An Easy Guide to Natural Crystal Shapes

Crystals grow in regular patterns and often these patterns are apparent to the naked eye. I’ve compiled a quick summary of some natural shapes, these mainly apply to the quartz family, such as amethyst, clear quartz and citrine. Point A naturally faceted point at one end. Can be used to direct energy and activate grids…… Continue reading An Easy Guide to Natural Crystal Shapes

Crystals for Empaths

  There is lots of information online about empaths, and it is hard not to have heard the word lately. It can be tricky navigating everyday life as an empath, especially if surrounded by less sensitive souls. But if you are aware, and protect yourself, you can transform this “sensitivity” into a super-power and absolutely…… Continue reading Crystals for Empaths

Broken Beauties – Why Crystals Break and What to do Next

WHY HAS MY CRYSTAL BROKEN? Many people hate throwing broken crystals away. Like books, it seems wrong somehow. But why do they break and how should you treat them when they do? There are a few possible reasons, and understanding why, will tell you what to do next: Crystals are a natural product. As such,…… Continue reading Broken Beauties – Why Crystals Break and What to do Next

Making and Activating a Crystal Grid

  First, plan your grid, see MY BLOG POST – “Introduction to Crystal Grids”. Choose your stones You need a central focus stone and stones for the “outside” of the grid. Think about the central stone holding your intention for the grid. The outer stones will either be to support your goals or amplify your…… Continue reading Making and Activating a Crystal Grid

Self Healing with Crystals

Self Healing with Crystals Find a quiet spot and allow yourself “enough” time. Don’t feel overwhelmed by this, you can and should practise self-care and it is not selfish to allocate time. However, if you are in a funk and feeling stressed and time-poor, this is an exercise that can be done in only five…… Continue reading Self Healing with Crystals

Introduction to Crystal Grids

What is a crystal grid? A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals in a geometric or meaningful shape. It can be called upon to support any intention or healing work. Why do we make crystal grids? Any physical or emotional action we take towards our goals, helps us to strengthen the vibration aligned to…… Continue reading Introduction to Crystal Grids

Aura Crystals

You may have heard of such magical sounding stones as angel aura quartz or aqua aura and if you’ve seen them you would certainly know as they are so pretty and iridescent. Aura quartzes are made by electrostatic bonding of clear quartz with precious metals so in one respect they are not “natural”. However, they are incredibly…… Continue reading Aura Crystals