Mercury Retrograde Crystal Kit

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Mercury Retrograde Crystal Kit


These gorgeous stones have been carefully chosen, cleared and charged to help you to stay calm and entrain your vibration to match into their qualities.
Detailed instructions and care sheet and gorgeous packaging included as well as an online masterclass and meditation from for you to download and keep.
Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2019
March 5 to March 28 (In Pisces)
July  8 to August 1 (In Cancer)
October 31 to November 20 (In Scorpio)
  • Carnelian – Personal power, confidence and harmony at home and at work.
  • Red Jasper – Grounding & Protecting.
  • Amazonite – Helps you to speak with love & grace and assists with boundaries.
  • Fluorite – Creates order from chaos and reduces anxiety.
  • Citrine – Wards off negativity and bad luck.
  • Amethyst – Protects and supports memory, brings clarity of thought.
  • Clear Quartz – Helps you focus.
  • Black Tourmaline – Helps let go of fear and anxiety, stops you absorbing other people’s energy.
  • Tigers eye – Protects you on journeys and aids travel arrangements.


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