Dalmation Stone Thumbstone


Dalmation Stone Thumbstone


The Dalmatian Stone resonates with and encourages our inner child. It brings courage with a light touch and strengthens our sense of playfulness. It allows children to relax and just “be”. It resonates with the root and sacral chakra with a grounding and protective energy. It makes us feel more joyful and carefree in our physical form and in this way improves body image and confidence. It boosts family trust, harmony and loyalty and has a calming effect on children and animals. Dalmation stone also promotes a sleep free from nightmares.
This stone is an excellent tool for reiki and other energy modalities. It enhances trust, of the reiki student, practitioner or client. It therefore removes any barriers to healing and practice. The black spots in dalmation stone are actually tourmaline so trust AND protection – what could be better?

These tactile thumbstones are soothing and calming and come with a pouch and explanation card.


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