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12 Lessons Journal 2018

I have already dived right in to my 12 Lessons Journal 2018 from Kate Spencer. Containing all 24 Lessons from 12 Lessons and 12 Lessons Later (updated and rewritten to be even more helpful) it is the ultimate guide for your fabulous 2018.

The diary section has monthly goals and review sections and the bonus sections on crystals, moon cycles, retrogrades and more make it all the more special. It’s a guide to living a wonderfully woo-woo life but in real life and in a down to earth way. You can keep it by your bed and just dip in or really work through the lessons as a full course in changing your life through law of attraction and waking up to your inner wonderful. The gorgeous images are dotted prolificaly throughout, with inspiring quotes and top tips.

It really is a fabulous gift as well.

Check it out here:  //” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>12 Lessons Journal 2018








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