Kate Spencer’s Life and Soul Oracle Cards


Life and Soul Oracle by Kate Spencer


The Universe in the palm of your hand!

This beautifully illustrated oracle deck has been created by Kate and imbued with intention to bring you guidance and insight into all aspects of your life and soul journey.
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced reader, these cards will help you develop your own intuitive insights into what may be influencing your situation in the present, and options to consider aligning with to create the future you desire.
They can be for your own personal use, or be used to share the love and read for others.
A comprehensive guidebook is included.
<>Free with every purchase – Card Reading Class 2021!<>
A series of bite-sized videos to help you get started and a private Facebook practice group.

Would you love to…..

1) Improve your card reading confidence?

2) Learn how to use a pendulum?

3) Hone your intuition?

4) Get clearer messages for yourself and others?

5) Practise in a safe environment and learn with like-minded folks?

6) Swap and exchange readings with others?

7) Learn about charging a fee for your card readings?

8) Get lifetime access so you can dip in and out as you want to?

If you are doing the happy dance then this is for you!
<h3>We all have the ability to connect, we’re born with it.</h3>
It’s as natural to us as breathing. We just need to get out of our own way, get rid of fear and trust ourselves – and these cards can help you on your way.


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