Study and Exams Crystal Set


Crystal kit to boost success

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This kit contains specially selected crystals to help with studying and with taking exams. It works on focus, memory, understanding, intellenct and clarity. It boosts the communication skills needed to clearly express whats is learnt and improves confidence.

Hematite: For focus, concentration, determination and a feeling of being more grounded and in control.

Fluorite: bringing clarity. It cuts through confusion and helps to keep information ordered.

Amethyst: enhances the memory and intellect. It is a master healer and comforting at all times.

Blue Lace agate: brings emotional balance and calm and enables clear communication when listening, speaking or writing.

Sodalite: great for communicating our ideas and knowledge. It also helps with legal and process matters such as filling in forms correctly.

Citrine: boosts our energy and mood and brings luck and positivity.

Green Aventurine: balances head with heart. It also attracts good fortune and abundance.

Tiger’s eye: brings courage and confidence. Meanwhile the golden flashes attract good things, luck and abundance.

Clear quartz: brings additional clarity and also amplifies the effects of the other crystals.



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