Crystal Grid Healing – 7 Days With consultation and crystal to keep

£35.00 £20.00

Personal Crystal Grid with consultation and crystal/s to keep.


After a brief consultation by email or video I will design and activate a crystal grid to send healing to you for 7 days (or more if needed).

For your crystal grid I will use either universal healing crystals or specific crystals which fit the situation, together with appropriate sacred geometry. Oils, candles, totems and other symbols may also be used.

Because I am a Reiki Master, I will be adding Reiki to your crystal grid so you will receive the benefit of both the Reiki and the Crystals, each amplifying the other.

I will send you a picture of your grid so that you can use it to meditate if you wish.

Your grid will remain active for the full length of time or more and I will be adding energy, affirmations and lighting candles or incense every day throughout.

This is a really personal and flexible service, the timescale will be at least 7 days or more whatever the situation needs and it can help in so many ways. Just let me know what you want to work on, and we will set it up together.

This type of healing is often beneficial for assisting with clarity and calm while events unfold. It can also give a boost to teamwork or family harmony for a tricky or emotional upcoming event or period of time.

Afterwards, you will be sent one or more of the crystals from the grid, blessed with Reiki and encoded with the grid’s energy.

(As this service includes posted crystals, it does attract a postage charge).



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