Healthy Sleep Crystal Kit


Healthy Sleep Crystal Kit

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Healthy Sleep Kit

This kit has been developed to have an imcremental effect, night by night. Each stone has been carefully selected and programmed in a grid with lavender and sage to help you fall asleep more easily and have a better quality sleep and a more tranquil night. Healthy sleep is an important part of self-care.


A Healing Balance

Amethyst is the all-purpose healer and helps in balancing sleep patterns no matter what the cause of the disturbance. This purple thumb stone is comforting to hold and can also be placed on the body before sleep or while meditating. For adults only, can be left in place on the body, during meditation or as you drift off to sleep. It enhances the effects of meditation and helps with all kinds of pain, especially headaches. Amethyst gently brings you back to yourself after grief, trauma or physical illness. It will help balance your eating and drinking patterns, contributing to good sleep hygiene.



Peace on the Sea of Sleep

Moonstone is a very old remedy for calming emotional distress and relieving insomnia. It helps align your energies so that the phases of the moon are balancing and not disturbing. Moonstones are said to be protective to travellers, especially at night or across water and can keep you grounded if you “travel off” during sleep. This peachy-grey stone can be placed on the heart chakra or anywhere on bare skin to feel its soothing waves.

Smokey Quartz

Night-long protection

This dark, semi-translucent stone is protective 24 hours a day. It is of a particular help at night for its energetic protection and because it relieves and discourages nightmares. As it is one of the stones which protects against the disturbance caused by electro-magnetic fields it is good to keep nearby if you have computers, televisions or mobile telephones in the bedroom.


Gently Cheering

This lilac to purply-pink stone with a gentle sparkle the best anti-anxiety stone. It helps to dissolve accumulated tension and to gently lift depression or low mood. Lepidolite also helps to promote feelings of well-being ands trust, and protect against digestive issues. Holding this crystal in your hand during a stressful situation will help relax tense muscles and calm the emotions. You can use it during the day to help prevent muscle tension and emotional stress before bedtime.


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