Calm Christmas Crystal Kit




This crystal kit has been developed to help you and your family have a calmer Christmas. It will support you and your team to feel balanced and protected from overwhelm at this exciting time of year. The set has been energetically programmed to support a joyful environment for you and your family all through the planning and festivities.

Fluorite comfort stone:     This lovely green or purple translucent stone brings order out of chaos and is most often chosen by those with multiple responsibilities to protect from overwhelm. The shape is soothing and easy to carry in a pocket, bra or handbag so it is always with you. If it all feels a bit much sometimes just pick up or touch your stone to feel better. (You will get either green or purple or a stripy rainbow fluorite, whichever resonates when I hand select your order)

Little bag of magic: These stones can be placed in the main room, or hallway and their energies will spread throughout the house. With the lovely little bag you could even secure to your Christmas tree. They work well together but are energetically linked so you can always pick just one out when particularly needed.

Banded Agate – This grey/brown banded stone is calming and has a lovely slow vibration. It allows both adults and children to slow down and take a breath.

Chrysocolla – A lovely blue-green stone which is very balancing and soothes cluttered minds. Resonating with the heart it beams love, harmony and happiness into the home and is especially bonding for families.

Tiger’s eye – The beautiful golden stripes bring festive joy and yet keep the gang gently grounded. With your feet on the ground you can all appreciate the season but normal life and routines can still be supported to whatever extent you wish.

Rose Quartz – A little pink drop of love and appreciation. Spreads love all around, and reminds the main organiser that they matter too and a little time for self-care is always needed.

Snow Quartz – A pure white healer. Balances yin and yang, and gently aligns the chakras.  If anyone needs a little pick me up, it heals and boosts gently, as much as is required and no more. (Quite good after over indulgence).

Please note: small stones can present a choking hazard so must be kept out of reach of Little Ones under 5 unless strictly supervised by an adult.


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