Bespoke Crystal Kit and Consultation



Whether you are a beginner or newcomer to crystals or you already have a collection but just can’t find the right combination for you, this kit is ideal.
To introduce you to crystals or to help you get your Mojo back this is a personalised service with hand selected crystals.

I am able to tune in and suggest crystals for you but I will also (or only, if you wish) work with your own wishes and needs.

We will chat by email, messenger or skype or I will send you a questionnaire and ask you about your current situation, what you want your crystals for and as much or as little information as you want to give me.
I will also tune in to you remotely. (Or not, if you prefer)
I will then suggest a set of crystals to help any or all aspects of your current needs.
You can swap out any of my suggestions if you wish and you kit will not be made up until you are happy.
Your kit will then be cleansed and blessed with Reiki (if you wish) and programmed to work with you to your highest good.

What you get:
Online or telephone consultation

Approval of suggested crystals

Remote assessment and intuitive selection.

At least 7 crystals of various types.

All crystals are excellent quality and good sizes.


Description leaflet


Sent in a sturdy box

Ongoing email support at any time.

NB. This service is also available combined with an energy clearing or treatment, please see other listings in the energy category.


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