Do you feel confident dowsing with your pendulum?

Or have you yet to buy one, and wonder what they are all about?

This step by step instruction leaflet is just what you need to help explain, guide and let you have some fun with dowsing.   Yes I want one!

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Have you bought one of those chakra sets that turn out to be tiny crystals with barely legible instructions?

Have you got lots of crystals you want to use more effectively?

These simple instructions show you just how to take a little time and a few crystals and give yourself a lovely treat. A simple but really effective chakra balancing meditation that uses the crystals you already have.

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Yes I want this!

If you do want to buy the appropriate stones, I do have a chakra set with good sized crystals (and a couple of extras) and clear instructions over in the crystals shop: Buy a chakra set here!