Happy Travels – Six Amazing Crystals for a Safe and Happy Journey

  Here’s a question I saw on Facebook the other day. “Would you rather travel every day for the rest of your life, or never be able to travel?”  One of the answers was, “I’d love never to have to travel – I get anxious and peopled-out!”  I get it, I do! I always think…… Continue reading Happy Travels – Six Amazing Crystals for a Safe and Happy Journey

Citrine or Heat-treated Amethyst?

Citrine and Amethyst are types of quartz and have the same structure and a very similar energetic fingerprint. The vibrations are from the crystal itself and also the colour rays. You also get the energy from the ways they have been loved and used by many civilisations, ancient and modern. Natural citrine is quite rare,…… Continue reading Citrine or Heat-treated Amethyst?

Ten Crystals for Calm Healthy Sleep

Healthy sleep, as we know is important to our physical and emotional health. Just as not everyone gets the same amount of sleep, not everyone needs the same amount. But if we can’t fall asleep naturally, or if we wake often in the night, there are some crystals that can, I believe, give us a…… Continue reading Ten Crystals for Calm Healthy Sleep

Cleansing your Crystals

Why we cleanse our crystals: Crystals have their own energy but can also absorb a range of different energies that they are exposed to. These might be your own, or others who may have handled or moved them and transferred their energies and emotions into them. They can also be affected by world events and…… Continue reading Cleansing your Crystals

An Easy Guide to Natural Crystal Shapes

Crystals grow in regular patterns and often these patterns are apparent to the naked eye. I’ve compiled a quick summary of some natural shapes, these mainly apply to the quartz family, such as amethyst, clear quartz and citrine. Point A naturally faceted point at one end. Can be used to direct energy and activate grids…… Continue reading An Easy Guide to Natural Crystal Shapes

Crystals for Empaths

  There is lots of information online about empaths, and it is hard not to have heard the word lately. It can be tricky navigating everyday life as an empath, especially if surrounded by less sensitive souls. But if you are aware, and protect yourself, you can transform this “sensitivity” into a super-power and absolutely…… Continue reading Crystals for Empaths

Broken Beauties – Why Crystals Break and What to do Next

WHY HAS MY CRYSTAL BROKEN? Many people hate throwing broken crystals away. Like books, it seems wrong somehow. But why do they break and how should you treat them when they do? There are a few possible reasons, and understanding why, will tell you what to do next: Crystals are a natural product. As such,…… Continue reading Broken Beauties – Why Crystals Break and What to do Next