Crystal Kit for SAD – Solar Support Kit


Crystal Kit for SAD



This lovely toolkit is a quick first aid as well as a support and ongoing livener for the darker days.
Sunstone, Orange calcite, citrine, carnelian and yellow jasper.
All the stones are selected and programmed to give you a boost.
When they first arrive, cleanse them and welcome them into your home by sitting with them and handling each one in turn, tuning in to its vibrations. Charge on a sunny window sill whenever you can and then draw in the energies when you need them.
Place in a circle around the outside of your glass of water or juice for a few minutes, to infuse it with high and sunny vibrations.
Check in with your kit every day and choose the stones you need, or take all, whatever feels right.
Spend 10 minutes or more a day holding the whole kit (or five minutes morning and evening) and absorb the bright sunny energies through your eyes and heart and touch. Or, place one or more on your solar plexus and relax for a few minutes.

Comes with a free pouch, with use and care instructions.


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