Resolutions are so Last Year

The New Year is always a chance to take stock and examine elements of your life, health, love or wealth that do not serve you. There are parties and fireworks and many people having a good time. All this, together with the energies of the calendar change put vibrations out to the Universe that we…… Continue reading Resolutions are so Last Year

Spiritual Verses and Circles

Over 22 years ago, when my daughter was born, my mother gave me a sheet of paper I still treasure.On it she had handwritten two passages from a book of poems about children.You may recognise the verses – they begin:”The sleep that flits on baby’s eyes – does anybody know from where it comes?”and”When I…… Continue reading Spiritual Verses and Circles

Here is the Angel

Here is the AngelWorking alongside youTo help and safeguard youHere is the AngelHere is the parentWho just wants to hold youTo guide and protect youHere is the parentHere is the sisterWho wants to be with youTo laugh and cry with youHere is the sisterHere is the brotherWho wants to walk with youTo help and admire…… Continue reading Here is the Angel