All Loved Up Crystal Kit – Crystals for Self Love and Attracting / Repairing Love

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A gorgeous crystal kit that will help you to heal your heart, and to love yourself as you attract in the love you deserve in your life.
This kit has been handpicked, cleared and charged to help you to align with the energy of love.


These crystals can help you to heal your past and to get into the flow of attracting a love that is right for you.
They are equally brilliant for enhancing the existing love in your life.….relighting your fire and getting cupid onside in a big way.
Great at assisting love in all aspects of your life, including love for yourself and others –  as well as healing and forgiving old wounds, and allowing romance to blossom.
Carefully selected, cleared and charged this kit includes detailed instructions and care sheet, gorgeous packaging and an online masterclass and meditation that you can download and keep.
  • Rose Quartz Chunks – Unconditional love and self acceptance.
  • Rose Quartz Heart – To attract romance into your life.
  •  Green Aventurine – For balance and attraction.
  • Unakite – What belongs together, comes together.
  • Rhodonite – Forgiveness and healing.
  • Chrysocolla – Communication and capacity for love.

You also get your hands on the Heal Your Wounded Soul Masterclass & Meditation Bundle.  These are digital products and an email will be forwarded to you in order for you to gain access to these bonus items.


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