Flower Fluorite Thumb Stone


Flower Fluorite Smooth Stone (Thumb Stone)

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Flower fluorite is a lilac and white, soothing and calming stone which opens and clears the mind, removes overwhelm and brings peace. It  allows the clair senses to work and sharpen only if required by the user.

Flower Fluorite works on the crown and third eye chakras, allowing them to open naturally and safely. It opens the mind to its own intellectual power and to possibilities and new ideas to solve old problems. This soothing stone raises the vibration in a controlled and steady way. It can gently lift depression and low mood. Like other fluorites it eases anxiety and soothes panic, bringing a gentle and spiritual peace. This super-calming stone is very peaceful in a bedroom and will aid lucid dreaming only if specifically programmed or asked to do so.

These lovely smooth stones are a tactile shape, lovely to hold and very calming, also called thumb stone or worry stone.


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