I’ve collaborated with the best-selling author and spiritual coach Kate Spencer, to bring you something amazing. We’ve designed crystal kits to work alongside some of Kate’s online classes and meditations.

Beautifully packaged with clear descriptions and comprehensive instructions, these crystals are cleared and charged and programmed to help you.

The crystals in each kit are hand selected, cleared and programmed for each individual order, with the intention that you will get the exact crystals you need.


Kits include:  

Empaths Kit – With an awesome psychic attack meditation

This kit contains ametrine, malachite, lepidolite, tourmaline and more besides. Crystals for cord cutting, self love and discernment. This kit protects your boundaries and cleanses your space. The high value downloads include Kate Spencers amazing class “Coping with Psychic Attack” and a powerful cord cutting and clearing meditation. Crystals arrive in a sturdy box, with natural pouch, full instructions for use and care and an affirmation card. Worldwide postage is included in this price.

Empaths Kit



Law of Attraction – With the Law of attraction class and ultimate abundance crystals

Mercury Retrograde – Classes and crystals to help you Rock the Retrograde

All Loved Up – Healing your heart, self love, attracting love and re-igniting existing partnerships. You are worthy of love and you need to know that.

Little Lightworkers – for all Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children (and your own inner child)

You will also find high quality crystal store-cupboard items such as chakra sets and pendulums.

Click here to visit the shop

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