Mercury Retrograde Crystal Kit


Mercury Retrograde Crystal Kit



These gorgeous stones have been carefully chosen, cleared and charged to help you to stay calm and entrain your vibration to match into their qualities.
Detailed instructions and care sheet and gorgeous packaging included.
Mercury Retrograde Dates for 2020

17 February to 9 March (In pisces)

19 June to 11 July (In Cancer)

16 October to 2 November (In Scorpio)

What is Mercury Retrograde?

The planets, which normally appear to move forward in the sky, sometimes appear to stop and then go into reverse. Some planets do this more often than others and Mercury “Retrograde” happens about three or four times a year.

Mercury is the planet said to govern communication, truth, travel and clarity of thought. So it follows that there might be effects on all these things when it does something different. It happens four times a year, so that keeps it in mind and makes it easy to remember things that go wrong during these periods.

During a retrograde communication mix ups can happen and transport and technology are often affected detrimentally too. It can be a simple as a misunderstanding from a text message, or a total breakdown in communication. Journeys can be disrupted or cancelled, technology can break down or work slowly and the people around us can seem on edge with jarring energies. Contracts can cause problems if the wording is not double and triple checked. All this can lead to tension and stress if you are not prepared.
It isn’t all bad, as it is also a time for reflection and review, revisiting unfinished projects and generally taking a little more time over things. But many people need a little extra support.
This support can come in the form of friends who understand, calling in the professionals, such as accountants or wedding planners or simple tools such as crystals and energy work.
These are the crystals I recommend, all bundled into a lovely kit.
  • Carnelian – Personal power, confidence and harmony at home and at work.
  • Red Jasper – Grounding & Protecting.
  • Amazonite – Helps you to speak with love & grace and assists with boundaries.
  • Fluorite – Creates order from chaos and reduces anxiety.
  • Citrine – Wards off negativity and bad luck.
  • Amethyst – Protects and supports memory, brings clarity of thought.
  • Clear Quartz – Helps you focus.
  • Black Tourmaline – Helps let go of fear and anxiety, stops you absorbing other people’s energy.
  • Tigers eye – Protects you on journeys and aids travel arrangements.


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