Raw Fuchsite (1 piece)


Raw Fuchsite Piece

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This vibrant green sparkly stone looks almost unreal but it is entirely natural.

It’s a type of muscovite mica and mainly found in Brazil and Russia. It is named after the German mineralogist Johann Fuchs.

It heals the healer and helps the helper. In other words if you are giving perhaps too much of yourself or engaged in healing or caring work and getting drained it helps to restore your vavavoom but also to look at your boundaries and care for yourself. To our desire to help, it adds knowledge of when and where others can help themselves so it is empowering for those around us too. It is beneficial to everyone in the space where it lives.

It’s a real boost to manifesting, wishing and anything where you need an injection of joy or to raise the vibe. Sometimes called a fairy stone or wishing stone because it looks so magical, it really does add oomph to any law of attraction work, and helps us to realise our dreams.

Working with the heart chakra, not just to soothe and protect but to bring abundance, joy, happiness and miracles. It is an attractor, drawing in love, angels, fairies and simply the right person at the right time. But it does need an input from you. It is one of the most magical stones for meditation or dreamwork, if you ask it, and sit and relax, gazing at it or holding it against your heart.

Remember to cleanse your stone often by smudging, blowing, sound or reiki (never water or salt) and show it love as it will show you.

You will receive 1 piece in pouch from the same batch as shown.


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