough about yes and no to recognise an inconclusive indicator.

Usually, I get swinging forwards and back or side to side for yes and no. Circles or just stillness therefore represent an “inconclusive” answer. Just try again in a few days or when you have new information.

WHEN to use your pendulum

Practise with your pendulum as often as you can, use fun questions such as “Is my middle name cake?”, or “Is it November?” just to get a feel for it.

As you get more confident you can use it to help with decisions, such as:

  • Shall I buy this book?
  • Shall I change my car this year?
  • Do I feel confident going into business with this person?
  • Will I still love this wallpaper in a couple of years?
  • Is this the right crystal for this 



A pendulum is also helpful for general guidance, like:

  • Am I getting enough sleep?
  • Might I be intolerant of this food?
  • Did I leave my keys in the bedroom?


There are many other fun and useful things you can do with a pendulum, and many dowsing charts and more complex explanations available on the internet and in book form.


WHAT IF it doesn’t seem to be working?


Possible reasons might be:

  • You are agitated or tired.
  • You are in an altered state, e.g. alcohol, excess caffeine, jet lag.
  • You are over anxious.
  • You lack trust and love for yourself.


Just relax, trust, and try again later or the next day.


Easy Crystal Chakra Clearing


This is a simple and relaxing technique that anyone can do with a set of 7 or 8 chakra stones. You do not need a pendulum or a partner for this exercise, just your stones and your time – you deserve it!

First gather your crystals together and cleanse them.

Ask them to work with you to clear, heal and balance your chakras.

Lie on your back if you can and place the appropriate crystal on each of the chakra points shown in the diagram above. If you can’t lie on your back or the crystals roll off it doesn’t matter as long as they are close to your body in the right chakra area. You can attach them under clothes if you wish.

Ideally, you need 15 to 20 minutes to relax. If you want to listen to meditation music that can be nice.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by pure white or gold light as a bubble of protection. Take a few slow deep breaths. With each outward breath intend that you are releasing any negative thoughts, energies, worries or stress.

Starting with the Root or Base chakra, focus on your crystal and the colour red. Imagine the whole area is bathed in a pure and vivid red. In your mind’s eye, see this red energy spin out from the stone and all around your root chakra area. Allow your body to feel the pure red energy. You can do this for at least 30 seconds – a minute or two is ideal.

Repeat the process with the sacral chakra stone and orange energy.

Move upwards to the solar plexus with beautiful yellow light and energy.

For the heart chakra I like to visualise both pink and green light but you can choose one or the other.

After the heart chakra, move on to the throat chakra and blue energetic light.

For the brow chakra, choose indigo or purple. Some people worry about whether their stone is truly indigo – the important thing is your intention here and any purple or indigo stone will do if you have chosen it for the brow (third eye) chakra.

Moving on to the crown chakra for this you would choose white or violet stone and light. Again intention is key here and I choose a white or clear crystal because white contains all the colours or the spectrum both visible and invisible – linking us to higher (invisible) planes.

Now return to each chakra in turn, starting with the root or base and imagine all the coloured energy being absorbed into the body until is has (almost) gone. Visualise each chakra closing or returning to its normal state but now pure and clean and re-energised.

Thank your crystals and, if you wish, note in your journal any effects now or in the coming days.


Your Crystals and You – It’s a Two Way Relationship

heart-694530_1280Most energy healing modalities harness the power of intention as a tool with which to channel the energetic vibrations.

In fact the placebo effect often seen in conventional medicine could be said to be a result of sometimes belief, sometimes intention, or a combination of both.

Crystals are not really any different. But intention is not a wishy-washy thing. You can’t just think once that you want something to happen and then go about your life expecting that it will.

If that was the case you would only need to buy healthy food and not necessarily eat it. I know that my cupboard full of vitamin supplements doesn’t actually help me much unless I open it and take a vitamin. Having a gym membership does not help you exercise magically in your sleep, you actually have to go there and do the work. If you want to!yorkshire-terrier-171701_1280

In the same way, although crystals can and do have talisman type effects, many need your active participation to be at their most powerful.

For example, if you always sleep with a particular stone under your pillow to help you sleep, you may find that it doesn’t always work as well as it once did. Now of course, many crystals need to be cleansed and recharged. But consider what you are doing when you do that. You will have to handle your crystal, give it some love and attention, and all the time your thoughts are going out to tell it that you want it to start working again. Your intention is clear once more.

2011-03-09_18-48-32_123Even just handling your crystals and moving them around, thinking about their purpose and energy opens up the lines of communication again so they understand your intentions.

Intention can work the opposite way as well. I have a lot of tumblestonescrystals in the house and they can get a bit “noisy” with their competing energies. For a speedy remedy, I just give them a quick cleanse, with Reiki symbols or sound and then set my intention that they will “go to sleep” until I need them. Sometimes, I visualise drawing a silk cloth over them so that they can rest.

It is important to be aware that one or two crystals are really powerful so you need to have very clear intentions and a strong word with them when they come into your possession, or if you send them away to work with others.

Moldavite is one of these. It is a wonderful stone to work with, and a powerful agent of change, so you need to be very strict in your intentions unless and until you are ready for the gifts and challenges it might bring.

Black obsidian can be another example. I have some tiny stones with huge energies. They are said to be good for grief, but care should be taken. What they can do is bring the grief forward to be expressed so that it can be dealt with. This can be a dramatic release for someone who is not quite ready to let go, so again, care needs to be taken.
So, what can you do to keep your crystals working with your intentions?

  • Just ask themIMAG0101 (2)
  • Handle them often
  • Cleanse the energies often
  • Meditate with them
  • Just sit quietly and look at them
  • Incorporate them into your spiritual work or artIMAG0025
  • Wear them
  • Thank them

Ultimately though, the best way to programme your crystals with your intentions is simply to pay them attention and what could be more fun?stones-382647_1280

Simple Seven – A Quick Reference Guide to the Seven Main Chakras

The chakras are energy centres in our bodies that energy flows through. There are seven main chakras many more lesser chakras.

chakras-310119_1280Energy healers believe that when energy is blocked in any of these seven areas, emotional or physical illness is more likely. This is a quick guide to where each chakra is located, its special job, and how you can keep the energy balanced and flowing through them.

  1. Root Chakra(also known as Base Chakra)
    Colour Association: Red
    Location: Base of the spine
    Represents: Survival, standing up for yourself, financial independence, security
    Imbalance may be related to: Fatigue, low back pain, depression, cold hands and feet, feeling insecure and unsupported, hip, foot and leg problems
    Healing: Exercise and restful sleep, red food and drink, red accessories and clothing, essential oils: (ylang ylang or sandalwood), Reflexology.

Crystals: Red and deep red/brown stones e.g. Garnet, red jasper, ruby

  1. Sacral Chakra(also known as belly or spleen Chakra)
    Colour Association: Orange
    Location: Lower abdomen below the navel
    Represents: Feelings, ability to be social, pleasure, sexuality, well-being, sense of taste
    Imbalance may be related to: Alcohol and drug abuse, depression, allergies, yeast infections, urinary problems, sexual problems, fertility problems, menstrual problems,
    Healing: Massage or Reflexology, orange food and drink, orange accessories and & clothing, essential oils:  orange, clary sage,

Crystals: Carnelian, Orange calcite, sunstone, peach aventurine

  1. Solar Plexus Chakra
    Colour Association: Yellow
    Location: Upper abdomen, stomach area
    Represents: Personal power, self-confidence, self-control, humour, intellect
    Imbalance may be related to: Digestive problems, diabetes, constipation, memory loss
    Healing: Learning, doing puzzles, detoxing, yellow food and drink, yellow accessories and clothing,

Crystals: Citrine, lemon quartz, lemon chrysoprase, yellow jasper

  1. Heart Chakra
    Colour Association: Green, sometimes pink or with pink included
    Location: Centre of the chest, above the heart
    Represents: Ability to love, joy, inner peace
    Imbalance may be related to: Heart and breathing issues, asthma, breast problems, high blood pressure, muscle tension, sadness, lack of self love or self-acceptance
    Healing: Family time, spending time with nature, green food and drink, green accessories and & clothing

Crystals: Green Aventurine, rose quartz, fuchsite, tree jasper, ruby in fuchsite, rhodonite

  1. Throat Chakra
    Colour Association: Blue
    Location: Throat
    Represents: Communication, relationships, trust, loyalty
    Imbalance may be related to: Thyroid problems, hormonal issues, fever, menopause, mood swings, sore throats, inability to speak your truth, holding on to things that need to be said, neuralgia
    Healing: Chanting, mantras or poetry, writing letters or writing down thoughts and worries, singing, conversations, blue food and drink, blue accessories and clothing,

Crystals: Sodalite, blue lace agate, angelite, sapphire

  1. Third Eye Chakra(also known as Brow Chakra)
    Colour Association: Indigo, deep purple or deep bluey purple (Or any shade of purple if using white for the crown chakra)
    Location: Forehead, between the eyes
    Represents: Intuition, imagination, ability to make decisions, psychic abilities
    Imbalance may be related to: Sleeping disorders, inability to read motives or situations, lack of clear thought
    Healing: Watch the stars or the night sky, meditation, indigo food and drink, indigo accessories and clothing,  essential oils (patchouli)

Crystals: (dark) Amethyst, purple fluorite, Charoite,  Azurite, Iolite

  1. Crown Chakra
    Colour Association: Violet, white, silver
    Location: Top of the head (slightly above)
    Represents: Ability to connect spiritually, knowingness, spirituality, connection to your God/s, angels, all that is or universal power.
    Imbalance may be related to: Headaches, mental illness, senility, lack of coordination, rashes
    Healing: Focus on dreams, writing down inventions, violet food and drink, violet accessories and clothing, lavender flowers and oil,  angel or oracle cards, prayer

Crystals: Clear quartz, snow quartz, apophyllite, light amethyst, tanzanite, Sugilite

Feeling your Breathing – A Quick and Easy Meditation

“I really should meditate more but…” yoga-422196_1280

Well now you can. Setting an alarm on your mobile phone will make it easier so that you can just relax and not wonder how much time has passed. This isn’t one of those lovely but long “walking along a path” meditations. You haven’t got time, I hear that. But a pause, a meditation, a stop for breath is important. You need that, everybody does. Even one minute is better than none.

  1. Set a timer for 10, 6, 5, 4, 3 or 2 minutes.
  2. Sit reasonably upright in a chair with both feet on the ground. Put your hands on your lap or abdomen and close your eyes or stare at a point on the wall.
  3. Take a deep breath in and breathe out slowly. Take another slow breath in and as you breathe out imagine tension slipping away and relax your shoulders and jaw.
  4. Continue with your slow breathing, counting to 3, 4 or 5 on each breath if it helps. Notice the place where you can most feel your breaths, whether your nostrils, chest, abdomen.
  5. Focus on this sensation for one full breath in and out. Then again. And again. If you get distracted, don’t worry. Simply acknowledge it and try again.
  6. That’s it. Keep on feeling your breathing until the timer sounds.

It’s easy to do and easy to remember. It’s even easier to fit it in. Give it a go and let me know how it goes. Or share your own techniques for a quick and easy pause in the day.

Resolutions are so Last Year


The New Year is always a chance to take stock and examine elements of your life, health, love or wealth that do not serve you.

There are parties and fireworks and many people having a good time.

All this, together with the energies of the calendar change put vibrations out to the Universe that we can tap into.

Resolutions can be difficult things from a Positive Thinking or Attraction point of view. Almost by their very nature they put out vibrations of striving and struggling against certain behaviours or habits. The very terms “I will give up …” or   “I will lose … kilos or pounds” have negative connotations.

Try these five conscious tips for greeting 2017 and manifesting your New Year goals

1. Change the language. These are intentions that you will manifest and attract not resolutions that you will struggle and fight with.

Try this type of wording:

  • I am becoming smoke free;
  • I am releasing the weight that does not serve me;
  • I am positively attracting a new job;
  • I am financially free;
  • I am free to attract the love I deserve.

2. Write it down!  Write your affirmations and include a sentence of gratitude. Then seal the deal with symbolism or ritual:


PERSONAL SYMBOL: Draw, paint or even with your finger a symbol that means something to you and will help embed the intention. You could use this throughout the year. I often use a heart with a tick inside. The tick signifies action and the heart signifies that I will take this action with gratitude, love and compassion.


REIKI: Draw the power or master symbol over the page or book in which
you write your intentions.

PEBBLE OR CRYSTAL: Place a favourite stone or crystal or a crystal grid over your paper or book.3lZFcCUU

3. Clear the clutter. Let the energies of the New Year in to your home, workplace, mind and soul.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t have time to physically clean out your desk or home before midnight, set your intention and use some ritual or symbolism to seal the deal.

For example, try an affirmation like these:

  • In 2017 I am releasing my attachment to the (clutter, old files, or insert your own) that I no longer use.

Then seal the deal with cleansing rituals:

SOUND: Cleanse any area or workspace by clapping, or ringing bells, or a singing bowl in each corner and at each entrance and exit
SMUDGING: You can use Sage other smudging sticks to cleanse your house, garden or work area and to give your positive intentions some extra cleansing oomph!

WATER: Fill a spray with water or use a bowl and pastry brush. Ask the Universe to use the water as a blessing or cleansing and spray or sprinkle in the corners and entrances of your space. (Be very careful near electrical outlets of course.)

4. Cleanse yourself. When taking your shower or bath intend that the water washes away anything from 2016 that does not serve you and takes it into the earth to be transmuted into positive energies. dog-49834_1280

If you have any clear quartz or rock salt that you can put in your bath or near your shower, even better. You can also do the same with a ritual glass of water. Simply give love and thanks to the Universe and set your intentions to release negativity and transmute into good.

5. Book in a Buddy. 

Sometimes it’s easier to acheive our goals if we have someone to share them with, an accountability partner. If you do this, it’s important that you both have positive affirmations and goals and an agreed schedule to check in with each other. (In a supportive but firm way of course!)

Let me know how you get on.

Have an abundant year, filled with joy and gratitude!


Spiritual Verses and Circles

Over 22 years ago, when my daughter was born, my mother gave me a sheet of paper I still treasure.
On it she had handwritten two passages from a book of poems about children.

You may recognise the verses – they begin:
“The sleep that flits on baby’s eyes – does anybody know from where it comes?”
“When I bring to you coloured toys, my child…”

Both evocative pieces, they filled my heart with such strong emotion, as they perfectly encompassed the feelings of a brand new parent toward their precious charge. As the inexperienced mum of a tiny and needy newborn, I had not had time to read (or so I thought) and these words also reminded me that books were (and still are) my friends. So, over night-time feeds and rare, snatched moments of quiet I would read. Even a few paragraphs or a couple of verses of poetry could be so fulfilling.

Eight years later, when my son was born, she gave me the poetry anthology, and although it contained many beautiful lines, none compared with those two verses, which I now knew were Song 61 and Song 62 from
 Gitanjali, by Rabindrath Tagore. Neither of us had heard of it before, and over the years it was forgotten.

Then, a few weeks ago, Mum showed me a copy of “Gitanjali” that she had bought from a charity shop. She’d not yet had a chance to read it, but had read the Foreword by W B Yeats and just had to bring it home. I began to flick through and it fell open on the two pages containing Song 61 and Song 62, facing each other.

Yes, a coincidence. Probably the previous owner of the book had also specially loved these two songs, and why not? But now that my daughter has a child of her own, it just felt like the completion of a circle.

So, on her birthday, I will give her gifts that she needs or wants or that I think will make her smile. And I will give her the gift of poetry. Song 61 and Song 62, of course. But what else? What other poem would you give a modern parent? I’d like to include something more prosaic and very real. Something that says “Yes, that child is a beautiful gift, but so are you and you matter.”

Here is the Angel

Here is the Angel
Working alongside you
To help and safeguard you
Here is the Angel

Here is the parent
Who just wants to hold you
To guide and protect you
Here is the parent

Here is the sister
Who wants to be with you
To laugh and cry with you
Here is the sister

Here is the brother
Who wants to walk with you
To help and admire you
Here is the brother

Here is the power
The power within you
To accept and love YOU
Here is the power

Parents, brothers and sisters are not just are relatives; they are people bound to our lives who give freely of their love and friendship sometimes forever or sometimes just for  a time. The right time. Friends are our chosen family, they might mother us or stand beside us as a sister or brother. They are our angels too. Who are yours? 

Love, Mojo

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