Sunstone: Bringer of Warmth and Light

This lovely peachy orange stone, with warm golden sparkles, resonates with and activates the sacral chakra.

It helps us to awaken to our purpose in life and have confidence following that purpose.

Energising and optimistic, it brings the enlivening energies of the sun into gloomy winter days so is especially useful to support seasonal affective disorder or any winter slump.

Sunstone relieves feelings of stress and is especially useful in meditation.

Being of the golden ray, Sunstone attracts abundance.

This sacral chakra powerhouse awakens the body’s own spiritual and physical healing tools.

To alleviate winter blues and seasonal affective disorder, charge on a sunny windowsill for a little while whenever you can, and keep with you, handling as much as possible.

CHAKRA: Sacral




Apophyllite – The Light Connection

Usually clear, white or grey, this apophyllite has a pyramidal or cubic shape and is often used as points or natural clusters. Rarer colours are available, mainly various shades of green.

Element: Wind

Chakras: Crown and Third eye.

In brief: Lifts the veil.

Apophyllite cluster, photo Mo Prowse. Mandala grid board courtesy of Chakra Doodles by Julie Frost

Most helpful in meditation, healing or psychic work, it opens our connection to other dimensions, particularly the higher realms and universal source energy.

It helps us bring light and channel light energy so it is a lovely stone for healing rooms and altars. It dispels negativity in all forms and is therefore a wonderful mineral to have in any home.

Its light energy attracts angels and guides while its purity protects both our outer space and inner spiritual landscape.

In energy attunements and healing work it emanates pure loving energy and just keeps going. It opens you up so you can be an even better conduit for the energies to flow. It maintains a steady flow and yet keeps unwanted energetic cords from attaching.

In my view it is the ultimate Reiki stone.

In meditation it helps us to be open to and interpret the messages and visions we connect with and understand what we need to do for our highest good. It enables us to meditate for longer, or deeper whichever is best for us and brings enlightening discoveries.


Green apophyllite:

Elements: Earth and wind

Chakras: Crown, Third Eye and Heart.

Especially connected to the world of nature and helps us to connect to nature spirits and communicate with animals and plants.

Helps us in any nature work whether restoring wild places, outdoor meditation spaces or herbal and witchraft work.

Crystals for Business

Why use crystals in your business?

Crystals, like all other natural substances, are energy and vibrate on a specific frequency. The right stone can help you align your own vibration to your business goals and needs.  It can change or protect the energy in your workspace or business premises; add power to your affirmations and strengthen your mindset. Crystals can work with you to help attract joy, luck and abundance. Here are just a few biz areas where you can turn to crystals for support:

Creativity, inspiration, confidence, self belief, cash flow, overwhelm, communications, collaboration, planning and processes.

Let’s look at some crystals that can align your vibrations to get results and help you and your business thrive.

Citrine: Known as the lucky stone, lovely yellow citrine has traditionally been used by merchants to attract money and success. Keep one in your cashbox, your purse or wallet, or near your computer if you trade online.

Other benefits of citrine are increased motivation and energy, joyfulness and zest for life.

Tiger’s Eye: This protective brown stone with its flashy golden stripes is full of confidence and courage. It helps us step into our power and own it. Tiger’s eye enhances integrity, willpower,  self-confidence and practicality. You’ll find skills you never knew you had, or value and accept the skills you already have.

Other benefits of Tiger’s eye are wealth attraction, and success in business negotiations.

Fluorite:  This semi-translucent stone comes in a variety of colours, most often greens and purples. It brings clarity of thought and helps us with planning. order out of chaos and is most often chosen by those with multiple responsibilities to protect from overwhelm.  If it all feels a bit much sometimes just pick up or touch your stone to feel better.

Amethyst: This purple stone is one of the master healers. It works with our intellect and intuition, helping us tune our natural intelligence into business “savvy-ness”. It sharpens that gut feeling of when something is right for your business or not. It boosts the imagination, helping us to make creative decisions and bring forth ideas.

Leopardskin Jasper: Mottled earthy stone with animal-print like markings. Importantly, it supports strength and vitality. It promotes Business Success, collaboration and teamwork. This works whether it is an internal team or helping us work with external partners for mutual benefit. This jasper helps us devise sensible, workable processes and its grounding effect helps us to embed them. It is grounding and soothing when dealing with busy, high energy situations.

Sodalite: This blue stone with white markings is a stone of communication. It helps us be clear and confident in all our business communications, whether face to face, marketing, social media or official documents. It is also useful in legal matters, helping us understand and indeed, if necessary obtain justice.

Here’s a quick reference to help you.

Luck, attracting success, Cashflow, motivation Citrine
Confidence, courage, self-belief, motivation,
Tiger’s Eye
Overwhelm, crisis management, planning
and organisation
Creativity and Inspiration, intuition,
Business Acumen, Processes, Teamwork,
Leopardskin jasper
Communications, Clarity, Legal, Marketing,
Social Media

There are many others that can help, especially with abundance and success. But the list above is a great start and easy to obtain.

Will buying or using crystals magically sort your business? No, probably not, but will learning to use crystals in a simple way to support your business help you crack those targets? I believe it will and it’s quite inexpensive to find out.

Crystal metaphysical information is intended for entertainment only.

Always happy to answer questions, Love, Mojo xx

Crystals for Business

Top Tips for a Calmer Christmas


Even if you love Christmas, the build-up can be stressful. If you are the chief organiser it is often even worse. Here are just a few ideas to help you sail through.

A bit of woo! It’s a great time to have some energy work, such as Reiki or clearing or do some EFT tapping, lots of this can be done remotely so you don’t have to travel and really helps keep you on an even keel.

Mindfulness or other meditation: At this busy time, don’t beat yourself up trying to “do it properly” get a free app on your phone or tablet, or stream a free audio meditation. Even 5 minutes is reviving and calming.

Crystals of course! They change your vibration and are decorative and easy to keep around. Here are my top Crystals to help things run more smoothly:

Fluorite:     This lovely green or purple translucent stone brings order out of chaos and is most often chosen by those with multiple responsibilities to protect from overwhelm.

Agate – This banded stone is calming and has a lovely slow vibration. It allows both adults and children to slow down and take a breath.

Chrysocolla – A lovely blue-green stone which is very balancing and soothes cluttered minds. Resonating with the heart it beams love, harmony and happiness into the home and is especially bonding for families.

Tiger’s eye – The beautiful golden stripes bring festive joy and yet keep the gang gently grounded. With your feet on the ground you can all appreciate the season but normal life and routines can still be supported to whatever extent you wish.

Rose Quartz – A little pink drop of love and appreciation. Spreads love all around, and reminds the main organiser that they matter too and a little time for self-care is always needed.

Snow Quartz – A pure white healer. Balances yin and yang, and gently aligns the chakras.  If anyone needs a little pick me up, it heals and boosts gently, as much as is required and no more. (Quite good after over indulgence).


Take some advice from a friend:

The lovely Emma, from  Emma Eilbeck Counselling and Personal Development   is a valued advisor and she also has these tips to share:

  • 1. Know that the glossy adverts are not real life. My family Christmas looks nothing like the branded million dollar advertising campaigns that we are bombarded with on television, and I bet your doesn’t either. Give yourself a festive break and let yourself off the hook! It doesn’t matter if the sprouts are soggy and the cat pukes under the tree just as you are serving your marks and Spencer dessert. This is real life and we are not living in the television adverts. Make room for the reality of your Christmas. Overtired kids, awkward relatives and the Christmas crackers that were not as.good as they looked on the box. Pause, breathe and know that the adverts are only that – adverts.
  • 2. My second top tip is to get something out of the day for you. Christmas can be a bit like a wedding day, blink and you’ve missed it. Often we are so busy with the “tasks” and “mediation” of the day that we get to bed feeling knackered and deprived of our own actual christmas. Whether it’s a quick Baileys in the bath or a walk with the dog, try and pick something just for you. When we give away too much of ourselves we can become resentful and agitated. As a busy mom I know my family will thank me more for having a 20 minute time out and keeping my sanity than a forced tenth round of trivial pursuit through gritted teeth. 

See more of Emma’s wisdom here: See Emma Eilbeck Counselling on Facebook and here: Emma’s Website

We have made our top crystals into a lovely kit that you can get as a supportive for yourself or other “Christmas Coordinators” in your life. And they come with pretty, festive bags so you can even incorporate them sneakily into your decor!

See the kit here!

Santa letter

What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry describes shapes and patterns that are considered special in various cultures. This sacredness has been attributed to patterns and shapes because so many natural things show these designs.

In ancient times, people seeing these patterns in nature, such as petals in a flower, repeating patterns in fern fronds or spirals in shells, concluded that the universe was designed to follow these shapes. In fact, as we now know, all matter on earth and in the universe is made up of regular patterns. Some of these we can see, such as a leaf or a snowflake under a microscope. Some we can’t, see without special tools, such as harmonic frequencies (e.g. music).


(Photos: Sarah Loveland Photography)

Everything from the infinite universe to the tiniest atom is made up of patterns and has a unique energetic vibration. They are used in all our human endeavours from mathematics to art. For example, you may have heard of Fibonacci Sequences, used in maths and demonstrated beautifully in the shape of a flower. Similar ratios can be seen in religious or spiritual mandalas (in fact the word mandala means circle, one of the basic constructs of all sacred geometry, along with triangles and squares). All these principles repeated across “the heavens” and earth, have long been used as spiritual tools for meditation, prayer and manifestation. In all cultures, ancient and modern,  patterns based on simple geometric shapes have been incorporated into sacred and civic buildings and religious art.


(Photos: Mo Prowse)

Whether temples, flowers, snowflakes, mosques, music, mandalas or cathedrals, sacred patterns are there to be discovered and enjoyed.
Look out for these patterns and note where you are and how you feel when you see them.

Read More about Fibonacci numbers and flowers here:

Meditating With Crystals


We can get so much more from our crystals than just looking at them.

One way they can help us is when we really connect with them through meditation.

This can be for the purpose of gaining insight from the crystal, or asking for help and setting an intention.

Here’s a quick and easy way to do this.

  1. As always, ground yourself and call in your usual protection before you begin. Set your intention for a peaceful time to meditate without interruption and send it out to the universe in a positive way.
  2. Choose your crystals – either for the specific purpose of your meditation, or with your pendulum or simply by looking at your stones and noticing which you are most drawn to.
  3. Find a space to sit quietly where you feel comfortable and relaxed, have some water and your chosen crystals nearby. Play your music if you feel drawn.
  4. Begin to quiet your mind and focus your attention on your breathing.
  5. After you have observed five or more in and out breaths pick up your crystals and hold them lightly in your hands.
  6. Still breathing steadily, visualise your awareness spiralling down into the crystal and the crystal energies spiralling back into your mind.
  7. As you breathe in the energy of the crystal its energies are surrounded in pure white light. Let the crystal energies settle within you.
  8. As you breathe out, focus your intention, request or question into the crystal.
  9. Relax like this for as long as you can. You may feel the right moment to finish the process when you feel at peace but your awareness starts coming back to the present.
  10. Visualise all parts of yourself spiralling out and away from the crystal and back into your own body and mind. Feel yourself reconnecting with the earth and your physical body.
  11. Take a few deep breaths. Have some water and make sure you are fully grounded.
  12. Thank your crystal/s and give yourself some love for making this sacred time.

Let me know how you get on. With love and blessings,

Mojo x

Don’t Resolve – Affirm!

The New Year is always a chance to take stock and examine elements of your life, health, love or wealth that do not serve you.

There are parties and fireworks and many people having a good time.

All this, together with the energies of the calendar change put vibrations out to the Universe that we can tap into.

Resolutions can be difficult things from a Positive Thinking or Attraction point of view. Almost by their very nature they put out vibrations of striving and struggling against certain behaviours or habits. The very terms “I will give up …” or   “I will lose … kilos or pounds” have negative connotations.

Try these five conscious tips for greeting 2017 and manifesting your New Year goals

1. Change the language. These are intentions that you will manifest and attract not resolutions that you will struggle and fight with.

Try this type of wording:

  • I am becoming smoke free;
  • I am releasing the weight that does not serve me;
  • I am positively attracting a new job;
  • I am financially free;
  • I am free to attract the love I deserve.

2. Write it down!  Write your affirmations and include a sentence of gratitude. Then seal the deal with symbolism or ritual:


PERSONAL SYMBOL: Draw, paint or even with your finger a symbol that means something to you and will help embed the intention. You could use this throughout the year. I often use a heart with a tick inside. The tick signifies action and the heart signifies that I will take this action with gratitude, love and compassion.

REIKI: Draw the power or master symbol over the page or book in which
you write your intentions.

PEBBLE OR CRYSTAL: Place a favourite stone or crystal or a crystal grid over your paper or book.3lZFcCUU

3. Clear the clutter. Let the energies of the New Year in to your home, workplace, mind and soul.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t have time to physically clean out your desk or home before midnight, set your intention and use some ritual or symbolism to seal the deal.

For example, try an affirmation like these:

  • In 2017 I am releasing my attachment to the (clutter, old files, or insert your own) that I no longer use.

Then seal the deal with cleansing rituals:

SOUND: Cleanse any area or workspace by clapping, or ringing bells, or a singing bowl in each corner and at each entrance and exit
SMUDGING: You can use Sage other smudging sticks to cleanse your house, garden or work area and to give your positive intentions some extra cleansing oomph!

WATER: Fill a spray with water or use a bowl and pastry brush. Ask the Universe to use the water as a blessing or cleansing and spray or sprinkle in the corners and entrances of your space. (Be very careful near electrical outlets of course.)

4. Cleanse yourself. When taking your shower or bath intend that the water washes away anything from 2016 that does not serve you and takes it into the earth to be transmuted into positive energies. dog-49834_1280

If you have any clear quartz or rock salt that you can put in your bath or near your shower, even better. You can also do the same with a ritual glass of water. Simply give love and thanks to the Universe and set your intentions to release negativity and transmute into good.

5. Book in a Buddy. 

Sometimes it’s easier to acheive our goals if we have someone to share them with, an accountability partner. If you do this, it’s important that you both have positive affirmations and goals and an agreed schedule to check in with each other. (In a supportive but firm way of course!)

Let me know how you get on.

Have an abundant year, filled with joy and gratitude!

Dyed Crystals. Does it matter?


Some crystals appear naturally in the most stunning colours, so much so that they can look fake. However, some crystals are artificially coloured either for decorative purposes or occasionally to deceive.

One of the crystals that is often found not to be genuine is Turquoise. Why? Because natural turquoise is rare and expensive. Sometimes you will see it called Turquinite. It is not really related to turquoise, but is howlite, dyed in a turquoise colour. It is quite a nice looking stone, and will also be passed off as Turquoise – often the retailer is unaware that what they are selling on is not real turquoise.

Is this a problem? Well, yes and no. Dyed “turquoise” is still beautiful – and it does have the energies of howlite, which are very good for emotional trauma amongst other things. Also, if you believe that colours have energetic (and I do) then you are combining the energy of the colour with the energy of the natural crystal, but this is mainly on a visual level.  Dyed agates can be beautifully decorative and people enjoy having them around.

On a deeper level the energies of natural turquoise, for example, are different to howlite and if you specifically require turquoise then that is what you really want. Additionally, there is a cost factor. Natural turquoise is more expensive than howlite and you don’t want to feel you have been “ripped off”.

Personally, I don’t enjoy dyed crystals as much as natural but that is just my opinion and there are some very beautiful ones out there. With turquoise, though, it is another matter. If it has been dyed to deceive, that is unfair practice and makes me shudder. Usually, if it is called Turquinite, then you know it is dyed and the vendor is being upfront about it.

Agate is another stone which is very often coloured, partly because with its banding, it takes colour so beautifully and some feel the colour enhances the natural stone. I do wear a beautiful Agate necklace which had been dyed a raspberry pink – but because I wanted it more natural looking I left it outside in the sunlight and moonlight until it had faded into beautifully random shades of rose and cream.

There are far too many different crystals for any seller to know and recognise them all and most sellers are genuine and sell all their beautiful stones in good faith. Many stones, especially quartz, can be programmed to various energies so dyed quartz can amplify the energies of the colour applied to it.

There are many other crystals which are dyed and in another post I will also talk about aura crystals, synthetically bonded with precious metals, but whilst not completely natural, I feel have amazing elemental energies.

In short, if a stone is coloured to deceive, that’s bad practice and should be called out. But if you’ve paid a fair price, you know it is artificially coloured and you still like it – why not enjoy it?

Dyed agate

Labradorite – the possibility stone


Some ancient myths say labradorite fell out of the aurora borealis and it does have internal flashes of iridescent colour.  It is protective and its darkness makes it resonate with the root chakra, but its internal light and rainbows mean it works to balance all the chakras and brings a direct connection from the  universe, through the crown to the root. In a similar way, it is connected with all four elements.

It both stimulates synchronicities and makes you more aware of them. With this quality it can enhance your healing or psychic abilities. Some lightworkers use it in communicating with the higher realms and accessing Akashic records.

On a human level it adds positivity and brings out the best in people. It highlights role models and works well with integrating teams and blended families.

Labradorite is a powerful psychic protector, shielding the aura and preventing leakage or “psychic vampires” from draining your positive energy, so it is also useful for setting healthy boundaries.

If I had to sum it up in one quote it would be, “You are a rainbow of possibilities, let yourself shine bright.”

Crystals for Reiki

Crystals for Reiki

I’m often asked to recommend crystals for Reiki and as I love both I’m delighted to do so.
A CHAKRA SET: Chakra health is important for practitioners and to support when going through the cleansing phases after attunements.
This is why many Reiki masters will include a chakra set as an option (or sometimes a gift) for their students.
For chakra balancing the colour of the crystal is more important so most chakra sets will do.
KYANITE: held on the heart chakra can have the effect of rebalancing all the chakras and re-centring you when feeling the increased energies after attunement.
APOPHYLLITE: is said to be the ultimate crystal for energy workers and resonates especially well with Reiki. It emanates pure loving energy and just keeps going. It opens you up so you can be an even better conduit for the energies to flow. It maintains a steady flow and yet keeps unwanted energetic cords from attaching.
SELENITE: For your workspace to maintain a peaceful environment, place one in each corner – you can use even tiny raw points or tumbled.
GROUNDING and PROTECTION: I feel that when receiving attunements I always need something powerfully grounding like HEMATITE. Although smoky quartz is also good. TOURMALINE of course is super-protective.
DALMATION STONE: This enhances trust, of the reiki student, practitioner or client. It therefore removes any barriers to healing and practice. The black spots in dalmation stone are actually tourmaline so trust AND protection – what could be better?
ROSE QUARTZ: With its vibrations of unconditional love it really is superb in a Reiki setting. You could try just putting one under your therapy bed for a little extra boost.
Finally, once attuned to Reiki you may well find your intuition increases. A pendulum is a useful tool to help you in all sorts of ways to make decisions in tune with your higher self.