Pet Healing Crystal Kit


Pet Healing Crystal Kit


Crystal Healing Kit for Pets

I have devised this kit with Trudy Brookes from Awakening Touch, a wonderful Animal Healer and Reiki Master

This little kit is calming and healing for all your companion animals.


Purple, translucent, Amethyst has a supreme calming effect on animals and humans alike. Very effective at soothing nervousness and anxiety. Amethyst can also be used to help heal arthritic conditions and is often used for alleviating pain in animals.

Rose Quartz

This gentle pink stone is one of the best crystals for animals and especially rescue pets. It helps all animals to accept love and companionship without associating it with fear. Opens the heart chakra to confidence and love and heals any past effects of trauma or abuse. Soothes muscular tension and strengthens bonds within a family group.

Leopardskin Jasper

With its animal print type markings, this is known as a stone for animals and particularly cats. It will strengthen and support the health of your pet’s regulatory functions and can be regenerative and rejuvenating. Used to make animals feel at home in strange places. Strengthens the bond between pets and children. Improves your telepathic connection with your animal companion.

Dalmation Stone

This fun, creamy stone with dark spots and splodges is an overall healer for all pets and animals,  it is an immune booster and detoxifying. It encourages relaxed play and boosts other healing methods when needed. Dalmatian stone encourages faith and loyalty and is super-protective.

Green Aventurine

All aventurines, but especially green, will initiate a deep energetic and physical purification of your pet’s aura and body. It boosts general health and especially works for pets with an unidentified mild weakness or intermittent ailment.


This blue stone with white markings has a special affinity with animals. It builds a bridge of awareness between you and your animal companion. Your connection and communication will deepen, and you will enjoy life together all the more.


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