Crystal Grids Energy Group

This exciting online programme will be commencing on Tuesday 4 August 2020.

It will consist of 4 crystal grids, programmed and activated by me with your name added to each one both individually and as part of a group. Each grid will be activated one week apart but remain active for at least four weeks. Your personal goals and desires will be added confidentially unless you wish to share.

The first grid will be for clarity and removing blocks. This grid will help you identify any personal goals whether connected to the other grid topics or not and will amplify the other work. If you do not know what your initial goal is, you can ask simply for clarity. This grid will remain active throughout the month and beyond. You can revisit your goals at any time

Grid two will be created a week later for your health and wellbeing goals. This can incorporate any physical or emotional health goals for you or your living space.

Grid three will be for manifesting wealth and abundance. This can be for any type of abundance, and by now you will have cleared physical and emotional blocks with the previous two grids.

Grid four will be for love and happiness. This can be for any kind of loving relationship including that with yourself. This love and happiness grid will raise the vibe even further.

I will be working with these grids throughout the month of August adding extra ingredients as I feel guided and performing some group pendulum dowsing and clearing work to boost our success.

These clearing sessions, together with grid pictures, discussion and Q&As will take place in a private facebook group. You will be able to download images of the grids, affirmations and any relevant information to keep for ever.

Sacred Grids used: Flower/Seed of Life, Metatron’s Cube, Sri Yantra, Merkaba.

So what do you get?

  • Your name and goals/affirmations/desires added to 4 active crystal grids.
  • Clarity and Clearing
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Wealth and Abundance
  • Love and Happiness
  • My healing energy and the energy of those grids working for you throughout August and beyond
  • Weekly pendulum clearing and power-up sessions (pendulum clearing is a powerful tool)
  • Private facebook group for help and support
  • Grid images for you to download and keep
  • Discounts on gridding crystals and templates

The energy exchange for this group energy programme is £29. (If you would like this as an individual 4 week grid and clearing programme on a 1:1 basis prices start from £75 – please contact me to discuss)

NB. This is not a teaching programme, although explanations and demos will be given.

Crystal Grids Energy Programme

Crystal Grids for Healing and Manifesting, working for you for 4 weeks.


After payment, watch out for an email from inviting you to the private Facebook group.

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