Spirit Quartz (cactus quartz) r1


Spirit Quartz

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Spirit quartz is a highly vibrational stone of ultimate harmony and alignment. It dispels negative attachments and repairs and aligns the aura and chakra system. This powerful quartz can repair holes in the etheric body and assist in healing past life or karmic issues. It is a helper and supports you to bring your gifts (particularly spiritual, scientific or creative) out into the world. With loving kindness, spirit quartz assists in transitions at the start and end of lives, relationships, careers and journeys.

It connects us to the higher realms and any guides or messengers we wish, but also grounds us throughout the chakra column and auric field. Ideal for any kind of psychic, mediumship or divination work both for connection and protection.

You will receive the exact piece pictured, which is a lovely lilac colour and has three points. On one side only two of the points are visible so it has that lovely energy of both two and three.


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