Polychrome Jasper Dragon Egg


Polychrome jasper dragon egg

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Also known as Desert Jasper. Like all jaspers it is protective and grounding and the feeling of safety and security flows steadily around it.  It has a lucious healing vibe, flowing like a gentle river of soul nourishment, emitting happiness and healing. Stimulating creativity and vitality it helps in manifesting your goals and finding your joy. It is restoring and transformational in relationships and in business.

Handle it often and you will find it becomes a best crystal friend.

Element: Fire and Earth.

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Root and All.

These lovely half-spheres are polished on the flat side to show off the beautiful colours. You can gaze into the pictures for messages and meditation. Diameter 3.5 to 4cm

Price is for one piece but contact me if you want a few for display.


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