Crystal Grids Course

This in-depth programme will commence on Monday 1st March. It is more than a course, because it starts with clearing our energy and we keep the vibes clear and high throughout. At the end of the course, we will make a powerful communal grid to work for all our intentions.

The course is suitable for beginners, and those who have worked with grids before.

You Will Learn:

Why and How Crystal Grids Work

What We Can do With Crystal Grids

Sacred Geometry and other Patterns

How to Plan a Crystal Grid

How to Lay Out a Crystal Grid

How to Programme and Activate a Crystal Grid

How to Maintain and Keep Your Grids

How to Deactivate Your Grids

How to Learn and Develop From Your Crystal Grids

What Else do You Get?

We work together for two months, there is plenty of time to learn, go over lessons or catch up, if life gets busy for you.

Most of the work will be in a private Facebook group, but you can access the lessons by email and other methods and forums if you prefer.

A Combination of Recorded and Live Video Lessons

Regular Q&As

Printable Handouts and Grid Templates

Printable Instructions to Download

The lessons and all the downloadable content remain accessible in a private Facebook group and private sharing links for a full year.

Although it is more comprehensive than previous grids course I have run, the energy exchange for this comprehensive programme is only £29, because I want to make it as accessible as possible. (But if you would like to pay in two instalments, please contact me.)

Crystal Grids Course 2021


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