Lepidolite Pebble


Lepidolite Pebble

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Lepidolite Pebble

This gorgeous lilac to deep purple/pink sparkly stone is a type of Mica. It is soothing and calming. It is a powerful helper if you are feeling depressed, anxious or stressed. It has a positive vibration that stimulates happiness, positive coincidence or synchronicity. It can help to repair trust.

Lepidolite helps to dissolve accumulated tension and to gently lift depression or low mood. Lepidolite also helps to promote feelings of well-being and trust, and protect against digestive issues. Holding this crystal in your hand during a stressful situation will help relax tense muscles and calm the emotions. You can use it during the day to help prevent muscle tension and emotional stress before bedtime. Not suitable in water.

As well as emotional healing it helps in spiritual matters. You can get deeper into meditation, just by holding it. Physically, it is said to ease pain and insomnia.

With its high lithium content, it naturally gives off a vibration of calming energy and counteracts panic and worry. It can clear the chakras and meridians of unhealthy emotions.

It is ideal for sensitive people and empaths because it helps filter out unnecessary energies and feelings picked up from others. Lepidolite reduces the sense of overwhelm that comes when feeling “people-out” and strengthens personal boundaries.

It resonates with all chakras, particularly the higher chakras and through the brow and crown chakra, connects you to your guides and the higher realms.



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